Wowtac A4 Flashlight Review, ($40) 2000LM Thrower

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Mr257weatherby says:

I agree with the battery issue. There is room for improvement there. Adding a magnet is the option I found that works best. Unprotected batteries are abundant and protected re -wraps like Thrunite and Wowtac’s are extremely expensive. They run $10 to $15 a piece, and you need 2 for this light. A good unprotected cell is $5 or $6 a piece. Great light and great review. Keep up the great work.

Jeff Porto says:

Not a bad light. I was so excited to see a new flashlight video. Hope the weather stays good for you. (We only got some rain in CT.) From the hurricane. Thanks enjoyed the video.

WideGauge says:

lol @ box text – “TECHNICALLY supported by Thrunite…”
Ok, go on … I feel a “but” coming.
” … buuuut, you’d never know it ” ?
” … buuuut, it’s merely a formality” ?
” … buuuut, they don’t bring much to the table” ?
” … buuuut, in reality we’re self-sufficient” ?

William Gahres says:

Yeah, I thought they added the break barrel air guns to archery season like black powder but was told they didn’t but seen hunters doing it, so you really have to search it out. In PA.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

Nice bro

True Blade says:

Thanks for answering a question I’ve had for a while now (can I use 18650 batteries from other companies in my Wowtac flashlights (A1s).
Also for some reason I seem to lean to gear like the Wowtac flashlights that most gear reviewers are biased against, my EDC multitool for at least a year is the Leatherman Wingman which works well for me.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

An incident happened with my mother the other when she was out in the street alone. A shady guy start looking at her and going up and down the street with his bicycle. Then he goes up the street and start riding in circle always looking at her and then he stops still looking at her. After he verifies she is alone he start coming her way very fast and when he does that my mother start honking with car as loud as she can and the guy turns around and go away. My point is criminals dont like noise or light over them. If you shine this much light over a trespasser I guarantee you he goes away as fast as his criminal ass can.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

My review of the WowTac A4. This is WowTac’s first long throw flashlight, it gives you 2000LM and 750M, for around $40. This is temporarily sold out from Amazon, but check out the other links and continue checking back for it. :]

Nick Daigle says:

If your batteries dont fit, you could stretch the spring on the end cap a little so it makes contact and holds the batteries firm enough..

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