Best Headlamp 2019 * TOP 10 Headlamps 🛠️

1. Foxelli Headlamp
2. Shining Buddy LED
4. Explortek Nite-Blazer
5. Streamlight 61603
6. GRDE Zoomable
7. Luxolite LED
8. Northbound Train LED
9. Yalumi Spark
10. Ledlenser MH6
Enjoy hands-free illumination with one of our reliable and affordable headlamps. Light your way when camping, backpacking or mountain bike riding with one of these best headlamps. With adjustable straps, these headlamps are perfect when your two hands are busy changing the flat tire on your car or anywhere that little bit of light often makes a big difference.
When the power goes out, your headlamp will allow you to move about without tripping over furniture or the dog. With maximum light output and battery options experience a new and efficient and affordable way to light up your world. Let’s choose the best headlamp in 2019 with our help!

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Aracelis Indriago says:

It is an excellent review..I loved the design and features of GRDE Zoomable. I would like to acquire it ..!

Nerko Perko says:

Thank you for sharing this great review!

Kent Adams says:

As far as i know, Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight MX200 – 180 Lumen, up to 40 Hours of Constant Light on a Single Charge… $18.97 $29.97. USB RECHARGEABLE: Charge Fully from any USB Port in Only 4 Hours and Provide up to 40 Hours of Constant Light on a Single Charge.

Lion Heart says:

I like these headlamps, they are stylish. I love this channel and i subscribed!

Mark Kroif says:

Foxelli Headlamp is the one for the grab, simple as that.

Excel Expert says:

Excellent video about Best Headlamp in 2019.Very useful and informative things we can find in this video.Thanks.

hou bela says:

really so useful , i like it, i need a headlamp, thanks so much for showin


Amazing video.Nice headlamps, I will buy one soon, thank you for sharing.

neOadviser says:

very informative, thanks for sharing!

Dan Lund says:

Interesting video about best Headlamp 2019. Very useful, indeed. Cheers!

Igor Sidelkovsky says:

informative and detailed review about Best Headlamp It sounds interesting upon watching this video,thanks for sharing it

Son Lê Hoàng says:

A very handy product. I think everyone should have one

Patrick Johnson says:

I am glad to find your review because you provided me much needed answers on questions I had about Best Headlamp.

Samuel Petersen says:

Thank you fellas again for another amazing top 10 list 😀

REM 2 says:

I like this type of information thank you so much

Mohssin Ajaiz says:

Nice headlamps, I will buy one soon, thank you for sharing the details

Mr Sebai says:

Thank you very much for this wonderful and very excellent information about TOP 10 Headlamps
I’ve benefited a lot from this video I think in the opinion that Vitchelo V800 is the best thanks for the video

maxim maxim says:

It’s obvious, something big here, from every point of view. I`m going to share this, for sure. Nice list.

Bora Corba says:

Foxelli Headlamp is the best for the money spent.

Zaim Imamovic says:

Thank you for sharing these useful informations.

Kris Pots says:

Hope their better than that brick job behind u

Ivkov Trut says:

Thank you! This cleared my dilemma on what headlamp would suit my needs the best.

Skorpija BG says:

I’ll need a new headlamp soon so I find this video very useful. Thank you for posting a list!

vaki d says:

Thank you for this information. It helped me to chose best headlamp for me.

REM REM says:

Very helpful for me this type of information thank you!

James Fallon says:

Been looking for a good headlamp but didn’t know where to look and this was really helpful, thanks!

myrill barrete says:

Wow this is amazing! Im visiting the underground river in my country and this is very useful to see the real beauty inside.Best headlamp ever!

Kris Pots says:

If they not rechargeable dont buy

Mona Ladyconsumer says:

Very good information here – I can definitley use this knowledge.

Adel Larbaoui says:

for me VITCHELO V800 is the best

bobo shanti says:

I am in love with the GRDE Zoomable headlamp, thanks for the guide.

Rasel Vhii says:

It’s an awesome video. Here n

Elisaveta Krsteva says:

My choice would be Foxelli Headlamp! Thanks for sharing!

Steve T says:

I’ve never heard of Foxelli before, their headlamp looks awesome! Really good quality and the duration of a single charge is amazing. Can’t wait to get me one of these and go exploring!

Ute Nadel says:

thank you for sharing the details

Dejan Jankov says:

Explortek Nite-Blazer and u are good to go

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