WOWTAC A4 Flashlight Review In Underground Mine

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RetroGamerVX says:

Hmm, looks too bulky for my mine explores, no chance for caves. Price looks good though, although i would wonder about it’s longevity in a wet environment.

nerdywolfi says:

That’s quite a nice light, although not having the option to “zoom out” kinda sorta sucks.
One thing I’d recommend is running those flashlights that take more than one 18650 just with protected cells. That way you don’t accidentally damage one of the 18650 by over discharging it.
A couple of months ago I got myself some China flashlights that use 18650 cells simply to make use of a bunch of 18650 cells I salvaged from old laptop battery packs – they work quite well (brand name was “SkyWolfEye” or something similar, but to others I recommend to run them with protected 18650 cells only cause one shorted out on me while charging using the built in USB powered charger).

Bob Renner says:

Excellent light for spot useage but for my use, I also need a flood light to catch the details.

MrPlytiger says:

flashlights that use those 18650s in series like that kill the batteries very quickly because both cells wont drain equally and one will get reverse charged damaging it. Make sure to use 18650s with built in protection and low voltage cut off circuitry to prevent reverse charging.

Corinna T Roberts76 says:

I would have to say the flashlight would be pretty close up there with a police flashlight!
Probably smaller & lighter as I own a ex police flashlight, it’s great but very heavy & big…..I would consider the wowtac if I was to replace mine. Great review by the way, shango. 😉

keepers0215 says:

It’s a free flashlight… anyone that says they wouldn’t do the same for free stuff is full of shit.

KuyaBill Romjue says:

Impressive Flashlight.

RockeyDAproductions says:

you almost sold me on it untill you showed it had no flood mode, i was looking to replace my coast 1300 lumen, but i almost only use flood mode.

CDN12Guns says:

This company is an offshoot of Thrunite who has an outstanding reputation for budget friendly lights. I have two models the A1 500lm and A1S 1000lm with crenullated(?) crown. They have a similar mode button but use a single 18650 with a compact head small enough to pocket. They both came with the battery chargable via micro-USB port directly on the side of the battery inc charge indicator LED built into the top of the battery. They’ve both been flawless so far but truthfully don’t see hard use or abuse. They were like $25 and $30 respectively but it’s worth the extra $5 for the enhanced power and crown on the A1S. Definitely recommend these flashlights the A1S if you want a smaller single 18650 pocket light and they make great gifts for flashlight newbies since it comes with the battery and USB charging cable.

John Lawrence says:

My current lights (all the same brand) I got at a yard sale for a dollar each (so, three dollars). They work okay around the house but I’d like to get a good one for field use. This one looks like a nice light!

Interesting audio at the end!

Zac McIntosh says:

SHANGO066 I love all your programs. I also had a career in mining and worked on electronics on the side.

Great stuff keep it up 🙂

The Disabled Gamer says:

Great flashlight retarded ass name, WOWTAC, who thought that was a good name, a 5 yr old, it’s ridiculous.

Denis O'brien says:

Louis rossman did a good video on shill credibility. I doubt Mr Shango will go down the wrong path , but it’s a sketchy path to tread!

jeffscomp says:

Somebody’s mad cause they got thrown off the internet

8HumblePie says:

Gotta Give it a like for the infowar outro LOL!


Great video bud very nice

Rob K says:

I don’t mind this. Going on these excursions isn’t free.

The irritating plugs are the ones interwoven unnaturally in the context of a video. If Shango had an ad for Fry’s Electronics in the middle of a repair video, that’s one thing. But he clearly stated at the beginning that he got the flashlight for promotional consideration.

RetroGamerVX says:

Hmm, how long does it last in turbo, could be good for videoing?

Ben Lee says:

Outro sounded like the dulcet tones of one Trevor Phillips lol

Gregory Littleton says:

Where do you order this light

alan j Hornung says:

Great Review   Dump the junk flashlights go with WOWTAC A2s Headlamp NW !

Steven Birch says:

I’m puzzled by the cabaret performance right towards the end…

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