2500lm zoomable CREE LED XM-L T6 Headlamp

Get it here… http://geni.us/hHBFpB

Model of LED: CREE XM-L T6
Output bright can come to max Power by 18650:2500 lumens [lm]
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
Waterproofing design
Aluminum alloy casing
Aluminum alloy reflector
Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp, with back and forth inclination
3 switch Mode: Strong Brightness / Normal Brightness / Flashing
Model of Battery required: 2 x 18650 battery (exclude)
Colour : Black
Dimension : 38mm
Weight : 135g
package content
100% Brand New
1 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Headlamp


Frasier Keaney says:

The Cree XML T6 doesn;t put out anywhere near 2500 lm. More like 800ish depending on the voltage, resistance etc.

BIG Stick says:

I have two of these and for $12.00 with charger and batteries it’s a bargain.
It’s bright enough to go trail hiking in the hills at night i bring a spare set of batteries and a small hand held CREE light just in case this fails.
3 years of running it at least every other weekend camping and mountain hiking it still is working.
Haven’t used the other as of yet, headband is crappy after two months it was stretched out.
I rigged it up with an old school Pre LED Petzl strap.

Bill Tracy says:

amazon link doesn’t work. Just heads up.

Troy Knutson says:

i’ve never heard anybody try to so politely say “it’s a cheap piece of junk”. 🙂

SHMU says:

Good review dude, but hey how long does the battery last?

Southern 4 Life says:

I noticed you didn’t comment on how bright you thought it was ? I bought one and I have flashlights that are 700 Lm and are brighter and throw much further than this so called 2500 Lm’s.

matt upwardsNonwards says:

the maximum brightness of the cree XML T6 emitter is 900 lumen as said on the cree website it requires 1 amp draw each emitter to reach maximum output. the batteries maximum out is less than 1 amp each. so maximum brightness is not possible unless you have high drain batteries which are more money

James Casady says:

have something like this I use a lot  and only lasted a bout 30 days  must got to hot and the light bulbs come lose do not see a way to fix it

Bernie Sanchez says:

I boutique mine after this video now I am second guessing it seams loose

Rahul Kumar says:

I am a retailer in India and sell to institution . If i have to buy directly on proper invoice, how to contact you for this Headlamp., I am from India and my email ID is rahul27031982@gmail.com

Anik Mitou says:

24$ its awsome

matt upwardsNonwards says:

I had mine for 4 years now. broke and fixed twice

Русский Медведь says:

не заряжается …черт скажи че делать

Merry CZ says:

Dont twist with it. You can break cables.

Ben Covington says:

I bought one and the thing wont turn off just goes from dim to brighter when i it the button and then the strobe

avalanche says:

is that better than the innogear?

Adam Bock says:

Best video ever

devito501 says:

Good review . I have bother with the chargers tho .

theslimeylimey says:

Not sure I’d want a cheap battery called “ultra fire” strapped to my head 😛

Александр Мельниченко says:

Отличный обзор. Сразу видно, что ты толковый.

Peter Jensen says:

Thank you for this video! I have now ordered one of these flash lights and I plan to use as a work lamp. I hope it will not be a problem that you cannot tighten up the zoom. In regard of the word ‘zoom’ by the way I am sure it is correctly applied here. It spreads the light on a variable area which corresponds to the function of a zoom: When you zoom in and out, you change the area which you depict.
Anyway, again thank you for this walk through.

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