ThruNite TN35 2,750 Lumen Flashlight Review (HD)

Here’s a review of another impressive light from ThruNite. I do a beam comparison and go over the features that the TN35 brings to the market.

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bprice1892 says:

Looks like a great light to keep in the patrol car if searching for a suspect in more rural areas

Tou Lor says:

Debating on if I should add this monster to my collection or not? Kind of hate the UI on my Jetbeam WL-S4.

James Stevick says:

+Mrgunsngear Channel what 1″ tube flashlight would you recommend for mounting on a rifle such as an AK or AR? I’d like something that gives me mid range throw (150-200m) but under $300 and if at all possible, USA made and compatible with a pressure pad or auxiliary switch.

EnduringEagle says:

Great review.  If you like this you should check out the NiWalker FA01 which gets out to 750 yards.

FiLthyPhiLSS says:

I’m assuming those batteries are rechargeable.
In that particular flame thrower.. how long would that light burn on high?

wschmitty1 says:

Great review, great light…..the $$$$ is killing me!!!

TheAeasy19 says:

I got a thrunite flash light because of your review. This being my first “tactical flash light” I just got one that was 30 bucks off thrunites website and this thing is amazing. For the money I paid. I wonder how long these thrunite flash lights will last..

matt hickman says:

Good work on the flashlight review! Reminds me alot of Going gear.

Lee says:

Could you do a comparison video between all the TN30+ models? I think that would be nice. My practical side is leaning toward the TN35, but my flashaholic side is obviously drooling over the TN32.


Which 18650 batteries/charger do you recommend? thanks for your time.

Gun Enthusiast says:

Great flashlight review. ..that’s the kind of flashlight I need to have around the house.

Playfer says:

Aluminium has higher thermal conductivity than brass and the TN35 produces much more heat than the TN32.

jaspercats says:

Hi are the 18650 batteries your using flat top or will both styles work in the TN35, Thanks

LakeWater says:

Great review, thanks!

1mantisco says:

What a sexy voice

lerch400block says:

Excellence as always. Im really liking their products. Especially for non-subsidized low income folks such as myself.

FirearmTutorials .com says:

Crazy output for the money.  Thanks for sharing.

superckn7 says:

finally, a tactical light to go on my SAM missle launcher!! the (coming) night drones wont stand a chance! :)) RnMT

MrGunman11 says:

One question, does anyone make a weapons light mount for that thing? I would like to fry an intruders eyes with that thing.

RK Harm24 says:

Where does the lumen war stop? They seem to be battling their own lights. IDK, I’m confused.

unclep2012 says:

Great vid! That makes the SureFire Guardian look like a baby!

lerch400block says:

Excellence as always. Im really liking their products. Especially for non-subsidized low income folks such as myself.

TacticalFloridian says:

As always great review! You have some of the best reviews and descriptions of products on youtube!

bakandi danes says:

is this work with two battries,,,?

Ian Wolfe says:

Ha ha ha “flashoholic”! I’d say you fit into that category man! Good vid as always MGG!

ZyPhReX says:

Great review.  That flashlight is a monster!  Quick question: been pondering about which 18650 batteries to get and the Tangsfire that the Thrunite flashlight has is one of the ones I considered.  Have those been reliable for you?  Thx for the review!

pal2468 says:

I want this light but have no need for it, thank goodness my wife will think I got it at Ace hardware obvious to the cost…..

jennifer baker says:

so im torn mini tn30 or tn 35 what do you think either will be my first over 500 lumen light.

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Edward Kuhn says:

Go Niners!

Imre Demech says:

Good review, got the tn 35.

Jade Wicker says:

Very nice would like to add to the night shift gear bag ….but a bit on the pricey side!

Manuel Lizarzaburu says:

just order mine from amazon for 109 free shipping.

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