Wait, It has a Dial? No Buttons? – Nitecore EC22 Flashlight – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Nitecore EC22 Flashlight! This is certainly….different and it has a DIAL!

Link NiteCore : http://www.nitecorestore.com/NITECORE-EC22-infinite-brightness-flashlight-p/fl-nite-ec22.htm

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Don shrimper says:

thats allright,i hate clickin through modes,thanks lukie boy

Adam Newman says:

I’ll stick with my Thrunite tn12 2016 edition

Boodz Outdoors says:

What about accidental ons? can you lock it off?

Karl Kaiser says:

I have had the nitecore sense for 5 years love it.

Barlo Tardy says:

Hey, you know what else runs on those kinds of batteries? NOTHING, besides other a-hole flashlights! If I can’t run it off of commonly available battery sizes, or at least raid the TV remote to power my light, it’s useless to me.

Way Griz says:

Now that’s a bright idea lol


I have uncommon sense.

gordon Rowland says:

Good review

Apoc Survival says:

I have been using these flashlights for years now and I have found that they are good quality, and yes the warning label on the front is because people will actually burn them self and then try and sue the company. I have approximately 8 of their flashlights (Nitecore). I have never really had a problem with any of them and I have even sold some of them to friends of mine, the batteries work excellent also. You should check out their headlamps to they are incredible. Take care my friend.

Bryan Gatermann says:

No blinky modes, fantastic !

mrfixit011 says:

Please try some decaf good vid thanks for the info..

Jonah Yue says:

I’ll stick with olight

Bobo says:

Really like this. Wonder if i can get in the UK…

Randy Herr says:

What about accidentally turn on in your pants with that dial while hiking?

Edward Michael says:

Strobe selection is good to confuses enemy so. You can esacspe/attack. But other then that yea useless

Trib Ulation says:

I bought this a while ago and it arrived cockeyed like yours lol I’ve learned to live with it but I know your pain. The HOT symbol is for special people who might sue because they burn themselves 😛 I get it but there be retards among us Luke. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01M2C5NXM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Hot label is for lawsuit protection, they were warned

Steven Hansen says:

Just wondering if there are rechargeable batteries that perform well in this lite? Luke spot on about the looks!

Michael Steele says:

You seem like an honest human being. Thank You.

Jay Taylor24 says:

I’m an olight kind of guy, but this is a nice light.

hkjuhu campbell says:

It is required because some people don’t have common sense.

Kevin Piggott says:

Is the off centre flat pieces made to suit for biking

Peter Pavlovic says:

Opening graphic says “Dail” instead of “Dial” – just thought you should know…

Moonwolf71 says:

Cool light

Derek R Watson says:

I hate all those modes they put on even cheap flashlights nowadays. That dial seems like a great idea.

Ed Cook says:

Great Video,

For me my dream Flashlight is a recreation of the old Military Angle Head but with a Cree LED and a three position switch. High Low and Off. (“D” Cells of course.)

Forget all of the fancy add ons. Just give me an Angle Head I can attach to my Kit. One that I can hang inside my Tent and one that I can control with my Thumb easily when it’s cold.

Ahh well we can dream right?


David David says:

Daily? Just busting your chops since you’re typically right on. This is the second time I noticed a slip up. Love the channel

M MMM says:

I don’t think I’d like this dial. I like instant on/off capabilities and have to think, with heavy/winter gloves on, the dial would be a real pain in the ass to turn. I got my Olight S2r baton for roughly $50 (1000 lumens) and think it blows this thing out of the water.

Brian Johnson says:


Billy Blaze says:

I agree with you bro


the flat bit on the case is for mounting on a rail on a gun luke and the switch is ofset

M MMM says:

“Dail” it in!! D’oh!!

Bob Joncas says:

..a nice lite that won’t break the bank..warnings can avoid frivolous law suits..lol

John Barone says:

Luke good video as always, the only issue I have with that flashlight if you have gloves on that dial might be a pain in the neck to move. I have the LED Lenser p7, I use it on tour all over the world it’s indestructible and it’s simple on off ,intensity focus, german-made you can’t beat it and it only uses 4 AAA batteries

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

‘I thought about putting a plastic bag over my head…until I saw the warning label!’

I think they call that natural selection.
Strength and Honor!
– Luke

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