ZanFlare F1 Flashlight Review

Official simple Little Life Video of: ZanFlare F1 Flashlight Review. Here’s a look at a great little flashlight you may not have heard of. This light as some nice features (without having too many, is we’ll made and reasonably priced.

Full Disclosure: I received this light from ZanFlare to test, however I choose to do this review on it because it’s a good quality light and I feel it’s worth sharing.

Buy the light here:

Enter coupon code simple for $5.00 off your purchase.

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Life in Farmland says:

Good for you. It makes me respect and trust your opinion so much more then selecting just any old item which I see with so many channels. I love learning about good quality products. Products that you would spend your own money on. Thank you for sharing. Think the batteries would hold up in the cold if it was left in your truck for long periods of time?

Mirock's Woodshop says:

there is snowy now)

wagstaff613 says:

Nice review — very good looking light. Forgive me if I missed it in comments, or if indeed it’s clear in the video to everyone but me, but just wanted to clarify: a single 18650 battery can recharge in the light, but if you’re using rechargeable CR123s (i.e., RCR123s), those cannot be recharged within the light. Also, per below question on “cold”, I don’t have experience with this but the conventional wisdom is that primary (non-rechargeable) CR123 batteries do really well in cold temperatures.

Just ordered this light today!

TannerBoBanner says:

Another great video!

Aaron Gill says:

Hi hope u doing OK nice little video love the range ur doing easy to watch great person any chance u got the email l sent please

Dennis LeBlanc says:

This light must be special! I think I may look into myself. Thanks for the product review. Keep up the top-notch videos! Cheers!

Philip Prigmore says:

Cool light. Might have to get one. (Although I have about 15 or 20 flashlights in various sizes already. But like you, I like having them all over the place where I can get one when needed.)

adhair says:

Just ordered one; 30 EUR shipped is a steal. Whether it becomes my new EDC light or not depends on the color temperature, though. It looks a bit blue, and unless I missed it, you left that out of an otherwise excellent review.

Shelley Raskin says:

Where is it made?

Brian Binns says:

Nice flashlight. Just one point that you might want to let your viewers know is that it does not ship with a battery. You have to purchase it separately. Congratulations on the speed of getting new viewers.

hey thats pretty good says:

over here in Toronto there is no more snow anymore that sucks eh

ankur anand says:


Tina Chen says:

You can also buy this flashlight from US , UK, DE, FR, ES, IT Amazon.

Hiker Marapese says:

More flashlight vids please!

barry o'keeffe says:

great review and man cave!!!

Nolan Walker says:

random question but does it turn on in whatever mode you left it in or does it reset? seems like a great light for the money I was expecting you to drop a price like 80 or 90. Cheers

Andrew Goldstein says:

Nice flashlight. Thanks for the review.

hey thats pretty good says:

cool video btw Ur so close to 50k subs!!

Jerry W Davis says:

coupon code “simple” @ Gearbest

Alan Coutts says:

I was watching your video on the flashlight and the 50k viewer piece. I heard you say you have sold the metal sanding block and was wondering what was involved in getting one. I check your videos as often as I can and was impressed with that knife sanding tool. Any help would be great! Thanks Al

abbes chakchouk says:

I’ve got the Nitecore MH25, it features the same properties as well. really Like it. I used on a daily basis in the field or everyday. the max output is 1000 lumens.

Dave Williams says:

Great review, I’ve been looking at this for a while and wondered how it worked in real life and you have sorted that for me, still think it’s too expensive though so won’t be getting one. How bout a free giveaway ?

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