Thrunite TC20 Rechargeable 3800 Lumen Flashlight Review

The new Thrunite TC20 is a compact 3800 lumen rechargeable flashlight powered by a single 26650 rechargeable battery. It uses a simple side switch with great light levels to choose from.

For a limited time you can pre-order the TC20 at Pre-order and save 20% off with coupon code “20%”
By using the coupon, the price will be $72.

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markerparker80 says:

Love my TC20! Crazy bright!

YouTuber 256 says:

Thanks Brian. After close to two years of owning the Thrunite TN12 I’ve just pre-ordered this one. Looking forward to getting it!!… thanks for the coupon!

Marth says:

I think I might get one, although I already have a TK35 2000 lumen flashlight with a custom made Kydex sheath. So maybe.

Buzz Busby says:

But $109.95 ? IDK

bushcraft2012 says:

Purchased my TC 20 a few weeks ago. Love it and love thrunites. Best of all is the rated 3800 lumens for 130 minutes. Most flashlights in that form factor you’re lucky to get the highest lumen rating for a few minutes, which in my opinion, defeats the purpose of owning the flashlight.

X Rover X says:

Could you do a review on a council tool wood craft pack axe dave canterbury said it was good but he really didn’t go into alot of detail on the axe but if you cant thats fine thanks for the videos.

Lazy Moose says:


Son of Dad says:

Got one a few weeks ago and love it.

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent light and review!

Sonny Daze says:

rad shirt

Jason Ricci says:

This thing rocks bryan, I bought mine from thrunite on a pre buy and use it everyday at work. . It’s my go to flashlight now cause most of my work is in dark places.

Chris Stone says:

I know, I said I would not watch any more flashlight videos, but I watched this one. 85 to 110 dollars is way out of my league for a flashlight. I will always support your channel but not buy buying hundred dollar flashlights. Keep up the good work Brian.

zeke1eod says:

Thanks for taking time ro share another great video. Please keep them coming and God bless

Odepro says:

a nice flashlight~~

Survival On Purpose says:

Due to high demand, Thrunite sold out of these quickly. As of 3-12-18, Amazon only has these through a 3rd party reseller ad the price is over $100. Until they are back in stock you can pre-order the TC20 at and save 20% off with coupon code “20%” By using the coupon, the price will be just $72.

357bullfrog says:

That’s bright! Even daylight it glared off your face like night time.

brad armstrong says:

Love my TC20! Brian do you live in KY?

Matthew Austin says:

Sold me! I’m getting one.

Preparodies 1 says:

I don’t do the flashlight arms race, but dude, I was at Ollie’s the other day, they had 320 lumen spotlights for like 9 bucks good brand names even with doggone batteries ! I know that might not seem even worthwhile to younger guys but lemme tell ya boys, back in the 80s or 90s we shined critters with less light than you have in your pocket. aka, that’s a Ton of light for the money so I say keep the arms race going and driving them prices down.

Jani Sukanen says:

Wow! I might not necessarily carry that along in my EDC bag or my pocket because of the size( I have a thing for small flashlights) but it would be a superb choice for a vehicle kit. Oh boy! It is bright. I have bit of problems with even imagining how bright is 3800 lumen flashlight because I´m still thinking 1000 lumens is impressive. Lol. I am so last season. For the quality and the brightness the price seems ok. And since I have been thinking of getting a brighter flashlight for my car that could be one option. Found one at ebay for 65€, used. Great review as always Bryan! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Big thumbs up!

Lisa Booker says:

Love my ThruNite flashlights and head lamps. EXCELLENT products! TFS Have a blessed day. ~Lisa

YoderTexas says:

It seems like a great light, but does it pass the Balance, Rotation and Orientation Test?

Abraham Azar says:

Amazon’s price as of 03/11/2018 _ $110.

imagesby2215 says:

If it had a tail on/off switch and was not $110, might consider it. Actually it is a bit too bright and too fat to be useful for CCW carry

Randall Kelley says:

I purchased 100 cr123’s several years ago. They work great, have never had a leak, ever. So I am into replaceable batts, w several high qual. lights for them. Then I see this vid, decide to get the light, and holy moly, a WALL of light…so to speak. and i got it for $71.99 on sale. Already have a power bank, so I feel better about non replaceable batts. Good vid…..

Terry W. Milburn says:

Lots Of Blinky-Blinky fer the price, Compact too,Thanks Bryan       ATB Ter  God Bless

Wayne Clarke says:

The only issue I can see is that the turbo mode is only good for a few minutes, the tests I saw show it drop to around 1800 Lm after just 3 minutes, the high mode of 1800 Lms dropped to around 1400 after about 30 minuets. They also get quite hot on high or turbo.
Nice torch though.

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