Armytek Wizard Pro USB Headlamp Review. 1800 Lumens and Headlamp Comparison!

Armytek Wizard Pro USB Headlamp Review. 1800 Lumens and Headlamp Comparison!

If you’re looking for one of the brightest and most durable headlamps on the market The Armytek Wizard Pro is one of the top headlamps. The version reviewed here is the Wizard Pro Warm with USB charging and the high powered Cree XHP-50 LED emitter. The Wizard Pro has 8 modes of operation, from a sub lumen moonlight mode, all the way up to a 1800 lumen thermally regulated turbo mode. In this video I compare the Wizard Pro to the prior version, the Armytek Tiara, the Spark SG6, the Fenix HL50, the Olight H1R, and the Xtar Warboy. I also test many of the runtimes, verify the outputs, and show you how to operate the headlamp. If you like it,

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Warm version:

Cool Version:


Fat Fat says:

Nice review as always, I think the indicator light only keeps flashing in firefly 3, where as in firefly 1 and 2 it only flashes 2 times then it doesn’t.

HarryUnchained says:

Love the light but they should minimize the printings on the body.

Sam Wittman says:

I love your channel man. You make me laugh every video with your unique and awesome humor, but yet you also review the exact type of flashlights that I look for. Keep up the good work!!

Sean Farrell says:

Aaaand I just bought one. I got the cool version because that’s just me. Thanks for the discount code.

ThatMexItalianKid says:

I laugh at every video. Every damn time. I even try not to and still end up catching a quip that’s makes me laugh. Almost like watching a movie for kids, but they throw in a little adult humor for the parents watching.

JohnQ Public says:

A klick in military terms is 1 kilometer about 6/10 of a mile. Great video.

XsergX says:

Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 vs ZebraLight H600 MK-III. Your choice?

shane stevens says:

How does this compare to the Petzl mio belt ?

Brian Robinson says:

Nice review. The only Amrytek I own has a very warm tint. I’d guess around 3000. A little too warm for my liking so I usually carry my Zebralight. Maybe I’ll give them another shot.

Kyle Ryan says:

a comparison to a zebralight headlamp would be fitting, they are quite similar

John James says:

Excellent review and comparison. Plenty of very useful information and love that comparison with other headlamps with the included total weight.


james palmer says:

1 – “18650” battery isnt gonna get you 1800 lumins for longer than 1 minute

Sn says:

I liked that comparison between the different beamprofiles! In general, you do a really great job of making original and different reviews. I also think that your reviews are much more “non-flashaholic” friendly than some others, and therefore also more useful to more people 🙂

Doug Le says:

Few AA headlamp/90 degree light recs bro?

materna materna says:

Great review. What do you think about ACEBEAM H10 headlamp?

james palmer says:

Nitecore is the best

Northern Territory Bushcraft says:

Wow, that was one hell of a review for a top flashlight. Great job, love the warm tint too, that red barn said it all.

james palmer says:

Ive had a Nitecore HC – 30 headlamp i use as a regular everyday! Flashlight and its been a fantastic flashlight i bought 2 of them and its far superior to this armytek , mine has a clear scratch RESISTANT lens with gold plated circuitry, ive had it for 1.5 years – with same nitecore batteries with no problems at all, its been dropped many times too

Cole Constantinoff says:

Just got this lamp today. Good thing I watched your review again, I had it “charging” for about 6 hrs then watched you video and remembered you have to turn the tail cap to charge… so far seems like a great light, this is my 5th Armytek and love the quality! Thanks for the great videos!!!

Kevin Lynch says:

Does Olight still make the neutral white?

Jon-Paul Placencio says:

I absolutely love your videos so damn funny. I am a new business owner we should try to work together on somethings

Alex CavScoutLT says:

Hey man, thanks for all the great content. Keep up the good work. Quick question. So this video inspired me to buy the Armytrek. You said to always use an unprotected battery for best performance. However, the user user manual says that you can use a PCB as long as it has 7A continuous discharge. Would a PCB with that spec, such as the PROTECTED PANASONIC/SANYO NCR18650GA 18650 BUTTON TOP BATTERY – 10A 3500MAH, work just as well as the unprotected battery? Thanks!

Ryan Wayne says:

Great review. I love this headlight and it’s almost impossible to find an honest review so bravo

scheven architect says:

Great review. This or nitcore hc60?

Jameson Cross says:

Wouldn’t it be eaiser if they just put a dimmer switch on it?

killroy riley says:

Instragram name?

Kaikki Meni says:

Absolutely love this light. If you want WW, this is the tint! THIS! I use the 30lm when I have things hands on because it won’t blind you and 160lm when I work with my bike or when I jog. Lights with more throw tend to shake too much while jogging, this one doesn’t suffer of that problem. And the light starts near enough your feet, so you can see where you’re stepping. Might sound like a small thing, but throwers don’t allow that. Also, you can access any mode from off. ANY MODE! So when that pesky teenager comes revving the engine and sliding all over the road, it’s nice to shower their face with kind and warm, blinking 1800 lumens. Might kill you, but showed them! 😀

igloo2 says:

If you are going to reference a video you made like the PWM one, you might want to link to it on screen.

Luke Carter says:

Why do you say to remember to start charging at first sign of dimming?

Fernando Laguna says:

Never did pay much attention to this brand. Yet alone warm tint since all my lights are cool white. Think I shall start looking into warm tints now.

lowwkey91 says:

love the beam pattern on this light, a bit heavy for backpacking which is my main use for a headlamp. Thanks for the review Knife Bro

David Pointer says:

Well done. I ordered it!

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