This Thrunite Mini Thrower Flashlight is Unreal

The New Thrunite Catapult V6 750 meter throw flashlight
This one is great
Check it out below
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Mark Whitson says:

Hello! Which do you prefer: the V6 or the Acebeam E60?

Miki Wen says:

This one is good. Well-made! But I like Hoey headlamp in this video. Darwin compared black diamond with Hoey. Hoey is cheaper, brighter and SOS function.

MannyScoot says:

I dropped mine on a post tension slab and stopped working……. I changed the battery and it works normal again….. I put the Thrunite battery in the Charger to test it and it reads 3.05V and after 2 hours on the charger it still read 3.05V it won’t take a charge…… The battery was at 4.2 V when I dropped it……. Just because of the fall it dropped to 3.05V ,,,,, So I guess the battery shorted possibly from the 3 foot drop……

tom lewis says:

Did the thrunite get hot during this, and also. Some cameras make flashlight look dimmer/brighter than in real life, does this video show what the catapult v6 is really like?

Steve Hernandez says:

Just received mine today from amazon prime, can’t wait for the sun to set

John Johnson says:

dam cant wait to own one

Bryan Resch says:

I bought it when it was a pre-order from thrunite for $59.99. I love it and all thrunite flashlights , BUT , the drop test on a lot of their flashlights is very poor.
I recently bought the TC20 3800 lumen compact light and it’s also amazing.
Just dont drop it too often. Otherwise it’s a great light.

Rob C. says:

It looks as bright as one on a search and rescue chopper.

john smith says:

hello scannerguy1968,
i bought this thrunite catapult v6 just based on your demo video. what 2nd 26650 battery brand name would you recommend for extra backup battery. since there are so many chinese crap 26650 batteries out there, what other 26650’s do you use personally? since thrunite does not sell extra 26650’s. where can i buy real 26650’s?
your help is appreciated, thanks.

john says:

I saw a drop test of an ec20..the lens cracked when dropped waist level. I personally dont trust any of these lights on a drop test.

Kate Amber says:

where can i buy extra battery,
Thank You,

napochulo says:

I ordered mine today..$59.99 out the door.

macatac14 says:

That skeleton test is hard core,who’s the victim,is it old George the whining neighbour.

Vence McAdams says:

Not available : (

Guillermo Garraton says:

Damn…if the Brits had that Thrunite in 1940, a lot more German Heinkels would have been downed!
What a great flashlight.

spassgamer says:

Awesome test, thanks 🙂

Madman6505 says:

Really cool thermal test! Not sure how much difference it makes but I’ve heard that your blood circulation through your hand dissipates some of the heat when you’re holding the flashlight.

f50koenigg says:

Is this cool white or neutral white?

J O says:

GREAT video analysis with excellent spec info! This thing is a ” Beast “

roger scott says:

i tried ordering but thrunite says i have to pay using paypal? i do not have paypal

WILLIAM PERRELLIphoto com says:

Hi. How do you compare the v6 to the acebeam l16? William

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