🎯Black Diamond Spot 300 Lumens Headlamp Unbox & Review!👁

Just picked up the Black Diamond Spot headlamp, it’s 300 lumens and only $40. Let’s unbox it and review it in the woods and in the dark! http://www.youtube.com/c/CatholicHacksTraditionalArchery

I’ve been needing a new flash light and I have wanted a good headlamp now for some time. I was at a sporting goods store and went through all of their headlamps to see which one I thought had the most value for the cost. Essentially, I was looking at three factors in determining which headlamp to buy, the cost, the lumens and the battery life.

I settled on the Black Diamond Spot because it seemed the best all around value, and the construction appeared pretty good too. However, the only way to really know is to take it out into the woods and see just how good it is.

Pick one up here – THIS IS AN AFFILIATE LINK – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W54SBSL/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=catholichack-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B06W54SBSL&linkId=7772648c1f962fc09a477b2f4f49f2c6

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Shoot Straight and God Bless You

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Shawn says:

Hey Joe! Nice vid as always. Maybe you can turn the headlamp upside down so it’ll tilt upward on the adjustment. That may at least keep it looking forward instead of down while you’re walking.

Theo Vs Theo says:

Just got mind delivered this morning! $28 bucks on amazon, so pumped to use it! Great video

Norman Bui says:

What an awesome review

Mike Woomer says:

Me and my wife was just talking about lights. I want a good light that just turns on and off that you can flood in and out. I don’t need a disco on my head lol. I don’t need Morse code on my head. Just on, just off flood in and out lol
Best light I’ve ever Owen is my extreme beam head light. We just got these New ones that were nice but in a week have started to fall apart already. So it’s back to my extreme beam again for now. I’ve had it for 8 yrs now and the back of it is wearing out from using it so much changing batteries and what not. Anything over 2 yrs for a flash light I think is impressive let alone anything last 8 yrs near me and still going fairly strong.

Jazzman3121 says:

Hey guys… Should I get a chinchilla? Comment below! <3<3<3

MegaNoah13 says:

Brother, I hope you’re doing well… I haven’t seen a video in two months! Hope you had a great new year and hope to hear from you soon. God bless!

James Cooper says:

Think it says Spot, not sport. Just sayin’.

Wingman115 says:

Good luck on the hunt. Merry Christmas.

Billythebassist says:

Say it don’t spray it…… LOL! Cool little light, glad to see ya Joe!

Pablo LostInTheWoods says:

I have one of these and I like it a lot. It’s not flawless, however, but what is?

First, and worst, it’s not as waterproof as it says it is – not just my view, lots of folk have said that. For that reason, I would never rely on it as my only light. I use it for convenience when walking in the dark, but there’s another flashlight stowed away in my pack.

Second point, which is about headlights in general not just this one. Consider carefully where and when you will be using it. When I first started using one, I was keen to try it out so used it walking in to my spot in the early hours of a warm and humid early fall Florida day, for the morning hunt. Them bugs sure do love a bright light to fly towards! The skeeters in Florida, and Texas bugs, look like they should be in Jurassic park – and now they’re homing in on the light you just strapped to your head! Now I don’t know for sure if there were more bugs than normal or if it was just because they were lit up flying in the beam – either way it was a nuisance.

Neither a reason not to use a headlight or this one in particular. Just, as with all things hunting, be thoughtful about how, where and when a product can help you the most.

bowman321123 says:

I like the red option for night work so you don’t get night blind. Does the light leave you feeling ‘lightheaded’??  :- D  Glad to see your video out there again, you and yours have a very Blessed Christmas and off to a great New Years.

Doug Johnson says:

God bless

Nathan Buckner says:

Cool video brother. Try using the red light when going in for a hunt. A lot less likely to be seen. At least I have better luck that way.

Fuki417 says:

Lol I had the same first blind too

bikeboy0012 says:

Hey man try victory arrows. Best bang for the buck. Not cheap but by far the best all around. They even have a new all carbon trad arrow that looks super nice.

Lbhunter63 says:

Say it, don’t spray it…just sayin!  LOL  All gpod, Joe!

badderthanyou says:

More showcasing its power by illuminating items in the dark.

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