ThruNite TC-15 Flashlight Review

In this video I am reviewing one of my favorite flashlights to date, I can not believe how bright this light is…. It’s the ThruNite TC-15 USB rechargeable LED Flashlight powered by an 18650 Lithium Ion battery.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these flashlights they are currently on sale from the 19th to November 25th on the official website, 20% off

Here is the official web site

This is the American Amazon website.

And this is the Canadian Amazon Website


Robert Cline says:

Wow, that little light can really reach out and light up the area.

louis paine says:

I will pick one up.

old time engineer says:

For $49.99 it better be the only one I buy not.

Bob Joncas says:

..great, as long as somebody doesn’t start sending you marital aides to try out…ahah,hah,hah

JEFF1Z says:

You do good product vids

Rick Littge says:

Hey Heather and Cecil, nice light – one needs a dependable source of light while out in the long nights. It is nice to see Cecil sitting in the house and not having to wear a coat. It shows how much more efficient a wood stove in the basement is at keeping an upper floor warm. You guys are rocking it now!

PaulineRoy Adair says:

We have two

Becca says:

Woww, now That’s bright, nice!

Beyer Forestry, Welding, and Other Stuff says:

That would be an awesome light to have on case your snowmobile headlight dies at night or an animal hits your car and takes out the headlights.

Rudell Blair says:

Wow, big light in a small package!

StihlnLogs says:

Cecil, you have to try one of their ThruNite TH20 headlamps.  Just takes one AA.  Its just plain awesome and for $38 on Amazon.


You need to invest in a Nitecore Digi D4 charger Cecil.

Bills BuildAll says:

Hi Cecil & Heather ,, Did the flashlight come with a actual charger ?
I`v just in the last 3 months got into buying the 18650 batteries for using in my Bluetooth speaker builds , . Theres alot of fake 18650`s on Ebay concerning the MaH ratings of them . At present time the highest 18650 is a 3600 MaH rating , anything above that is fake . They must have a dedicated 5V charger that prevents them from over charging , a good Diy charger I use is the Tp4056 , > about $ 1.25 on Ebay ,, for batteries I`v been buying PKCells a canadian manufacturer based over seas , Samsung , PKCell >
This is the charger
The battery should never be drained lower than 3.0 V on average and never be over charged more than 4.2V
These are the 18650 battery box that I connect the charger to .
The battery should have around a rated 20 Amp discharge rate for the flashlights or higher . and never be charged at more than 1 Amp . If overcharged there is a high chance they can vent and catch on fire , pleas be carefull my friend , hope this info helps you a bit ,, Bill

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