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John Doe Smith says:

I say the word “so” as if I truly understand the the English language. So, I presuppose formed answer to driven topic of opinion. So, yeah.


You wouldn’t save not turning lights on you would be burning through batteries

David Thompson says:

If your not going to use it I’ll take it

Henrik Lopperi says:

Cool piece of equipment, but I would stick with my lighter Led Lenser MT10 with the adjustable focus.
It can lighten a room too by pointing it up to the ceiling and with the focused beam it can lighten objects up to 150m-200m. If that thing had focused beam it would have more use.

Yassou Sinou says:

is it for daiving

Talon Sei says:

But wait a second… this light is even better!

Jim Mcfarland says:

Cheap Chinesium junk. Mine broke right out of the box. Try to get a refund??? Here’s your contact info…. Good luck. Tel: 86-755-26809357
Room A640,Tower A,NO.168 Baoyuan Road

Noe Lopez says:

Dam that is bright

Anton Chigurh says:

You need more boards.

StalledCoyote says:

Jussie Smallett scared his MAGA attackers away with this light.

Kermit says:

I remember when ((they)) use to trick us with “Candle Power” so they could throw numbers like 2 million candle power out there.

Leafar Zerep says:

Super cool , for rescue and hunt or just camping! Thanks

Cecil Clyde Houck says:

No way Jose, $50. That it’s for me.

ok ok says:

I am here because of John Mayer

Edgar Mendoza says:

Better than astrolux mf01?

Kenneth Vaughan says:

Can it be focused at all?

D Ale says:

Miami? I thought you were in Pennsylvania lol

Eric Schultz says:

Can you use it as a weapon mount with pressure switch

Bruno I says:

My car have 9600LM. Love

Yokwity says:

is that an electric skateboard (6:51) ? what do you have?

ime akpan says:

A lot of longboards you have. Did you already make a review about them?

herbal medicine says:

looks like the Tiny Monster flashlight

Accord Automotive says:

get another one and use them as headlights on your car. lol

One Hut says:

Vortex Optics Diamondback Roof Prism Binocular is it good?

Legacy J Discord says:

Just for chips and giggles, I called them lumens, to describe a scale directly referring to/ gauging, thee amount of light emitting from its source. 1 lumens = 1 candlelight…….The wisdom to gain from a bonding wire. Is ” Just because something is very small, Doesn’t mean that isn’t Very very bright”. LJ…..aka futureboy 1979′

Legacy J Discord says:

A tapering adjustable lens and you have a pocket size Firestarter.

Joenille Obiacoro says:

Cool dude!

Kyla J says:

John Mayer brought me here lol

David Walter says:

I need this light. The NEBO blast rc I have… thought that was bright!

Marwan BEN AYEDI says:

If you are not sure you can send it to me lol

Nathan MacDonald says:

I’ve been buying Thrunite for quite a while now, happy to see they are finally getting some recognition for their amazing quality flashlights! They bring to market the most sound, well designed, well priced flashlights I’ve seen. Go Thrunite

Sam Ali says:

Can the beam of light be adjusted at turbo, or is it just one setting? Thanks

Nelson Castro Larrinaga. says:

Hi!. How can I buy this from Mexico?

Connor Bennett says:

For one second I assumed the torch was really small and saw 11,000 lumens… I was like WHAT!?!? Then I saw how big it actually was.

Hammer Home says:

And 1 min run time ?… never any mention of run times…


I would like to try it,i got 2 spot lights one is walmart 700 lum,and the other bass pro candle light 1000 lum,i have a animal i have been trying get rid of that obly comes out at nite,and scareing my family bad,more that haft the time i can not see it,but can hear it,i dont live in the city

hardus van der hoven says:

Acebeam X70 !!!!!

Tennessee Redneck says:

It probably drains the batteries within several minutes, I bet! I have small compact Streamlight LED flashlight, I think its around 1,200 lumens, it has two 123A batteries in it, and if you keep the light on for 20 minutes straight, the batteries are pretty much dead!!

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