Thrunite TN36 Flooder Flashlight Review : 10,000 Lumens of Awesomeness

Wow! I really like this flashlight. Thrunite is a sponsor of my channel and sent me a TN36 10,000 Lumen flooder flashlight a few months ago to use in my caving and camping videos. This is my favorite Thrunite flashlight by far so far. I’ve used the TN40 in many of my videos as well and really like it, but this one really is eye opening for the extreme flood of light it throws. Of course, it also has many other less spectacular modes and functions like a normal flashlight for use in any situation. In this video I talk about and show all of the many functions of the Thrunite TN36 and then go for a walk late at night to again demonstrate the functions and show how it really looks. The video footage does it no justice. It’s really, really spectacular.
Here is a link directly to their website and they are offering a 20% seasonal discount. It is not an affiliate link and I benefit from it in no way. Discount code: 2017XMAS

You can also see it with a ‘Chigg Amazon affiliate link here:’


milcoll73 says:


John Marty says:

Chigg, where can I get that shirt?

Annette Petrin says:

btw, if you dont recognize the batteries, they are the same type they build Tesla power walls. you can charge your cell, rablet or ? with tgem too.. most of the new larger chargers you buy for about $25 or so usually hv the saame batteries in them. you can make your own power wall from those batteries for under $900 n tesla sells now for over 6k. hmmmm…. 1k vs 6k?

Boi says:

Chigg you look like Luke Skywalker

Dan Weiss says:

Super cool video flashlights are incredible. Going to order myself a headlight for night time metal detecting. One more question how the heck can people give this video a thumbs down. Haters

Clive Warren says:

I loved this vid. Ide like to see more nighttime walks and explorations!

The Yard Dogs says:

Nice light but for $329.00 it should wash my car with a full charge

Roger Wooley says:

I love how he randomly mentions he has a sinkhole in his yard like its just kindof boring but im digging it out. Wish i had a sinkhole to dig out lol

Jennifer Enslin says:

Aquachigger after dark. Lol.

lewon23 says:

$250 is “kinda expensive”

JOHN LOBBAN Creative says:

How do you get the discount?

knothead 52 says:

No doubt that you could spot a samsquanch in the woods with that thing.

Annette Petrin says:

lol.. MaH= Milla Amp Hours.

Lynn Maupin-Simpson says:

That was great!! I hope no critters had seizures.

IBStevieB says:

Must be nice to get a $300 flashlight sent to you for free!

Patrick McCormick M3 says:

Was it me or did he not sound like the Double Rainbow Guy a little

Mona Bale says:

2 red glowy things at 16:17 right side of picture.. watup?…

Deaven Shank says:

thats stong enough to scare demons in the sewers away

Rick Kemp says:

Aquachigger, thank you for all the knowledge you impart on your viewers. You’re awesome!

David Campbell says:

Check out the “ Mecarmy PT80” I think. I have one and it is amazing! Does everything this one does, plus you can use it as a power bank to charge all of your electronics. From the looks of it, it appears to be a much more high quality product too. Also the charging is much easier. Just check them out, i promise, you want be disappointed.

Digging 606 says:

Illuminati -ing confirmed!

jaime hernandez cerdan says:

Look at that creature’s eyes at 16:18

Forensic1Man says:

Beau, Please, you have to take the neon-bulb out to the high tension power lines and light it up!!
I would make a really nice night-time video!!!

Andre brunet says:

Hey santa I hope you’re watching this is what I want for Christmas!!!!! The one says:

Yes that was cool! Me won’t one.

Mark Westfall says:

No discount

Holly Maffia says:

Thanks for enlightening me!

Patty LeVasseur says:

wow that is 1 very brite lite you can see a long ways with it thank you;];];]

AlabamaWhiteGuy says:

What’s the deal with that cave you’re trying to dig up?

slippery547 says:

How did that James shell turn out?

Patrick Dombrosky says:

Why does the thumbnail have Blair Witch Project or any other horror movie vibes to it?

James- says:

My dad needs a good torch, I shall mention thrunite to him. This one looks pretty awesome, very tough looking, is it aluminium?

James- says:

Do you keep bees? If so prehaps a little beekeeping video, I’m sure it would be really interesting, and I’d love to see chigg in a beekeeper costume lol. Also if you want to get some wildlife (Bigfoot) footage you could invest in a camera trap, prehaps he lives in one of the caves!


thanks for shining a light on this product

Sam C says:

Those Thrunite flashlights are fantastic,especially good on camping trips because they have an awesome battery longevity.

Larry Doss says:

It gets hot in the hand on turbo

Clive Warren says:

You should do an Aqua Chigger Christmas special. Show us some Christmas traditions and do some Christmas stuff. Go sledding, make some cookies, build a snowman, wear a santa hat, do some decorating, hang some lights etc.

Spikey DaPikey says:

Nice eye shine at 16:17 in the video Glowing red eyes!!

Oh yeah, on, it’ll set ya back £219 posted.

Parker Matthews says:

The question is, can it burn through stuff?

DogFartsHockey - says:

Holy Shit that is bright gotta get one

Aquachigger says:

Thought I do a few Chigg’s Choice videos leading into Christmas. I kinda procrastinated a little. This is the same flashlight I have been using in my more recent caving videos. It’s my favorite so far.

Della Elbell says:

Great flashlight.

Dawn Lindgron says:

Police need lights like that…

Lili Varela says:

Tranlate in spanish!!! genius


hi chigg…great flashlight that…looked like that sort of silence you get..”the calm before the storm”..all the best take care…heres wishing you and yours a great xmas…and an even better new year ! Gordon in the UK .

adveNZures says:

Very cool!

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