Thrunite TC15 Flashlight Review! Excellent Rechargeable Flashlight! -Junkyard Fox

While out in the sandy desert of Horizon, Texas, we put the Thrunite TC15 to the test, by setting up traps for small game.
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Specs: Turbo(2300 lumens~820 lumens /2 mins+83 mins),
High(1050 lumens/90 mins),
Meidum(250 lumens /6.5 hrs),
Low(25 lumens /68 hrs),
Firefly(1 lumens /41.5 days),
Strobe (830 lumens /180 mins).

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filmed in parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox


ethEYP says:

Your videos never fail to teach me something new so thank you

David Flores says:

Good job man. I gotta get me some Cuervo Negro sounds!

Samuel Rubio says:

You just lost a follower

Rick C says:

Well done review, James. Flashlight reviews are tough and you always come up with a good reason/story line to compliment them.

Bruce Morris says:

I like that light better than my surefire U2 ultra . It cost 170.00.

BushCraftBums says:

Awesome Video, and review! Thanks for sharing and stay Blessed!

Jim Page says:

I gots to know, did You eat rat for breakfast ?

bill birch says:

James, a quick tip if you rotate the pocket clip until it lines up with the button, in the dark rotate the torch until you can feel the clip uppermost then run your thumb along the clip and you will hit the button. BTW if you are worried about accident activation rotate the tail cap about one eighth of a turn and it will no longe make contact. Bill

Stephen Dorje says:

Good light but personally I have a problem spending $50-60 for a small flashlight… Just me… As usual ..good vid

Ana Nimus says:

Love your videos

Jordan O says:

Looks like a good flashlight. I might pick one up since ive been looking for something to add to my pack. Awesome review :^)

Samuel Rubio says:

You getting out of the. Bushcraft to much. Futuristic shit.

shovelhead8 says:

A flashlight you can rely on is important. I have a few that do not make the grade for reliability. Thank you for the review, James

Nichole lakeerieprepper says:

Ooh I like it! Nice sheath with it as well!!! Thanks for reviewing!!

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

Strobe mode is to disorient someone before you shoot them repeatedly in the face.

Susan Temple says:

Hey James, I’m new to your channel, but I’ve gone back through many of your older videos while keeping up with the new ones. I really like your prrsentations. They are interesting, instructional, and just the right length.

George Linston says:

you once said you didn’t like doing flashlight reviews but you’ve made more than I expected lol. Love your vids man and I don’t care what they’re about they’re always fun to watch.

TAC-HILL says:

Its a nice n bright light. Im totally the opposite though… i like having the pocket clip. I carry my phone sheath and leatherman on my belt

Craig Betts says:

good review on the lite

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

.5 lumen is great for getting around the bedroom at night without waking your wife up.

jim nordquist says:

Did you go with cool white or neutral white led? And I agree with you about the tail cap.

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