ThruNite TC20 Flashlight Review

My review of the ThruNite TC20 3800 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight. I have been using this Thrunite flashlight in my videos for about a month and like it enough that I am adding it to my Chigg’s Choice playlist. In this video I unbox the flashlight and most importantly, go out into the field to actually use it and show you what it can and cannot do. Overall, I really like this flashlight and it is now my everyday carry flashlight for my video making adventures.
You can find MOAR information here:
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johny9516 says:

According to their web-site, if you pre-order the TC20, ThruNite is offering a 20% discount. I believe it said until 4/15. Just put “20%” in the promo space. Brings the price down to $71.95.

KubotaManDan says:

Total Luminous Output may be expressed in candela or in lumens. This is a measure of the entire light output of the flashlight regardless of beam focus. It is almost solely a function of the lamp, and for practical purposes is equal to the lamp output which lamp manufacturers rate in Mean Spherical Candela (Sometimes called Mean Spherical Candlepower which is not the same as peak beam intensity), or in lumens. Multiply candela by 12.57 to convert to lumens. For example, the 20 watt lamp used in the SL-35X is rated at 450 lumens or 35.8 Mean Spherical Candela.

Peak Beam Intensity (Candlepower) is a measure of the brightest spot in the focused beam. It is a function of both the output of the lamp and the efficiency of the reflector. The focused spot of light has the same intensity that a bare source of unfocused light of the same candlepower would produce on the same area from the same distance. For example, a flashlight of 20,000 beam candlepower would project, within its “hot spot,” the same amount of light on a wall as would a bare lamp of 20,000 candela at the same distance. Typical values of beam candlepower will run into the tens of thousands for powerful rechargeable flashlights.

Since the Total Output system does not take into account the focusing efficiency of the reflector, there is no way to convert between peak beam candlepower and lumens.

Additionally, all light rating systems depend on the perception of the human eye and are therefore subjective. Another important factor besides absolute intensity is the whiteness (technically the Color Temperature) of the light source. If two equally intense light sources differ in color temperature, the eye will perceive the whiter source (higher color temperature) to be brighter than the more yellow one. Color temperature is expressed in degrees on the Kelvin scale. A very white flashlight lamp will be rated around 3200 K.*

Stephen Moore says:

i have epilepsy so thanks for the seizure…lol. You at Fripp Island..???

mark holbrook says:

Wow the vegetation down there almost seems like Florida?? I thought your in Maryland?

Jay Bales says:

That is one powerful small light.

Charles Wilder says:

Nice set up! Funny! That light does seem like a great one. Is there a connection here I should use so you get credit referring me?

Vin DiVergilio says:

Nice light.  Is this one of those that has the luminary output strong enough o ignite a piece of paper  What is the price range?

Don Rutherford says:

We have um skunk apes down here in my neck of the woods

J Kinsey says:

I want one

Bernie Briscombe says:

Beau you should not use flashings lights on your videos without warnings first as for some people it can trigger an epileptic fit. Bernie

Mikaela Taitano says:

Less flashlights more metal detecting

Lesa Hanners says:

Being one of your close personal friends must be a riot. The things you think up are hilarious! Loved this review even if I did have to close my eyes for the blinking part. Thanks for warning ahead of time you were going to do it by the way, those of us with sensitivity to blinking lights, thank you.

Rick D says:

were you using the cool white or the neutral White?

dlb Vlogs says:

made me jump lol

Carlos Garcia says:

Is it made in the U.S.?

Louis Aziz says:

Hey, Chig,
I always save the silica gel packets. I “recharge” them and keep a few in my gear bags and boxes. Recharge every six months or year in the oven on a tray at 300 degrees for about two hours. Be sure to prop the door open a bit to allow the moisture to escape. Love your viseos.

michmvp says:

Nice flashlight but $200. No way!

Master Don says:

Well he’s not at his house unless he got a landscape make over

Malcolm Washer says:

Sponser video

Metal Shell says:

OMG love the end!

hubifornia says:

Ok, I might have peed just a spot.

D Shields says:

2:42 Man these companies need to get good English translations. Stuff like that gives a bad first impression. It also doesn’t bode well that they are one of the companies that ask for good ratings on amazon when you buy or try their product. Just further degrades the already untrustworthy amazon rating system.

I’m glad they are sponsoring this channel though, that’s a plus. And I must admit despite the red flags, it could still be a great product. Good review!

Carolyn Kawit says:

Holy Crap!!!!! You scared the SH*T out of me….my heart is still racing! heheheheheheheh

kyle lee says:

DOWN SOUTH, WE HAVE SWAMP APES….. THEY ARE A LOT MEANER THAN A SAMSQUATCH. STRONGER THAN BIGFOOT AND QUICKER THAN A YETI………………………………………. however no match for a THRUNITE…. This will freeze them in their tracks every time…

juddy woods says:

Hi I enjoy your videos so much, but may I ask what are samsqenches ? So any way nice touch good review of it, from down under in Tasmania Australia.

Clive Warren says:

I love night time chigg videos!

L.R. Samons says:

And remember hold your breath

rosstee says:

2:28 Who else was going to eat it?

MegaDirtyberty says:

Pity they don’t ship to New Zealand.

Don Rutherford says:

Awww no flashlight give away

L.R. Samons says:

I like the light real funny Boulder 10 that was cool I like that it’s trees look real good that is pretty place especially the Palm sticker ground sticker Weeds on the ground enjoyed it

PyroNinja713 says:


Tyler Snyder says:

You watchin’ the tide roll away chigg ?

JD Marksman says:

You’re such a fun-loving goofy guy. Nice flashlight btw.

Christopher Berg says:

That 26650 lithium cell 4.2 volt can produce a massive amount of power that’s for sure. It’s just a little smaller than a D cell 1.5 volt

James says:

Be glad you are there in March. In another month or so, around all that moss, you would be eaten up with “red” chiggers. LOL

Richard Warnock says:

Beau you just made whole lot people wish they had some depends on!!!

charles robbins says:

Awesome kinda got me at the end

Fouilleuse Acadienne says:

well THAT was scary!! lol good job!!

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