the worlds “most powerful” single 18650 battery tactical flashlight

If you want one of the most powerful single 18650 battery flashlights on Earth….then you need to take a closer look at the Nitecore TM03 tactical flashlight.

Purchase from Amazon buy using this link.

Learn more details about the light here.


Alan Coates says:

What a load of bulls-it..not once did you reinsert the 1650-D battery, not that would make any differance as long as the batteries are the same voltage the result would allways be the same…its the LED which commands what power it needs, not the battery

A Romer says:

Only down part is that on turbo or high mood it sucks up the battery

Dallas Dal says:

Only 2800 LUX? The Atomic Beam claims 5000 LUX and is only 20 bucks.

boobam says:

is the purse tactical as well?
i don’t buy anything that isn’t specifically referred to as tactical.
i can make an exception for this if it’s edc.
the best things are edc tactical operators. those are the ones i spend lots on.

mikekoz68 says:

How did I end up on the Nerd section of YouTube?


too big for belt too small and weak lumens for anything bigger. basically a useless light.

rad roofer says:

the tac is a scam

joe daniel says:

Sicc flashlight gotta get one

Impact DIY says:

Great video, I made a flashlight that can melt the Nitecore 🙂

Jani Na says:

One of the best selling cheap flashlight on amazon. Waterproof and portable. only in 9$. And best part you will get 2. link:

Mtnripper Outdoors says:

everyone is so concerned about how bright, I am more concerned about it lasting more than 15 minutes. That isnt very long.

Bahman Jazuie says:

you talk to much!!

Roger Mellie says:

Does it work in the dark?

shotgundrums says:

These are great lights as long as you are using them in a non-industrial and modest setting. My work bought 20 of these and they didn’t last 2 months. They can’t take too many falls. The heatsinks are shitty and the power supply isn’t impressive either.

Kreshwind K Sangma says:

I love fenix PD 35 flashlight is more comfortable for me.

ChevyBoy says:

I hate all those single battery flashlights the battery life sucks really bad on those things

Tejinder Singh says:

My on

motorbiking says:

Its not going to last that long driving a Cree XHP70, Personally I prefer the XP-L for single cell.

J Polar says:

Why is it “TACTICAL” , I hope your trying not to follow all of those bozos on the television with their military style commercials trying to sell their good for crap products.

Cathy Andrews says:

lumens are pointless without throw

Mrs. Libra says:

is it waterproof?

Tactical Backpack Lab says:

To me, Solaray is the best Tactical Flashlights ever. Visit:

Silent Jay says:

Its not that little

Daniel baudelio says:

I wonder if they make a 500watt flashlight you can mount on any rifle lol

N Vannote says:

……..until the emisar d4 line dropped for mtnelectronics that is.

sales 05 says:

are you a led flashlight lover? outdoor lover? adventurer? if you have interested in it, pls check

G. Fox says:

Why do they charge extra for the battery(s) and charger??!!

American America says:

talk about the light

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