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An introduction to my flashlight reviews and video overviews. For more information, please see: http://www.flashlightreviews.ca


tinyphantazma says:

Me too. slefbuilt is my “go to guy” when it comes to flashlights. Really informative videos and reviews.

PhotonsAcrossTheAir says:

Very nice 🙂 iv been subed to your channel for a long time and love ever minute of it thanks :)))

47trea says:

Great introduction video, I have always appreciated your reviews and have bought a number of great lights because of them. Keep it up!

LakeWater says:

Your videos and reviews are top notch!!!

toysandme says:

Great stuff man! Love your reviews!

cpfselfbuilt says:

Thanks, I didn’t expect this video to get so much attention. YouTube has just revamped the “channel” feature, so I thought I’d make an explanatory video for that page. Glad you are all enjoying the vids and full reviews. Cheers!

Yuri Thorpe says:

is your website gone?

cpfselfbuilt says:

You have a good eye, that is indeed a newer RRT-01. I just picked it up because I was curious as to how it would compare to my V11R. I’m a bit swamped with manufacturer-requested reviews right now, but hope to do at least a “mini-review” of the RRT-01 soon. At a minimum, I’ll do a video with comparisons to the V11R.

cpfselfbuilt says:

Aside from contacting Dereelight, perhaps one of the custom modders on CPF?

NomoreMrKnifeguy says:

Great channel brother! I subbed!

sqwerty123456789 says:

there’s the smilodon, great light

virtuovice says:

You are amazing! I always look up your candlepowerforum reviews as well as your YouTube videos before every single my purchase. You have helped me immensely and I want to say thank you very much!

cpfselfbuilt says:

Yes, it is a nice light – Sunwayman did a good job on that model.

lee33htzdiscotech says:

Thank You!  An Excellent Channel & Web Site.

cpfselfbuilt says:

Glad you are all enjoying the reviews. Thanks for the support! 🙂

gOttiFpv says:

You do great reviews I enjoy watching them, thank you.

avalon449 says:

Do you buy the lights or do manufacturers lend you lights to review!

ToyKeeper says:

That’s a JETBeam RRT01 up front, no? Looks like a recent model too. Any chance of that getting reviewed? 🙂 Lots of people seem torn between the RRT01, V11R, and EYE10… would be nice to see comparable reviews for each, or at least the first two.

Personally, I went with the RRT01 because I wanted really low lows and a twist-only UI. Recent models seem to have older issues fixed, like the ringy beam and too-long clip.

maXim0200 says:

Turn them all on at once!! =D

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