Why I HATE these Reviews and Choosing an EDC Flashlight

The History of flashlights (Educational)

Using Light as a Weapon (Educational)

Photon Cannon (Review)

Brightest Flashlights in the World 2017: 32,000 Lumens

The Truth about Flashlights BUYER BEWARE: (Educational)

Best EDC Flashlight of 2017 (Review)

Tactical Flashlights 101 (Educational)

Magnetic Mount for Flashlights

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Pen Light I3T: https://amzn.to/2pHp4PE
THE BEST EDC FLASHLIGHT S2R Baton 2: https://amzn.to/2ykBpxc
Olight Marauder (25000) lumens: https://amzn.to/2pGFAiE
Thrunite Mini Thrower: https://amzn.to/2zWATaA

Armytek Flashlights at for both canadian and USA customers

Olight Keychain light: https://amzn.to/2pCbIUS
Olight Pen light: https://amzn.to/2pEjv4r
Olight S2R Baton 2 (BEST EDC):https://amzn.to/2ykmeUB
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Yardbirds says:

There’s an old saying – “In the land of the blind, the man with the 15 lumen flashlight is king.” You may not enjoy making a lot of these gear reviews, but almost all are pretty important….Get caught out in the mountains, because you’ve “lost” or forgotten your flashlight on a moonless overcast night and you’ll have a new found respect for the blind, because it can get so dark you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face….ya that little keychain flashlight might just save your ass.

Reviews4Fun says:

Fenix makes some of my favorites. I also like Olight, with a tiny powerful i3e eos keychain light helping me out often.

Stan Faryna says:

Based on your review and recommendation, I bought Olight HR2s at your Amazon link and they rock. I have since bought more HR2s as gifts. I also picked up a pair of R50s for my mother. She gets power outs from time to time and likes how they turn pn automatically when the power goes out.

I won’t put up with Olight’s broken flash sales/website.

Richard Hack says:

Why I hate flashlight reviews – you can buy reasonable flashlights for $10-30, not counting the $4 el cheapos. First review on Amazon of this SIXTY-FIVE DOLLAR Olight he considers the “best”:
S1Rii Pros:
Stronger Tail Cap Magnet (yes it still has a magnet even though the tail cap is smaller)
1000 lumen Turbo capability (even though very momentary and get’s hot quickly)
More throw with a tighter hot spot and seemingly clearer center
Better beam color (rated at same Kelvin, it it appears clearer and warmer)
Subjectively better looking, and more aggressive knurling
Can be used with Magnetic Charging Dock
Smaller tighter .5 lumen firefly mode (more stealthy)
Much better battery level indicator on switch (but you need it with the lower run times)

S1Rii Cons
No 300 Lumen access through the switch (only way to access it is to over heat the light)
High is actually like a turbo, because it downgrades after 1.5 mintues
600 & 900 Lumens get hot, very hot and quickly
60 lumens is the highest practical output setting for sustained use (makes the 1000 turbo meaningless in practical use)
Battery is proprietary
Battery cannot be charged in a conventional charger
Battery is fairly low mAh
Run times are dismally slower than the Mini even at 60 lumens, rated at almost 1/2
Bigger and heavier than the Mini
The new mag charger indicator light is on the bottom of the magnetic piece. You must lay the battery on it’s side to see when it is finished charging. (the turbo S has an indicator on the side that allows you to stand the light or in pretty much any position or angle see it’s status)

So why the hell would anyone buy that flashlight, Canadian Prepper? The other three reviews were positive but less informative, and there were only four reviews total. Battery is proprietary is absolutely a deal-killer for me, at the very least.
Flashlights are not rocket science. NO ONE except a first-responder/search-and-rescue team needs the sort of multi-thousand lumen flashlights you’re talking about. How many times in a SHTF situation are you going to want to light up a football field and give away your position at the same time? Seriously?

ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67 says:

So you hate them, but your gonna do a review?

bob o says:

We just had a long term power outage and .. along with my headlamp .. i have several which I couldn’t live without .. along with those I find myself reaching for my favorite small flashlight .. had the same one for years and years and it’s always there and perfect in every way .. strong, balanced, bright, perfect .. easy to replace the AAA’s .. and can carry it in any pocket .. the Rayovac DIY3AAA-B .. the end mounted switch works .. and so does the medium to bright two click setting. I just bought two more of these. Thanks.

Rikkity Rakk says:

The Sewage is Hitting The Fan right now in Florida.

Thoughts and Prayers (yes, I just said that) for those in the path of Hurricane Michael.

mixflip says:

I’m a flashlight junkie. I review alot of lights….surefire streamlight olight thrunite and others. I only say yes to the lights I 99% like already on paper. The thing I hate doing is posting a review the same time as everyone else. I’ll take my time and test them on duty as a cop first for a month. I also have to mention the cons and not just the pros. In some cases I flat out decline to do reviews because I have a certain standard. I want my viewers to buy the best bang for the buck. Keep up the good work bro.

Rudy O says:

It’s just what flashlight works best for you need’s.
I’m not shining dear.
Probably just attempting to do a task.
Or a fast perimeter check.
If I were serious, I’d be using night vision.

J Hill says:

Isn’t that the definition of a flashlight: a container for dead batteries?

Billy Prendergast says:

Had to be ten million candle power.

Monty Bigbore says:

Review the looked over ability in A Fight lite . Optical Warfare for blinding opponents. No one has talked lately the best reason for a power light of over 1000 lumens would be blinding

blazerdude89 says:

Surefire tactition

Jonesy View says:

For a moment at the start of this video I thought you said Fleshlight haha oops

Monty Bigbore says:

The Best light is not just the power but basics throw and the ability to go to low to a decent power. I use a nitecore Smilidon for 8 years now as a primary it fits all needs. I have a Tm 03 that I would use as a tactical LIGHT. But it has the use as a blinding light more than anything . OPTICAL WEAPONS ARE NOT CONSIDERED BUT THATS FOR WARFARE ELEMENTS.

Michael Cox says:

I’m someone special. Feel free to send me a flashlight.
I’m afraid of the dark also…

If that helps…

I’m just sayin…

Jeff DeNeui says:

I’m interested in your opinion of surefire. I am very happy with surefire. I’ve compared many different flashlights. And, for me, at any given lumen rating and in the conditions I use flashlights, surefire always beats the competition. Also, the reliability/quality is very high.

Thoros Thor says:

*Hates Flashlight Reviews*
*Makes a Flashlight Review*
Says u shouldnt collect Flashlights
Has his own Flashlight Collection

Mr Baz Reviews says:

You are right the reviews take ages to do (properly that is), but sometimes they can get decent views depends on the torch some generate a lot of interest others less so.

Latch TheF0x says:

I could really use a new flashlight

Bogeyman 1776 says:

“Collecting” or what I like to call hording is being a slave to materialism and is probably mental illness. Also any serious flashlight review needs a way to measure lumen output.

vtxrudy says:

nobody needs a flashlight that cost more than $20

T G says:


Does anyone know what’s gonna happen with groups like NAMBLA in an SHTF scenario?

I’ve never heard anyone bring groups like them up even with all of the human trafficking cases taking place in the West and all those pedos being caught too.

Pedophile scum and sadists don’t really get addressed as opposed to your typical marauding gangs.

In recent events, uncovering animal abuse by furries has brought with it to the forefront, chat logs gloating about the enslavement, rape, and torture of children, which are often discussed (sometimes sharing photos and videos of both animal and child pornography) by groups within and outside of the furry fandom.

Kero the Wolf —- the youtuber that rekindled the hatred of furries. I’d suggest parents and animal lovers look up that name on youtube (NO DISGUSTING IMAGES NOR VIDEOS WILL APPEAR). You’ll just be disturbed by what you hear being talked about via chat logs.

What will happen with roving pedos and sadists on the loose in SHTF?

Dave Underwood says:

I have a lot of flashlights, but the only one I actually use is my USB rechargeable head light. Buying batteries is for suckers.

Drifus66 says:

For the dirty contacts, you can use vinegar and baking soda with a toothbrush to clean them.

Charles Adamski_1 says:

Much brighter than they used to be but with 4 spare rechargeable batteries it will run all night and I can recharge them all in 2 hours.

Norman Bates says:

Shine a light on the adult acne, bro!

kuribo1 says:

I wonder if canadian prepper owns any flashlights?

Chris Calabrese says:

So when do I get my flashlight old buddy old pal?

Dutch Courage says:

I just want to have the a very simple, Single AA, flashlight for on my keychain… i can not understand why MagLite just doesn’t make a solitair+ , as that is all i need, somewhere around the 100 lumen, preferably with a twist power regulator (like flashlights used to be) … i have a Old Solitair (not even got the led upgrade on it), but the AAA battery need for them are just annoying.

Charles Adamski_1 says:

No need to reply.
I took another chance on maglite today.
I’ll find a tube to keep it in.

Joey Goguen says:

You guys should checkout the streamlight sidewinder 2 just for the fact it can use lithium cr 123 batteries or a akaline double a or triple a

KQX571 says:

I have NEVER watched a flashlight review and never will. 200-300 lumens is all I need, brand names mean jackshit to me.

Adam Wilson says:

Why can’t I get a hold of this company. I placed an order and would like to check stat.

cool beans says:

I like to collect books, but thats about it….and ammo 🙂

Ian Maw says:

Small correction: That is an S1R, not a S2R. The S2R takes the 18650 cell. I like your channel. You sound discouraged but I like your channel, for what that’s worth. Thanks.

Charles Adamski_1 says:

Haha. And I still didn’t find what I’m looking for.
Maybe you have something.
I’m planning on moving to a 3rd world country.
No streetlights but I’ll be out for a long time.
Searching for a light, not so bright.
Enough to see where I’m going and check out that strange noise and runs long on a single aaa battery that I can recharge very quickly with solar.
Sounds like a maglight right.
There’s a problem.
I’ve bought 10 maglights and attached them to my pouch.
Perfect for a day.
Every single time I reach for it the flashlight is gone and I have a 1/2 inch endcap left.
The rest unscrewed itself and lives in the bushes somewhere.
I’d really like a tiny maglight that isn’t crap design.
Do you have anything like that?

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