Z Review – $60 Flashlight Showdown [To Lighten things Up…]

Klarus AR10 — [http://amzn.to/2z12o0I]
SPEC:: 1,080LM – 220 Hours @ 150LM

Anker LC130 — [http://amzn.to/2iM92Uw]
SPEC:: 1,300LM – 6 Hours @ Low

NiteCore EA45S — [http://amzn.to/2gOsWKa]
SPEC:: 1,000LM – 416 Hours @ 1 LM

Light Demo Starts at 30:30

Maratec AAA : https://countycomm.com/collections/aaa-flashlights
Maratec AA Right Angle : https://countycomm.com/collections/view-all-light-products/products/tactical-personal-flood-aa-light-by-maratac

Eneloop Batteries [http://amzn.to/2hmTq9H]

AAA Review On original Channel : https://youtu.be/o4iySi005eI
AAA On Z Reviews Channel : https://youtu.be/pm_f4wfjp8M
Dredd Light Video : https://youtu.be/gC8nPNMTuWk

Wallpaper : https://i.imgur.com/gNVnfq7.png

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Dick Stroke says:

I read the title as fleshlight ffs what is wrong with me

Arlis Nutter says:

Ok, Audio question. do you believe there is an audible difference between 24 bit and 16 bit audio? (24/96 vs. 16/44.1) or do you think its placebo effect? Maybe future video? I know in an earlier video you talked about FLAC vs MP3 but that is different.

P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M. says:

Why did I watch a video about flashlights?

Enjoi says:

Flashlights are dope. I’d love to see more showdowns in the future

Jason Hall says:

That ankor uses a 26650 so if you want more goto a vape shop and grab a 6000 mah 26650 for ~12 dollars

Jordan S says:

The Anker is the thiccest and the biggest and the manliest.

TMRaven says:

Where’s the Zebralights.

Raging Zoo says:

You should check out the O-light s2 baton. Compact 950 lumens for $50. My favorite edc light.

Kanchous Corner says:

I would clip the Klarus to the side of my belt, so the button is still reachable and also the flashlight wouldn’t get in the way of my legs in case of a serious emergency like squatting down due to the lack of physical strength. Walking is hard. Alternatively, one could get one of those fancy metal hip implants grandma is talking so much about and just use the magnet. Nice review.

treybeantown Trey Davis says:

Wow slow day huh lol

Denis Naumov says:

I do lighting work and at night and I need to see what fixtures are working or not from a good distance so I like the zoom lights as they give me the wide wash light you like and then lets me see things from far away as well. So with that said you should check out the Anker LC90 smaller 18650 battery but still rechargeable and gives you that zoom feature.

Chris Jeong says:

its lit

SkyRumbler says:

Do I spy an earthquake passive radiator port mount in the corner on top of one of your ohms?

Lil Saf says:

Review the Mackie Onyx audio interface please!!?

Lone Star says:

when is Fiio X7ii and Mrspeakers Aeon review coming !

TheStaniG says:

Aside from watching these videos for my 1st ever audiophile headset (Monoprice M1060, its brilliant ty), I just watch them for the sound of Zeos’ voice, no homo…. kappa 😉

Bryan says:

I fuckin remember your tiny ass flashlight review

geoff650r says:

Zeos, you might be able to find an orange peel reflector for those lights to give you more of a flood beam pattern.

Mwknox186 says:

I can’t wait till the sound demo

AbrahamsYTC says:

I have all three of the Anker flashlights and I like the medium lc 90 the best. Because you’re able to zoom it to be either a flood or throw flashlight. When focused to throw it’s pretty close to the brightness and throw of the lc130. Really like the rechargeable feature too.

Sidney Michelle says:

So, which one sounds better? Which one has a photon wave guide? Can I see God?

Pancake Lust says:

You have a “go to” flashlight ? alright, cool i guess…

dam4rusxp says:

No Fenix? No Ledlenser? Sad!

davidbenning10 says:

Awesome video and cool flashlight you built. Off topic, do you prefer Micca Origen + or O2/Odac combo from Massdrop?

Zippy 0 says:

I need a flashlight like twice a year…..
How can anyone have something like that as some sort of hobby? 😀

Half Exp says:

“It’s just the sun everybody” lmfao

Piotr Sulej says:

But hows the switch sound quality?

Alex Disibio says:

I’m very surprised that there isn’t a bunch of comments about those LS50s…

Lancelot Price says:

Z, you know a lot about headphones and speakers; you have a lot yet to learn about flashlights. You want a floody light, you buy a floody light, you don’t have to spend lots of time or money building one unless building your own gives you more pleasure.

Joe G says:

flashlights really. bye z

Arashdeep Singh says:

Which one is better hd599 or msr7?

Musclecar289 says:

I want a flashlight for emergencies that I don’t have to worry about charging. Not a magic flashlight, but one that once charged has super long shelf life. Like months or years. I could live with charging it like once a year. Does anything like that exist?

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