The Thrunite TC15 Flashlight: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Thrunite TC15, the high-intensity brother to one of my favorite EDC lights of all time, the Neutron 2C. Neutron review is below.

And here’s a link to buy one, if you’d like to support the channel as you do:


Ribstein says:

My favorite light is the olight m2r. The only real issue I have with it is olights proprietary charging system.

I’m thinking of buying an 18650 charger but the “for ultra high drain devices” battery it uses gives me pause. Anyone willing to help?

Gary Westby says:

Thanks for the work on this- I really enjoyed watching it!

Rick Sousa says:

I have the Neutron2c and like it very much, great video.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Very awesome reviews video!!

SurvivalAustria says:

Great video mate. Thank you for showing us this flashlight.


Randall Kelley says:

The little light on the button should be on ALL the time, so one may see it at night!!!! Like dang…

lukeum jones says:

what fools we mortals be! your startin ta scare me Nick

andy pilman says:

I love this light. However I use this as a mechanic and if you even lightly touch the ground or very light tap, the light will turn off for a second then come back on. Has been like this since I first got it. Does anybody else have this problem?

Zak Wilson says:

The Neutron isn’t intended to run on CR123A (3.0V non-rechargeable). The voltage is too low, and it won’t perform well. It will run fine on 16340/RCR123A (3.7V nominal rechargeable). There’s also 18350, which will work with the Neutron’s short tube. 18350 has more capacity, and does come in IMR. The Keeppower 1200 mAh is one of the best performing of those.

Quinn Warman says:

After a ten minute rewiew still dont know the lumens of the torch

TheGUARDIAN™ says:

I have the TC15 in neutral white, and it has replaced my BLF A6 for EDC for the time being. It’s super bright, compact, and has a nice UI. The few criticisms that I have are the light turns off momentarily when hit on the end (weak battery spring?), the battery indicator light doesn’t stay on when light is off for finding it in the dark, and it doesn’t have a fold over clip for ability to clip on a hat brim as a makeshift headlamp.

Owen Joseph King says:

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes from Bonnie Scotland !!!

Mike Mantho says:

Just bought the Neutron based on your review and love it. Yes, the EAGTAC D25 is perfect for most of my tasks, but the Neutron is really bright in a package that is not that much bigger. Thanks for the great work Nick, Happy New Year!

Brian Miller says:

Right now, the TC15 is only $4 more than the Neutron on Amazon.

Shane Hulena says:

Any chance of an olight i3t eos or i3t eos copper review Nick? Cheers for good work on the YouTube!

Randall Kelley says:

hey, safe is GOOD. About 12 years ago I blew up a Surefire 6p by doing the stupid of stupids, put two used unlike batts in it!!!

ahmadaamer6 says:

I just ordered a ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 because of this video. It looks like the perfect light for me. My main EDC flashlight has been a Milwaukee flashlight. This is a huge upgrade. Thank you!

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