ThruNite TN12 2016 Flashlight – Review

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It’s time for a flashlight review and today Luke has the ThruNite TN12 2016 Flashlight.


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Michaela Dale says:

These are great flashlights!! never had anything so bright.

Edward Lajeunesse says:


überguy says:

Why do they crap out sixteen new flaslights every week? They’re all the same :p

Tom Lang says:

love you brother, just have to say that every you tuber in your genre has done sooooo many thrunite reviews that I am tapping out on watching anymore. Everyone on the planet stipulates that thrunite makes great torches. I am suffering from thrunite overload.

pigpaul says:

dirt cheap, need a versus video against the nitcore mh 20. thats my edc.

Alan Grosinske says:

I have the 2014…I love it…however, twice in the last year the the on/ off button has failed to function properly..they are going to warranty it out and replace it with a 2016!! awesome

Ida E. Levings says:

I like the tip about how to find the on off switch by point the clip toward the switch. 🙂

Tom Malloy says:

A ThruNite review on YouTube?!?!? Get the heck out of here!!!! Really breaking some ground here… I’m so happy Chris from PM101 has decided to drop ThruNite reviews in 2016.

Louis Lee says:

I like a light with tough coatings that doesn’t scratch off easy. if the tn32 does in fact scratch easily like you said than its off my list.

Zack8133 says:

Does Thrunite send you flashlights to be reviewed? Or do you purchase them to review them because you like them? For example I know your FjallRaven pants are good because you wear them all the time and you did a review on it as opposed to a brand new looking flashlight that you may or may not use.

Michaela Dale says:

These are great flashlights!! never had anything so bright.

Tom Fehrenbach says:

Happy New Year Luke Hope you have a good one

shcmoly says:

Pretty much an exact copy of a Fenix P35 Tac, or did Fenix copy Thruite…? Both are impressive.

Carlos Li says:

Did the 18650 battery come with the flashlight?

Patrizia says:

Beautiful flashlight!!

LikeABossOutdoors says:

Is that a light saber?!

Dinner-fork tongue says:

Are you gonna take this one on a night hike or overnight adventure as well, Luke? Because I sure remember the Blood Moon night hike from last year.

Anyway, great pick of video to finish off 2015. Happy New Year to you and yours, buddy!



Prepping to Survive UK - Scorcheo says:

hi bud nice review, just wonderi does the tn12 have memory of the last setting used or do you have to cycle through settings every time its turned on?

Val Strambu says:

Luke,  I love your videos, but please, please stop the $50 pocket flashlights reviews!

mobiltec says:

LOL I bought a great little LED flashlight at Harbor Freight for $6. It’s bright, it’s rechargable and it’s made of metal.

Tim T says:

also the new clip sucks! no retention compared to the older 1 so I just took the old clip and slapped it on the 2016


Unfortunately I already have the other version which is a great light as well plus at Christmas I received the Thrunite headlight. Now I am looking for an AA flashlight thinking about either the Archer or the Fenix E25Ue.

Tim T says:

well I bought this shit on December 31 and today at work while I pulled it from my uniform shirt the side switch was missing. I found all the components in my pocket. spring plunger rubber boot switch cover and threaded nut. threads are stripped. Unfuckingbelievable. 3rd thrunite that failed on me

Bobby Harper says:

Can you baton wood with that flashlight?

FreakzRitual says:

My 2014 version when I 1rst got it i had to continually hit the tail switch cause it would turn on and when it was finally on it will turn off I should of went to thrunite with this problem but I just kept it maybe I’ll fix it myself but I purchased the 2016 version and now I have no problems but I recommend on buying the 2016 version because it’s more durable and cause the modes upgraded version is always better

tigahshark says:

Great review as always

strpl2 says:

hello Luke this light or fenix pd35 ? fixing to buy one or the other thank you

Edward Broadbent says:

lol you posted this vid at 3am for me, great vid though, ive been looking into some new flashlights and this one is one of them

Patrick Caple says:

Dam you Luke….I already have like…8 Thrunite flashlights

Max Luijben says:

that’s cool video

ivo mijnnaam says:

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