Appalachian Trail 2019 – Headlamp review and tent disaster

Comment below and tell us what headlamp you use and why!


Unlikely Vegan says:

Why did you switch from the Big Agnes?  Was it just purely weight?  I’m planning on getting a Big Agnes UL3 hotel (for 3 of us hiking) and a small fly separate (for 2 of us hiking).  I mostly hike with my daughter, but occasionally my husband joins us… so I figure when it’s only two of us we can use the minimal fly and share the load, when 3 the larger fly for pack space and again we could share the load.  The total weight is 4lbs 3oz trail weight between 3 people.  Thoughts/Advice?

Thomas H says:

I love my petzel reactics + but it is a bit heavy for thru hiking. The reactive light always give the perfect amount of light.

YERMO Adan says:

Seems you like your tent as much as I liked my Nero pack. Never again. And so many complaints I’ve heard from others about their products. No thank you.

Allen Schubert says:

I enjoyed the talk about headlamps! And…okay, I don’t know when you are leaving for the AT (I’m following waaaay too many people), but a knife video would be cool, too! (That was a Spyderco?) … And I’ve only seen it mentioned in a couple videos, but I think spraying a new tent with water is a great idea before taking it out!

Scoutmaster OnTheAT2018 says:

Good suggestion on the tent and checking it for leaks. It seems that several people are having issues with zpacks lately. I don’t know if they have gotten so popular that their quality control and customer service is dropping but I hope they straighten up.

Ken Reather says:

Thanks, sold me on the nitecore

mar1957100 says:

Been enjoying your videos. Wish you guys the best out on the trail! Knives and lights seem to be part of the same “illness”… In a good way! Thx for sharing.

Chris Vores says:

Could you get closer to the mic. Hard to hear ya.

R H says:

Black diamond 325 spot for my hike I like all the functions, waterproof capabilities,

Chris Vores says:

I use the storm and a few others similar to it. My biggest beef is how hard they are to open up and change the batteries. I have yet to find one super easy to open and close. Got any suggestions?

J3hikes says:

love the comparison of the headlamps. well done

tigerb2642 says:

Doing a shake down hike myself tomorrow with my trail buddy. I picked up the UCO 150 head lamp. It has an adjustable lamp that allows you to go from a flood to a low spot light. It also has the red reading/ night light. Mainly more so for those nights when your crammed at a shelter and you don’t want to wake somebody up while going to pee. Best of luck on yalls trip. Also to amy……Go Tigers!!! 🙂

Artemis on the Trail says:

Same issue on mine but American Express had to step in. Tent two….same issue. Now, new holes. Zpacks sucks.

Stan the Man Hikes says:

I have the duplex and have had no issues with it. Friends of mine thru hikers have the triplex and love it. Hopefully all works out for you guys

Go Adventure! says:

The man of many lights!

Scott Masterson says:

My wife thru-hiked the AT with a ZPacks Scout backpack, and the straps on the suspension were forever slipping. So, I contacted ZPacks for her and it was like pulling teeth to get them to give us improved replacement straps. We happened to be driving down to South Florida and I asked if we could stop by their factory to have them look at the pack and take care of it – but, they were too busy to help a customer that was in the middle of the thru-hike. After several emails back and forth, they finally agreed to leave a set of new straps on the counter by their front door, and we could go in and get them – but they wouldn’t meet with us. They make decent, but not perfect gear … but they seem to be really sketchy from a business perspective. As for her pack, the new straps reduced, but didn’t completely eliminate the problem. The pack is only warranted for 1 thru-hike, so she’s on her own now. It’s got some damage, which is suprising considering how gentle and respectful my wife is with her gear. Thankfully, her tent was a Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo, which is almost as light and infinitely more reliable and easier to pitch properly – and the company was awesome to work with.

Runa Hikes says:

Man that sucks that you’re dealing with issues with your tent/Zpacks. I’m catching up on videos, and you’re the second person to mention problems with their gear from them. 🙁 Thanks for reviewing so many headlamps.

Sticker man says:

Excellent video! Hopefully everybody follows your lead and turns the water hose on there tent and loaded backpack. You learn a lot.
I learned on the trail during a heavy rainstorm. Needless to say it was a sucky experience. Too many hikers think when the weather is bad they’ll just stay in the shelter. And that’s a good plan as long as there’s room. That is not always the case and gives you a false sense of security!!! Pack to be self-sufficient, you’ll be better off. Big Agnes and the Black Diamond storm have never let me down. Do you think your zpacks tent leaked because it was defective or just a poor design?

Ashley Cobb says:

I have a Black Diamond, I honestly don’t know which model but it is the orange one that takes 2 AAA batteries. I also take one of the Luci Lanterns, the solar-powered inflatable one. I strap it to the back of my pack during the day to charge up, it gives great “area of illumination” when you are in camp. If I use it while night hiking, I strap it through my sternum strap. *I* think it makes me look like Iron Man, my hiking buddies disagree. Thanks for sharing!

Sluggo Knows says:

Very comprehensive. Thanks for posting. I’m a petzel man myself but the bright ones are heavier than average. Keep it up. Looking forward to the start of your hike

Porkchop and Applesauce Walk to Maine says:

Hey this is Porkchop of Porkchop and Applesauce walk to Maine I live here in Summerville. We leave feb 15th we should get together and vlog a little about the trail. If y’all want to.

OutdoorMan says:

@ 2:01… Anyone else think, “I love lamp.”? lol

It's Who We Are says:

not gonna lie…we got the triplex but haven’t had a chance to set it up yet and I’m getting nervous about it because i keep hearing about seam sealing issues and then dealing with customer service is an issue too. I didn’t want to put anything up yet but when they sent Jay’s sleeping bag it came right before Christmas and I swear half the down was completely lumped together and no matter what we did it looked like the middle of the bag had ZERO down in it. Even after trying to move the down around or letting it just sit there, it was completely empty in the middle. I don’t want to come online and bash any company because i understand crap happens sometimes but between all the other things I’ve been hearing, it does make you scratch your head a little bit. We returned it and it’s been almost two weeks since we heard anything. It’s a little off putting to know that so many people are having problems. A 600-700 dollar tent shouldn’t leak out of the bag.

Southern Trekker says:

GREAT headlamp review!!! You are definitely the light man!

Warren Davidson says:

Very through headlamp video and good points on checking your tent.

411mda says:

Hey John…can you tell me the brand/model or add a link to the headlamp that you said you had the longest and use everyday at work?

John Wilson says:

I had not heard about your Nitecore NU32 until this video, but then this morning on my facebook feed was this:
So, looks like you got the right one!

Tom Mckinney says:

I use a Princeton Tec EOS, about 130 lumens. Like you, I wear it when I work on things, as well as hiking. Seems to have a long battery life (97 hours according to their website) and is well made and gives adequate light for hiking. They have very good customer service. Fenix makes some very bright headlamps and are rechargeable. I’ve never seen one in person but they seem to get good reviews.

Idaho Outdoor Gear Junkie says:

I also have a problem with flashlights and headlamps and I currently have Black Diamond, Princeton Tec and Nite Core headlamps. I have settled on the rechargeable NU25 for hiking. I do not do a lot of night hiking though. On a recent trip I did have to hike 7 miles out in the middle of the night and the NU25 performed excellent.

Quicksand on the Trail says:

I don’t understand all the hate for Zpacks (not from you guys..the comments.) I’ve never had a problem with their products. Their customer service does suck but a seasoned hiker should have Cuban fiber repair tape with them and know how to patch holes. Never depend on no one but yourself on a thru hike.

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