Zebralight SC5c mk II Flashlight Review. The brightest AA Every Day Carry Ever?

The Zebralight SC5c Mk II is one of the brightest flashlight lights that runs off 1 AA battery. This is their updated for 2017 SC5 that I tested at nearly 500 lumens with an Eneloop. The SC5 is a tiny, well built every day carry sized torch, that is waterproof, and drop proof, that has great moonlight and ultra low, fraction of a lumen firefly levels. This is a great light star gazers or people who need dim levels of white light, to preserve their night vision. It’s perfect for camping and backpacking because it weights a little over 2.5 ounces with a battery. This flashlight review features runtime tests, lumens measurements, beamshot comparisons between other lights (Fenix LD15, Zebralight SC600w Mk III, the Lumintop IYP-365, the Thrunite Archer A1, and the Armytek Prime Pro), and a section where I show you how to program the User Interface (UI).


Dimensions are incorrect, and should read:

length: 3.17 (8.05cm)
head: 1.03 in (2.61 cm)
tailcap: .83 in (2.10 cm)


ropes channel says:

But Is it full tang?

RedSquirrelEater says:

I like my AA Zebralights the best of all my lights. The SC5 is plenty bright, but the 52’s are a bit dim for outdoor use. My question to you is: if you almost always use less than 100 lumens, why do you EDC a SC600? The extra size & weight would seem to negate the extra run-time. A SC52 would seem to be a better fit for EDC (since it’s smaller than the SC5). And the SC52 has much higher output on a 14500, if you need the brightness.

Moneypit330 says:

You should check out the Manker T01, 500lm on AA and 900lm on 14500. I really love the look of the Manker and have been waiting for a better price on it since it’s around $50.

Evan van den Berg says:

Is it me or does any action (double or triple clicking) cause it to briefly flash in the brightest mode?

Keelan Kennedy says:

I love your videos but I have a recommendation. Have you thought about separating the programming/light test from your reviews, like nick shabaz does his tear down of knives in different videos from the knife reviews? I really appreciate your opinion on things and humor but 16+ minutes for a flashlight review is a bit much. If I ended up buying one of these lights I’d love to have a video of you breaking down the settings and the lumen values you get but don’t really need to see it in a review.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

Give the Klarus Mi7 a try. I know, it only goes down to 5 lumens, but I think it’s an excellent AA light.

Dan Yack says:

great flashlight, very bright and great UI indeed
it’ll probably replace my fenix ld09…
thanks for the review! 🙂

Edgar Ilaga says:

Awesome review! Coincidentally just ordered this and the H53C a day ago direct from Zebralight (mainly because of the AA battery format and high CRI values) but now I’m worried about getting units with the same flicker issues as yours. How did your customer service experience go with this specific light?

ScaleReality says:

Mini-AdvancedKnifeBro has great flashlight etiquette, give my 2 year old a flashlight and it’s straight into dad’s eyes. Another great video, I’ve watched them all, keep them coming, although your making me buy flashlights again.

Remember The Slap Films says:

Far too complicated for me. how hard can it be to make rotary selectors?

Michael Seneschal says:

I got the headlamp version of this and the same defect happened, it was a faint flicker, and medium didn’t turn on. I sent it back and am waiting for the new one to come in. I hope Zebralight isn’t experiencing quality issues. They also don’t seem very friendly RE: customer service. Maybe that’s a no-frills feature of how they operate. For instance, I emailed them asking if the H600 had a pocket clip, or if I could buy a pocket clip. Their response was one word, “no”. I do appreciate concise communication, but it seems a little gruff. Again, maybe a feature of their culture (not all customer service needs to be Nordstrom-like).
Anyways, hope Zebralight isn’t going through a quality-control-growing-pains phase.

shamitoson says:

Nice review as always. Can’t wait till the 18650 lights get the new UI. Returned an olight h2r because it was so heavy and didn’t care for the mode spacing and live contacts. Bought a zebralight h600fc instead and it is waaay better imo. Zebralight just does it right. So light for an 18650. So many modes. Awesome warm cri tint. If I was in the market I would buy this AA lite too.

hypervigilance1 says:

sweet light brohammer.

ahopeter says:

Best place for buying Eneloops??

Goran Radovanović says:

Man… You lost me at all the mods… I like boring looking knives, and 3 mods is all I need in a flashlight. I`m simple like that. Great vid though.

Jesse Mrozowski says:

What if I fall asleep and then wake up and realize I’m 4 videos deep so I have to go back and rewatch the video again? If I’m understanding this correctly I could technically program all the modes to the same level and have a single mode light… almost.

ahopeter says:

what is pwm?

MrZlooze says:

Could you do reviews of some of the retro-fit kits available? I have some great, old flashlights that I would love to update to LED.

ThisSpotRules! says:

@ 7:02 I think your ZL had a O O O light…so what your saying is wait for the MK
lll ??? Still, an impressive light!

hypervigilance1 says:

hey check out the MecArmy SGN5 560 Lumens Self Defense keychain flashlight smokes the tip.

Ordinary everyday guy says:

I watched this whole video to help pump your stats. And because I have no friends…well…except for Larry. But I only keep Larry around because I have no real friends.

陳學晉 says:

How to set the click switching?

JiRahb likestheinternet says:

yes! do all the zebra lights please.

HarryUnchained says:

My sample has a bit of greenish in the corona. Maybe due to the green AR on the glass. The hotspot has a nice neutral tint.

Chris Sproles says:

advanced light baby!

Extra stuff says:

Been looking at this one a few times now, that interface has me tempted every time I looked at it but I’m trying to refrain from ordering until an 18650 one with it comes along. Preferably in the sc63 form factor but sc600 will do if I have to.

As for the batteries used by Zebralight, their product page does state it over here: http://www.zebralight.com/SC5c-Mk-II-AA-Flashlight-Neutral-White-High-CRI_p_192.html
“Light output are ANSI out the front (OTF) values. Runtimes tested (and parasitic drain estimated) using Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA batteries. Remaining battery power, about 10-20%, after step-down are not counted towards the runtimes.”

And your story about the long replacement shipping time makes me happy about that one time I had an issue with one I bought through nkon.nl they were quick with a return shipping label to put on a box and had the replacement within a week. It was some strange malfunction with the high mode freaking out after a while of being on and other weird intermittent issues with brightness levels in general when stepping through the modes with press and hold.

When this makes it to the 18650 models with a PID though, I somehow think people will go even more crazy about the user interface description if you add how to adjust the max temperature the PID will allow. I think it was having it in H1 before turning it off, turning it on in H1 and going through the modes from on by pressing + holding the button 5 or 6 times and then releasing it on low, medium or high. Low to lower it by 1 degree, medium to reset it to default and high to raise it by 1 degree. Pretty sure the maximum deviation from factory it allows is 5 degrees celsius.

nate z says:

I have this light but could not stand the clip. So I purchased the clip for the h52 AA headlamp and swapped it. Fits perfect and looks exactly like a mini sc600.

Emidio R says:

How would rate the Klarus Mi7 in camparison?

chaot45 says:

Is it just me or is the bitrate of this Video very low?

But anyway good review as always!

40belowful says:

nice light:) cool review 🙂 and cute kid:)

jooky5 says:

Zebralight’s site specifically recommends using Eneloops. Has anyone tried the Amazon Basics version of Eneloop? Internet folklore claims the Basics are rebranded Eneloops.

jan386 says:

Are you sure that the dimensions are correct? (14:21)

Cory Frost says:

Great review, tempting to pick one up, but between my olight i3s on my keyring and the TLR-3 on my edc Glock I’m usually covered with my flashlight needs. I still want one of these!

David S. says:

You should take a look at Manker E11. It will become your new favorite light. 🙂

Keen Beams says:

It would be great if you did more AA/14500 lights. I want to see the new EDC brass triple from ASF. Also, you may want to check out the Jetbeam SF-AA01. 700lm 14500 rear clicky light with surprising throw from an XP-L HI & smooth reflector. I have one and love it. It’s a perfect size for EDC and has a super simple UI but no moonlight sadly.

Zulpc Zulpc says:

Manker T01 ii is 500 lumens using AA battery. Cheaper than ZL.

IrishDevil78 says:

I prefer the screw attached clip.

Emidio R says:

I find the Mi7 a great pocket light as it’s super bright.The only problem is the on switch is easy to accidentally activate so you must use the lock out.I use my Mi7 mainly for indoor use while I use bigger lights with more mode options for outdoor use.

Sevensfist says:

Wow! I didn’t know Kevin Spacey had his own YouTube channel.
C’mon admit it, this guys sounds almost exactly like a young Kevin Spacey. The whole time I was looking around for the rest of the Usual Suspects 😛

TheShoelaceBandit says:

Sorry to be the one to give you buyers remorse. The New SC5w Mk II has the new UI and will output 550 lumens

Mr. Dickenphete says:

I like the light, but disappointed no 3.7 rechargeable 14500, but it’s cool.

Aaron Rowe says:

God damn you now I have to get one… Does it work with 14500s? I mustve been asleep if you mentioned it

Metallourgos EL says:

Zebralight is my best flashlight company 4 many reasons

benjamin felland says:

I feel like I would enjoy everything but that clip. I also would like it as an angle head. Do they make a comparable angle head that can use the 14500’s?

Jim Tangren says:

Teach’em young.. That’s great… Hell never be scared of the dark.

Phillip Griffin says:

5.7 inches long, 3 inch head!?! That’s what she said.

Vane says:


When my budget is more flexible, I’m picking up a Zebralight headlamp. It’s the only compact AA headlamp with sub 1 lumen (and enough throw to read house numbers) that I know of. Most headlamps are too floddy for my liking.

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