Too Much Power! – ThruNite TN40 Rechargeable (LEO / SAR) Flashlight – Review

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Today Luke is returning to the world of flashlights with the ThruNite TN40! This is a LEO SAR flashlight and the review starts now.

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LED: 4xCREE XP-L HI LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
Runs on: ThruNite Li-ion battery pack (7.2V/6800mAh).
Working voltage: 5V-9V.
Charging current/voltage: 8.4V, 3.5A.
Output & Runtime (Tested with ThruNite 7.2V/6800mAh Li-ion battery pack and for CW. NW parameters is 10% off):
Strobe(1100 lumens /9hrs),
Turbo(4450 lumens/85mins),
High(1780 lumens /2.7hrs),
Medium(580 lumens /9.5hrs),
Low(90 lumens /2.5days),
Firefly (1.2 lumens /57days).
Peak beam intensity: 331200cd.
Max beam distance: 1151m.
Power interface: 1 * DC 5.5mm charging port.
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
Impact resistant: 1.0 meter.
Working Temperature: -40℃-40℃.
Dimensions: 173mm (length) x 100mm x 52mm.
Weight: 785g (including battery).
Accessories: Shoulder strap*1, Strap ring*1, AC/DC Adapter*1, Spare O-ring*2, Side switch Cap*1, Tail switch Cap*1, Anti-dust plug*1

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Dinner-fork tongue says:

I thought you weren’t reviewing Thrunite anymore, Luke? Did they change their terms to conform to TOGR’s moral standards? Well either way, I trust your stuff.

Yep, this is a nice light, and if your wallet feels too heavy, why not get it? lol. But yeah, otherwise, exceptionally small customer base for the model. I know this is in the “want but not need” category for me.

Now my man, here’s a suggestion on two brands you should take a look at when possible: Convoy and Acebeam. Best bang for the buck I’ve seen so far, even more so than Thrunite!

John Burdette says:

WOW, yes sir I like that light, well made, well worth it’s weight. Kind of pricey but ya pay for quality . man that thing throws a light beam !!! I like everything about it. great demo review Luke.

Tom Lang says:

my friend I thought you had come to the epiphany of flashlight reviews and especially thrunite brand. the single most over reviewed brand in all the YouTube history. your better than that and certainly more creative. stop while you can least you permanently cheapen yourself and diminish your channel into a me too sight.


Ed Cook says:

That thing is nuts. Light that thing off down town and people will be thinking the sun just came up. (That could be fun now that I think about it.)

Good review.


J Ram says:

It’s like the Truman show…..”que day”

Andyb2379 says:

Good lord it’s like well over £120 here. Might as well get basic night vision

Scott Hill says:

Remember the old days when you paid approximately $1 per lumen on a good flashlight? Man has the technology come a long way.

Forestwalker111 says:

Phenomenal review! Phenomenal flashlight. I love my thrunites. TN12 2016 and TC 10V2

Mostly humble 1 says:

“Nicely lubed”…  Beavis and Butthead really imprinted on me.  ;))  Maybe mo9unt that thing on a small drone, with camera, for aerial S&R.

Bradley Macaulay says:

my first ever first! great flashlight too.

Jay Wanders Out says:

I bet if the air was clearer it would’ve thrown even further. Those birds were freaking out.

Director Border Narcotics says:

We have some of these! Fantastic lights. Fantastic review my friend.

TheKaziCo says:

would it burn your pupils

MOwanderer says:

LOL, that is brighter than the spotlight on my patrol car.

Forestwalker111 says:

I cant get over how far that threw!
Great video Luke
Be well chum

Tom Miller says:

Thats a big buttplug 🙁

Jon Johnson says:

That’s an X-Files flashlight

Craig Pruett says:

at the head….bazzinga! lol

Patrick Bryan says:

I usually skip flashlight reviews but always watch yours cause you do the best and most honest reviews, thank you

The Green Men says:

cool new intro, though i cant desire if i like it more or less than the other one. that being said, this looks like a super powerful, rigid, flashlight. like a floodlight in the palm of your hand

Neil Archer says:

your intro was on point

Shannon Garner says:

I work for fire/rescue, this would be an awesome addition to my gear. Thanks for the review. Christmas is coming.

Tyler Buchholz says:

Wow!!! Looks like a poacher’s dream light. ..LOL. ; )

Tim Lopes says:

dam wish I could get one

Chaucer Faux says:

Heyo Luke, was wondering how long it was gonna be before you got your hands on thrunites powerhouse flood light, great great light little steep for me in price, but still an amazing light. Take care hope to still see great videos in the future.

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