2017 Black Diamond Spot review: This popular and highly rated headlamp has a major flaw!!!!!

2017 Black Diamond Spot review: This popular and highly rated headlamp has a very serious flaw!!!!
It’s a big enough problem that I can not recommend this light to anyone who takes their time on the water at night seriously

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EAMON Kon says:

This is not related to this specific video at all, but which is generally better. The daiwa tatula sv or shimano curado k? Also do you prefer daiwa or shimano in terms of casting reels.

Paddle Tales says:

Man I need a good headlamp to.

Mark Griffith says:

That’s super disappointing. I’ve been using a Nitecore hc60 for a few years with no issues. I am really dig using 18650 batteries, they last a long time and are rechargeable. Keep the videos coming.

Andy Douglass says:

The Streamlight Double Clutch is a pretty decent lamp for around 50 bucks. Comes with a rechargeable (micro usb) battery pack and I think you can put regular alkalines in it. No colored light but aside from the great rechargeable feature, it mainly does what most headlamps fail to do: it lets you have instant light without first cycling through 3 strobe modes, a lunar signal, and a siren. There are no digital (both meanings) gymnastics, you rotate the bezel one way and get a spot, the other way gives you an area light, and each one can be “double tapped” (turn it on/off/on quickly) to adjust between high or low (it remembers the setting and stays that way until you double tap it again). I’ve had a number of headlamps and I always ended up hating them for all the needless features. It’s IPX4 (not just the electronics, but the whole thing, the battery compartment has a built in gasket and the closure is a pretty secure, and perhaps bulky, clamp that has a sort of set screw, easily operated with your fingers, to keep it closed).

Streamlight mainly makes tactical lighting for law enforcement and the armchair militia, so this is designed to be simple to use with gloves. Like I said, no red or green light, but it seems like it might be easy to add a color filter to one of the two lenses in the bezel if you are reasonably handy, although I haven’t actually taken the thing apart.

Fish Finder says:

Thanks for the review! I agree that the functions look good… too bad it is not keeping the water out.

World is a Camping Ground says:

I had problems with 2 sets of the spot model 2016! I wouldn’t trust this brand any more… Check my videos

Jimmy Celtic says:

Pr knot video

Harrison Bispham says:

Spread the word. I went through two of these in about three days of fishing this summer. I can’t believe they are allowed to put that rating on the package. One night being around saltwater and both stopped working. JUNK

Quabbin with Coop says:

Very nice find man. That thing is trash….

Fasttrack237 says:

That passes the IPx8 specification. I design and test electronics for military and aerospace applications and have to meet all kinds of standards. IPx8 specifies that the device will survive immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 meter in depth for 1/2 hour. Water ingress is allowed, as long as the water does not damage the device. Black Diamond likely uses a stainless battery contact. A high-nickel SS like 316 will have higher electrical resistance but will be impervious to battery acid and even salt water. Therefore, the device meets the requirement. The batteries are not IPx8, but the device is. Yes, the batteries may rot but the device will survive.

Flannel Guy DIY says:

I could tell when you first opened the battery compartment and said “it opens like a book” that it did not look like that would prevent water from entering.

Jacob Tooley says:

My black Diamond headlamp has a cam lock and a rubber seal for the battery compartment, seems so simple there shouldn’t be a reason not to have it on all models.
Oh, and thanks… I didn’t know about the swipe function it has lol

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