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I don’t typically carry a flashlight in my everyday carry. But after rebooting the EDC Weekly, I decided to give it a go. I did a fair amount of research before I settled on a torch and it took me a while to find a keychain flashlight that I actually liked. It needed to be super small, bright and USB rechargeable. Turns out, I stumbled upon a flashlight that’s relatively new and virtually unknown to the EDC world. And this may very well be the best EDC flashlight on the market.

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Mark Gailmor says:

I’m very suspicious of startups. I realize that olight was a startup too at one point but they have proven themselves. RovyVon hasn’t. So I’ll stick with my tried and true Olight.

dcentral says:

Even if it does true 500 lumens, it’s for few seconds at most as technology does not exist to sustain so many lumens for long time in such a small form factor.

John Peacock says:

What color paracord are you using? Looks pretty cool!

Cat Naps33 says:

Rovy Von aurora is an excellent little, weightless, push button, key chain flashlight. I purchased on your recommendation and love it. Thanks for the heads up.

pirafu shu says:

anyway you can replace the battery once you can no longer recharge it?

one-of-us says:

Nicely done brother!

M Johnson says:

Awesome! I want one now.

1ctf playz says:

how good?

Zack Edwards says:

Dude just got the transparent rovyvon…soooo sick. It glows in dark, has 3 brightness levels, the handle has 2 small lights that can be lit like a lantern ..and then the best of all… the handle has a light in the center if it which emits a blacklight effect in the dark.

Darth says:

I will have to pick one up for sure when I am not wearing jeans this will be great for shorts weather in SoCal lol

The Varzoth says:

I think I would rather have it twice as big (so still small) and get that extra battery size.

Dooley Fussle says:

Great review, but I’ll stick with my Mag Solitaire single AAA. On my second; I give them to my friends as gifts, they are super cheap!

Peter Reynolds says:

Moto g5 plus. Pull out phone. Shake phone to light, same to unlight. If you need more light, lets say outdoors, more then cleaning up dog poop, then maybe you need something else.

Steve Hogue says:

Nice review. I have a MecArmy SGN3 and I have to say I love it. Not quite as brite as the Aurora but the MecArmy has a low light lumen, red and UV modes but no strobe. Still, it’s like trying to choose between a sexy blonde or a brunette vixen.

paul albornoz says:

:3 source of heat for making a warm cotton and then using a flint to make fire while camping 😀

Henry Greene says:

how can this light be so small and bright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this had to come from AREA 51…………………………….
I have a fetish on flashlight, knifes, and guns.. i got ALL or have had all Sigarms Kimber Colts S&W Streamlight.. Fenix bucks knife to all the under 40’s BUCK KNIFE are the best…..
I been into EDC for 20 year .. nothing has impress me like this flashlight

thank you

Indica Strain says:

I see alot complaints about battery life

Hammer says:

Good review. I use an OLIGHT S1 BATON. A little larger and heavier; has a more useful clip, (IMHO) that
allows the light to be carried in the pocket, lens up or down. USB rechargeable.

Jack Ng says:

I had EDC a Olight S1A Baton for half year and it is great. Use it a lot and it is pretty small and had 220lm when using a AA battery. And If I want some extra power, I can change a 14500 battery for 600lm. It’s good enough for everyday use. After I watch your Rovyron flashlight video, I purchased a RovyVon Aurora A5, and I love it. It really light and small. The battery capacity is not really big that you can take it to outdoor camping, but really good enough for everyday use. It can easily charge with a micro USB like a powerbank, and the flash can operate during charging. The new feature of the RovyVon Aurora A5 is the side light. It had option as red light or UV light. I chose the UV light because the red light is not too useful for my everyday use. The UV light can make the flashlight casing glowing in the dark, and that is not too useful as well but I think the glowing in the dark is more fun the the red light. Overall, this is a really good compact bright EDC flashlight, this is a very good option.

Chris Potter says:

I recommend not using the little chain material that it comes with. I got one and lost it 4 days later off my key chain.

Mike Vande Bunt says:

I EDC the Nitecore Tube. Not nearly as bright, but smaller (about the same length, but flat). Also 1/3 the price. Does what I need for EDC. If I know I’m going to need a flashlight, I’ll take a full sized light, the EDC is for those unexpected needs…

Short Round says:

Why is the Bomber &Co. B2 controversial?

Randy Miller says:

I made a video when they first came out. YouTube took it down

Rick Foley says:

I love your reviews but the Rovyvon flashlight is the worst value in a keychain light I have ever had. At first I loved it but the body started showing cracks after just a few days and the whole thing became useless after 2 weeks. I feel like I just flushed 40 bucks away.

Best Damn EDC says:

Uhh … I don’t know why my splash glitched out … but enjoy!

Senior XJ says:

I have 2 of them. After buying one of the plastic ones, I just had to buy the stainless version to add to the collection. GREAT keychain light for sure!

C&H Adventures says:

I hear a bird chirping. Not sure if its at your place or in my head.

oninninoonin says:

I’ve been thinking of getting the TINI. But I think i like this more. Cant wait for you to do a review of the TINI! hopefully i can decide which one i would really like.

Dionysus Fascinus says:

His stats show higher lumen count but less throw compared to the nitecore tip. Anybody here who has both of these who could tell me if there is a lot of difference in perceived brightness?

I like the form factor of this light but the menu of my tip seems to be a little bit more manageable. If it’s a lot brighter I might be persuaded to give this one a go though.

SofaKingWeTarded says:

Would you let this light run in low mode from a full charge and note its run time please? I am really skeptical about 900 minutes run time @ 19 lumens. If it runs even half of that time I will get off the fence and get one.

Cat Dog says:


Brad Sherman says:

Fenix E01. Bulletproof, lasts 20+ hrs , and a single AAA you can find anywhere. Around 10 bucks it’s hard to not be in the conversation of fantastic edc light.

Bakken Cutter says:

The stainless steel model is better cause u have more clip positions. Wish i would have known that when i purchased the titanium model

lucidtraveler says:

Im interested, but why, why, why, would they hang the pocket clip in the middle of the light. It looks dumb and leaves half the light out of your pocket. But 5oo + lumens is very attractive in that size

Brandon N says:

I saw this on Amazon but the no vids semt me away

Nathan Fenton says:

Anybody know of a video to make that paracord lanyard on the end of the flashlight

Cody says:

The Veleno Designs Quantum D2 has been my keychain EDC light of choice since I picked it up 5 years ago. It’s truly minuscule at about an inch and a half long. It twists on, which isn’t super convenient one handed, but is totally doable with the rest of the keychain or a lanyard for leverage. In return you get infinitely variable light levels. Anywhere from 0,01 to 120 lumens. You have to remove the battery to charge it, but it does come with a USB charger for the light. It also looks really nice in polished stainless on my keychain. They weren’t very expensive when they were in production either, I paid $68 shipped for mine. Unfortunately they have been out of production for years so if you can find one it’ll probably be well over $100.

Cory Kresge says:

looks to small i think i would lose it

James T. says:

A piece of junk worth $1

Nicola n says:

please review and compare this with the new aurora A5!!!

Hawaiian Punch says:

Take a look at the Wuben portable keychain led. It’s rechargable also. I’ve been using that for half a year now.


Got the “A1” with no hard use it started cracking all over.
100% fell apart in less then 2 weeks

Buy a Fenix OR Nitecore

Airpig says:

I foresee good Christmas gifts.

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