Thrunite TC15 Flashlight Review: 18650-Powered, Over 2000 Lumens

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The TC15 from Thrunite is a nice-sized (for me) EDC light that gives over 2000 lumens of output with an 18650 behind it. For around $50, I think this is a pretty nice light and it’s certainly a bonus that you can charge it up with a USB.

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Big Racer says:

that extra foam is always usefull. ‘;)

Richard Sabo says:

IMO, an EDC light needs a tail switch, preferably including momentary on with partial press.

Speaking of standardizing to 18650 batteries, what’s the top 18650 powered flashlights for mounting on a rifle?

Xsauce says:

compare with the Astrolux c8

Reality Survival & Prepping says:

Tim hey shoot me an email if you get a chance. Just wanted to throw something out to ya real quick.

Todd Lockwood says:

How long does it take to fully charge

Alan Williams says:

This is a really good value to start with. $45.00 for a 2000/1050 lumen light that comes with it’s own holster and an OK 3100mAh 18650, and is usb rechargeable as well? Oh yes… a very good deal. I’m sure you could probably bump the battery up to 3400mAh without issues as well. Thanks for sharing Tim.

Chadd Wilkes says:

I carry the klarus XT2CR. It is just a little bigger but i like the user interface a lot better than the other lights ive had. It is around $60 to $70 but it is 1600 lumens, USB rechargable and comes with a 3600 mah 18650 battery. Ive had O’lights, Thrunites, eagtacks, lumintops and Wowtacs and out of all of them the Klarus lights are the ones i havent gotten rid of. You should give it a try.

Oscar Sanchez says:

I got the tn12 and i would like to see how much more light i will get if i upgrade.
Thanks cool video!!

Heath Marcum says:

My fairly new 1 year old streamlight 18650 500 lumen rechargeable is already out dated lmao

complicated mfer says:

Seen there’s a tc15 coming out like 3000 lumens or 3500… can’t remember but boy do I want it!!!!!!

Billy Stroup says:

Compare that light to the little fatty p25 you just did a few days ago

demafly y says:


Spudly0299 says:

I carry a tn12 every day and and this light would be an upgrade but never had a light with only a single button operation , always had the tail cap on and off and the side button to change modes. Opinions on worth buying it if you already have tn12 2016 Edition for edc

Outdoor SurThrival says:

Great review. I’ve enjoyed ThruNite. Just did a video of one last week. Thanks for the review.

Thomas H. says:

Perhaps you can compare the TC15 with the Olight S2R II. The price of the S2R II is higher of course, but beside the magnetic charger they are pretty close to me.

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