This Little Flashlight Is Incredible!! 3,350 Lumens Thrunite TH30 Review

This is a review of the Thrunite TH30. An incredible little flashlight that pumps out 3,350 lumens on turbo and .5 lumens on Firefly mode.
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Booze0331 says:

They will probably make that illegal in CA soon

leonard morey says:

That would only last 5. Minutes

Ben Kanobe says:

Missed that acronym, could you define them when you use them for the first time? We are not all as hip to this as you are. Thank you. Another great video!

Bobby R says:

Toss those cheap batteries and replace them with the type you find at hobby shops for their RC products.About seven bucks each but they last three times as long as the junk red batteries you find on ebay.

Ed Hlavaty says:

Lost interest as soon as I saw I can’t mount it on my AR

MisterFastbucks says:

3,350 for a minute and a half. Boy that thing is going to heat up fast. Check out Zebralight. Very similar but with even more brightness settings.

MatteoSixSeventyFour says:

Interesting. My only thing is how do we verify that its actually putting out 3350 lumens?

phuck you says:

In turbo mode it gets hot fast but puts out an amazing amount of light

shallNOTbeinfringed 1776 says:

I am reporting this to the doj. That flashlight looks fully semi automatic . and if I am,not mistaken the led placement makes it impossible to trace. Making it what we call a ” ghost” light. Here in the great state of comifornia , if you need the dark lit your police department depend on the system…don’t ask questions . ( btw, if you can not tell I am joking. I am. Jesus its sad I have to explain that )

Jon the Roofer says:

I can just about guarantee that flashlight is made by the same company that makes my favorite headlamp branded Wowtac. Totally awesome light this one is definitely a bit different but looks almost identical.

Stevo Schauer says:

Did you have the Tek Mat give away yet?

leonard morey says:

Looked a little light on the 3200 have 1200 lumen from a really big flashlight company that is at least that bright

Red Sky says:

come on, I am going to go broke buying all these great lights you do videos on.

Lance Kelly says:

As a hunter and a firearm enthusiasts I’m also interested in flashlights. Thanks for the info.

Mean Gene says:

It seems to me like every manufacturer has there own interpretation of lumuns.

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