Top 5 Pocket Flashlights of 2016

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William Kenimer says:

I’m kinda confused..I thought you were Realy stoked about the ea11??…maybe it should have been #5 instead of the eagtac.

Carravagio16 says:

Ben you are forgetting the best and least expensive AA EDC – The Thrunight T10!!!!! and bring back Kristen will ya!

Makin Shooties says:

elzetta lights I own 5 of them they are made superior to anything else I have encountered as far as durability is concerned.

Lucas Andersen says:

Thanks bro!

Boyd Hudson says:

Nice comparison video Ben. I carry the eagletac D25C Ti in pocket at work(at a major medical center). I have the D25 A Ti , as back up, in a maxpedition belt pouch with my cell phone, wallet, bullet space pen. I find I prefer the shorter format of the CR 123 battery for pocket carry. Outside of work, of late, I have been carring the olight S1 Baton Ti finish in a neutral white tint. You can twist the pocket clip dirrectly over or just next to the switch to act as a switch guard. I’ve found it to be very effective in stopping accidental in pocket activation! However, in defense of the twisty, I keep a thrunite Ti3 on my night stand so the click of a switch won’t wake up the wife. I also have a solarforce L2P next to the alarm clock for times where creating a disturbance is not a concern!

Mike S says:

Thanks for replying about my comments! Raise your hand if you think there’s way to many review on YouTube about knives and flashlights?!! :-). they al work quite well for about 20, haha. I wanna see more videos on other cool survival stuff

Chris Chamberlain says:

Can I ask if anyone knows of a Torch that isn’t above 100 lumens that gives a very tight beam? This is contrary to what most people are looking for, but I don’t need much power, I do need a very small spot of about 3inch diameter (without spill) at about 6-10feet. This is for Light Painting People where I need control not power. I already have a Ledlenser P5 and P7.2 and an Olight S10R; none of which are what I really need. I actually prefer my 20 year old Maglites at the moment. TY

Pedro Aires says:


As I work with some chemical products, what torch you suggest?

The most important details are:
– made in metal
– lens in glass
– no plastic parts.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

tom kehl says:

I liked this run ,,,nice to see 🙂

brizZzan says:

Sell all of those and buy the Olight S1R. I’m done buying edc flashlights. Expensive but the best edc on the Market, and I prefer magnetic butts.

Wheels gone Wild says:

nice flashlights all of them.

Erich Diehl says:

I liked your video on the Nitecore MH20GT better.

jacob manalang says:

i bash the archer 1a v3 every chance i get and praised the tn12 for years LOL. its the baby tn12! i didnt know it could run 14500’s until yesterday and that made it a lot better. DAMMIT i wish someone would make a deeper carry pocket clip for this light. without the 14500 i dont like the tint.

i really like the tint on nichia 219b’s so much. i really like that l11c. the pocket clip looks great! i need to give that another look actually and pick one up. 14500 thoughhhhh!

interestingly the pocket clip from the 1a v3 fits on the mi7 and will carry nice and low! i saw it on another channel man, try it out. it may win you over. i think im going to pick it up actually and get some more 14500’s. ive had good luck with the fenix 14500 button top.

im not the wildest about my s10r so i never got the s1a. i do like the magnetic tailcap but it annoys me in my pocket also. i had a few accidental activations with my s10r so i loosen the tailcap and have to double click after tightening it…carrying it like that is pretty annoying so it lives on the microwave or the fridge. ill grab it if i go in the yard or go under a car or something.

ohhhh the eagletac d25c ti with nichia 219b is my love. i love it so much i bought the d25a ti but the nichia 219 was sold out so i settled for the xpl. ive had a few accidental activations but not many and i always carry one or the other. favorite lights lately. the ti models do get hot very fast…cuz i leave them on turbo haha. i do step it down when it gets warm though. FAVORITE ui.

i. need. mode memory. id rather switch it myself. of course im a turbo first guy.

really glad you made this video. i was going through the single aaa kick when you were doing that series and i got my collection to my satisfaction. been on the single aa kick ever since. problem is i keep finding myself chasing brightness so instead of using all these eneloops i love so much im throwing 14500’s and 10440’s in everything and then they get hot so i need to step it down or pull out another light. the d25c is fine for that though!

ill be back to 18650’s when it gets cold out haha. i still grab an 18650 light when i know ill need long runtimes. my tn12 is in my fleece right now with 2 back up panasonic 18650s

d25c with the nichia 219 is GREAT. i think its my overall favorite.

Finn Blu says:

eagletac currently unavailable via link

Chad Bell says:

I thought the S1A Baton by O-Light used RCR123 batteries?

Robert Harvier says:

Picked up the Thrunite 1AV3 for Christmas and I have to say that I really like this flashlight. I should note it’s my first “modern” flashlight, my older light which is now in my pack was a 2xAA Maglite with an old fashioned bulb.

ChiefPrepper says:

I EDC the Thrunite T-10 (2016) with the xpl v6 led. Reverse click switch. 3 modes. moonlight, low and high. 250 lumens with cool white led. I’ve got the neutral white which is closer to 200 lumens. Single AA. Very deep carry pocket clip. Small and lightweight. Got mine for $23.95 on Amazon. Also has reversible pocket clip. Check it out. Take Care and Be Aware.

WhiteDean45 says:

thrunite t10

Chad Bell says:

I carry the S1 Mini Baton with the Titanium body by O-Light…Awesome EDC light to carry, takes up very little space.

Drew4078 says:

hey Ben, I have 2 of the Olight s30r baton flashlights. one won’t go above the .5 lumen setting after I dropped it. I love this light. I just bought 2 of the olight strikers for Christmas presents. what is a good 1100 lumen or better EDC flashlight that is the same size as the S30r or smaller? thanks as always for your help.

Stassa23 says:

Great vid I think now I just need to choose which I like the most

Snapper314 says:

I EDC an Eagletac D25A Clicky along with a OLight S1A Baton.  Both have worked well for me.  I prefer the Tail Switch on the D25A Clicky over all side switches & it’s never accidentally turned on in my pocket.  If the OLight S1A Baton had a Tail Switch, it would be the Perfect EDC Light IMHO.

tom hardy says:

M20 warrior, yours no match for it.

Bearwin M says:

Is the Klarus Mi7 compatible with the Nitecore IMR14500 Rechargeable Battery or the Nitecore NL147 14500 Li-Ion battery?

Stefan Vendel says:

smallest AA/14500 flashlight I knew is the Jetbeam JET – I MK
good and very affordable EDC flashlight
runs with AA 150 lumens or 14500 480 lumens with heat protection
got current dim no flicker from pwm, AR coated front glas

with new account and newsletter points on gerarbest I got for 10.96€ price

robert says:

hey, i appreciate ur vid. I have L3 Illumination L10. Twist on/switch modes/off. It is small in size (1x AA), worked great before it broke (2 months old). Emailed the company for warranty repair, no response!

Now I am going back to Fenix flashlights, they are build tough… I still have one over 10 yrs and works fine.

Alex L says:

The Manker E-11 is my new favorite light.
Claims to put out 400 lumens with a sanyo eneloop pro. 800 with a good 14500.
Its a really bright solid light at only $30.
The light hasnt left my pocket since i received it.
Great review, awesome lights.

morgan roberts sr says:

Prefer Klarus myself

mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine says:

EDC = every day carry

codemiesterbeats says:

I have a protac2aa (streamlight) I really like it… I work in the automotive field and it has been nice and rugged… I have dropped it from about 12 feet onto steel and it still works… I been wanting to try an Olight.

For me the pocket clip is an absolute necessity for daily use. I found a good light for CHEAP at walmart if you need a small bright flashlight for general purpose. Has a neat ring to hold in your mouth lol (had that idea a while back, looks like they beat me to it)
it is single mode but its bright as frig and its only 15 bucks lol I was thoroughly impressed with it… I also got the hyper tough brand head-light and it is very bright and has 4 modes.


sevenrayz says:

It’s by no means a small flashlight but I’m still rockin’ the Klarus XT11S. Clipped in my pocket whenever I leave the house! Nice lineup and vid!

Jesse Haan says:

Maybe the Fenix RC05 would be a great option too

Harold Higgins says:

I also like the EAGTEC 19B. Thank you for your presentation. Great job, Harold

Len Zielenski says:

Looking at the Nichia on the white wall, they are yellow as hell, NOT neutral. “Daylight”, depending on who you talk to, is either 5000K or 5500K. THAT is Neutral. 30yrs as a professional photographer and 15 years as a color print specialist gives me more than a little insight on the matter. The problem is, these reviews are almost invariably done by men…and most men are at least a little color blind. Consequently what YOU see as “neutral” is probably just compensating for your eyes. Want to really know what light looks neutral, ask your wife or girlfriend. Only 1% or so of women show any degree of color blindness. Don’t believe me, look it up!

O4 HEMI says:

great video!

angryagain68 says:

Have you used the LA Police Gear LP1, or LP2 pocket flashlights?  Would love to see you review either, or both of those.

live4wild says:

Great EDC lights I use Flashlights everyday for work. Nebo edge 200 has worked well for me at work. I have been playing with the Thrunite lights and working well

Showemright YTchannel says:

Any of these AA battery lights stand up to AR Rifle recoil?

killerbeenl says:

Is that a Archer 1A V3 in your pocket? Or are you just exited?

Jon Williams says:

I have a Monster Pro Tango T. and a Fenix PD32 UE. I never see anything on these sights about either one. Did they fall out of favor or were they just not very good? I’d appreciate a real answer(advice). Thanks.

Mr. Tbag says:

So I’m torn, I’m debating between the S1A and the S1R Turbo… Which do you think is better in terms of the lumens, battery options, and run times?

Tom Bevan says:

I have the Ti version of the Eagtac – it’s a pretty fantastic EDC.

Sn95mustang says:

Which is the smaller of the two lights klarus or olight?

Survival Gear says:

Nice video.

You should try Silkhunt DS-16 (my current favourite single 14500/AA size flashlight), it can use both 14500 and AA (Alc or Ni-MH), with max lumen of 500. It have low battery indicator and is IPX8. It looks something like Olight S1A, but with cooling fins, which I believe will be far cooler to handle for prolong use. It has a removable magnet below. I bought it from fast tech for around US$32.

I recommend that you give it a try. But, if you don’t want to risk spending your money or time on it as you may not like it, you can see a reviews of it first. Which I had done a review of it, on my channel some times back or you can see the review of it on other people’s channel.

Ryan Frazier says:

I like your hair!

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