Top 10 EDC Flashlights

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In this video we hang out with Marshall at Going Gear in Smyrna, GA to discuss the top everyday carry flashlights. Stay tuned, much more on the way.

Flashlights Shown Here:

Olight i3E
Foursevens Preon P1
MecArmy IllumineX-3
MecArmy SGN-3
Surefire Titan
Jetbeam Jet-µ/Jet-1
Klarus Mi7
Olight Baton Series, S1, S2, S1A, S2A
Nitecore EA11/EC11
Nitecore SRT Series
Jetbeam TCE-1


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J. Monty says:

RELIABILITY! In that category nitecore has let me down twice. Fenix has never let me down, still have my original LD20 and it still works great. Just to note I use my lights professionally daily, they are not bag queens. Nitecore should not even be in this review.

Roman Gubanov says:

Holy shit, those flashlights are so overpriced!


No Fenix pd35??? Really????

CJ Ferrell says:

No Fenix??? Come on man!!!

Carlos says:

What a douche, he’s standing next to a flashlight collector and he’s like like,” I can’t imagine someone would be like oh I’m a flashlight collector”. Marshal slap him or blind him with a flashlight please lol, not truly upset, not everyone is as open minded! At least he acknowledged (after) that people collect everything.

ReVersDC says:

no LedLenser ? thats pure BS


Less “Uh” “Uhm’s” and “hard-swallows”
Is that how you talk in real life?
So my review of this,
Hard-swallow, smack my lips&talking to fast right after is…
Uh, smacks lips, hard-swallows

Teymour Amirov says:

What does EDC mean?

Philosophy of Carry says:

Nothing from the Pro Tac series? Blasphemy.

Lalalunatic says:

I own the JetBeam Mk-1 its really tough and bright. The reason I chose it wasn’t mentioned though, it also takes a 14500 battery and with that battery it gets 480 lumens. For 20$ its a solid choice. Good video ty 🙂

krazykillerklown says:

Those flashlights are honestly waaay to expensive

SwitchTX says:

But what kind of watch is he wearing?!

Jones says:

There are tons of flashlight collectors. Check out candlepowerforums… Many of the guys there are very loyal GoingGear customers too.

cobraman502 says:

No Zebralight?

Anthony Romano says:

Ok now lets talk headlamps.

Alex Outdoors says:

Is your bday 8-8-88? Mine is!

Duane Cooper says:

Cool lights but what I want is a super bright, rear button switch, water proof, rechargeable, flash light that just turns on lights up in a good strong beam but still has good side coverage and goes off. I dont want to have to worry about the different modes . Just ON and OFF, If I could find that light price would not be an issue.


Steve Sanders says:

I always thought you did the 5 Things videos because grunts can’t count any higher. I’m proud of you for the top ten videos.

Smash Pass Studies says:

13:40 :/

jpmvidal says:

Checkout the Vizeri zoomable flashlight. Its light is smooth with no hotspot.

Chad Hurley says:

EDC ? What the fuck doe’s that mean ?

Zombie 8890 says:

I’ve been carrying a Bushnell Pro 50L pocket flashlight for 2 years now!! $22, and I’ve never had an issue with it!!! There are a lot of cool lights out there, but wayyyy to fancy for my taste!!!

Practical Guy says:

That’s a great collection of EDC flashlights. I still prefer AA or AAA flashlights over the new rechargeable ones for something I can pocket. Think about it, those rechargeable flashlights have a cheap charging system in them and many people complain of failure. I understand that businesses like them because its something new to sell to more people but its more expense for nothing and less reliable. I like having Eneloops and a better larger charger that does a better job. Eneloops are cheap compared to lithium rechargeable and I keep a few in my car charged and ready to swap in. My favorite EDC is the 2017 Fenix LD12. Its great and I can have the reliability of Eneloops and even alkaline in a pinch.

superchickin 1 says:

Ya man I like when they change it up a bit. keep it up guys.

shant57575 says:

the num 2 has been copied from fenix.

BAMA FAN says:

Elzetta Alpha,Bravo,& Charlie are the Best Built LIGHTS on the Market In my opinion.

jpmvidal says:

IMR’s are lithium ion batteries but its chemistry contains manganese.

O4 HEMI says:

S1A baton got my vote (and my money)

Mauser Man says:

Is that Tim from Military arms channel

paul Ontheball says:

25 bucks and no more is good for a good lite, aircraft aluminium too, too many lites way over priced, it’s just a aluminium tube with a led bulb.

Szakal Op says:

you are licked asa Marshall you dick

Charles Godewyn says:

Still waiting on Top 10 Tactical Flashlights…

RakanWD says:

Nitecore TIP?
It’s 360 lumens, and rechargeable.

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