Thrunite TN42 Farthest Throwing? Flashlight Review and Beamshots

Thrunite TN42 Flashlight Review
Beamshots of the Laser like beam
Get it here.
Check the link below for a comparison of the TN42 vs Acebeam K70


Benjamin Kham says:

I wonder how this is vs the SR-52UT, if i should replace it with the TN42 and the price difference is justified

duckiedx says:

Your videos are awesome, keep it up!

Steven Robertson says:

That thing could light up The Dark Side Of The Moon !!!!

Matt Kaiser says:

I just picked up the Acebeam k70.

Truth Teller says:

do reflect on life while you are pooing? nice and slowly so you can enjoy the experience? I DO!!!!

gixxerboy555 says:

Vinh can push it almost unto 2000meters I think…

David Gaylord says:

come on this is America we don’t speak European meteric

Pablo Vazquez - Visual Arts says:

Hi! Great review, Thanks!
Just very few suggestion & questions:
1- It would be great if there’s no music at background, very especially for those of us who don’t speak English as 1st language and have some difficulties to understand what you explain due to the music..
2- For that exact reason I couldn’t understand what exact battery you use and if they’re protected or unprotected. Could you please let me know?
3- How long can the flashlight work at Maximum power level before it step down to lower level due to heat issues?
– Thank you very much!!

johnnykache1000 says:

Very nice job on the video. Thanks!

Eboni Tucker says:

Great review. FYI the background music drowned you out at times and was just annoying. Your narration is plenty entertaining, you don’t need the music.

gixxerboy555 says:

Another awesome flashlight-video …thnx scannerguy1968… ;)wish that my wife listened also that good to me… :/

SonBoogie says:

holy piss!

james palmer says:

Dude should get up with jessie ventura and compare DNA tests

tg gic says:

very nice review.. thank you sir, perhaps if you have an extra time? can you compare the beamshot and distance of tn42 and k70? i really love to see those two beast competing with each other 🙂


Damn nice light and review.

MannyScoot says:

I just received my Thrunite TN42vn and it’s amazing throwing 850k light…… and lumens are like almost double….. It can be driven harder !!!!!!!!!

MannyScoot says:

Got my Thrunite TN42vn today $260.00…… Holy Shit….. 957k Lux and 2,600 lumens ……….It is impressive but Huge head bigger than mine !!!!!…… For holster carry nothing beats The Acebeam K70……..

I also picked up a (2)18650 thrower The Acebeam T21vn $160.00….575k Lux…… What a son of a torch……. 1500 lumens and the throw is absolutely sick……1,553 meters the beam is very similar to the K70…….

欧阳彬彬 says:


Artorias Abysswalker says:

Lol best unboxing I’ve seen in awhile and I’m not even all the way thru the video yet.

markcorndog says:

Could you tell me the led colour temperature in kelvin , used in the TN42 please.
Awesome vids well done

George Romano says:

Can anyone tell me why smaller numbered Mah batteries a more expensive to buy than the larger numbered ones. Also can I use the Thrunite and Nitecore 4 slot battery chargers on any make 18650 torch battery, i.e  Panasonic.  Good stuff the TN42

james palmer says:

I would like to hide in the bushes with this light and blind folks driving at night

ihikearound says:

Love it!!!! The box that is….what is that….

mortuus says:

looks nice, also the manker mk35 is not far behind another crazy thrower for less then 200$..

randy carrasco says:

what its tha price the panasonics protected

Oz Camp n Hunt Dan says:

Awesome review, definately gettingone after seeing this !

Steve Wimmer says:

Nice review. I appreciate all the different camera angles, including the one where your wife shines the beam at you (us) from a distance… I think you daughter had the honor with the K70. Good stuff… I always wondered what it looked like to my neighbors when I light ’em up!

Derek Jacobs says:

Thanks for the review. My TN42 just arrived. No question it’s a beast.

FYI This case is going to work out perfect for holding the TN42 as well as a flooder.

quedecree says:

Lighting the living piss out of this tree!!! Funny AS. Good job.

Nicholas Moore says:

Very good vidio, shame about the music, would rather listen to you and the information

badboymarshall says:

what’s the song at 10:10

doubleu dee says:

what lux meter do you use ?

Xcel 4Traders says:

How does it compare to the t6vn?

Alfred Marshall says:

Thanks for always making great reviews!

Otis Cobblepot says:

What are the best 18650 batteries to use for this flashlight

005658able says:

I;m subbed. Great job on the vid. 005658able

john richard says:

Hi. I cant get this light with included batteries. What are the best batteries to use. Should i get protected, unprotected, flat or button top. Which ones for maximum brightness and throw. Thanks.

Franzers weiss says:

Hi, which luxmeter did you take those readings?

George says:

That was a remarkable review. Thanks. I think Thrunite owes you.

james palmer says:

1st thrunite i might accually buy

Kris Young says:

Great informative and entertaining video. Can you do a review of your box opener?

polarweis says:

Did you hear about the BLF GT? Dont know if you’re active on the budgetlightforum but you should look into it if you havnt yet.

Madcow Computer says:

Thrunite has TN42 1550m Farthest Throw & Olight has X7 Marauder 9000LM 3-XHP70 LED Flashlight now. So What do Nitecore flashlight have? Way too Lagging behind.

Please “Nitecore” upgrade your Tm16GT to have 4-XHP 70 with 1600+m Throw range as soon as possible… That what we all Wants.

BrownPridePower#1 says:

Can you do a video comparing the ace beam x80 vs the tn42,they say the ace beam x80 is more brighter because it’s 25000 lumens,would’ve like to see
and make a discussion on one of them to buy,if you can please.

CrepuscularTableaux says:

Best flashlight reviewer on YT! Subscribed! Even though you said “2000 meter flashlight” near the end:))

bearman000ify says:

That bastard looks like it could burn the clothes off of an intruder! Another awesome video!

Canadian Prepper says:

The chainsaw bit was hilarious, good job on the review!

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