Black Diamond Ion Review (My FKT Headlamp)

Last weekend I tested out my new Black Diamond Ion headlamp during a 52 mile hike on the Superior Hiking Trail. Here is what I think of it and whether or not I am going with this headlamp for my FKT of the SHT.

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Richard Schott says:

Unless I missed it, don’t forget IPX8 and about $25 most places. There’s that old saying “good, light, cheap. Pick any two.” Well I think this light does a pretty good job at all three. It all depends on priorities, a Petzl E+lite is about half the weight but IMO also half the light, for a bit more money and uses button batteries. Still a good choice for a lot of people. Others are going to want more power/runtime but are going to pay for it in weight, cost or both. I still remember when 40 lumen output was pretty damn impressive for a small light, so I guess I’m more easily impressed. Good review, keep up the good work and good luck with your hike.

robert wood says:

… beam me up Scotty!

Richard Schott says:

Used mine last weekend doing the Cranberry Lake 50 in the Adirondacks. I used it Saturday night, Sunday morning (I hit the trail around 5am) and Sunday night as I finished this trail in two days and I’m a slow, slow hiker. It did a great job for me, pouring rain notwithstanding, just nothing at all to complain about in my view. As of now I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a super light headlamp with very good lighting performance at a great price.

William Brasky says:

you look like an aborted elon musk

Man-Ho Chu says:

Is the beam even enough for reading at night?
Thanks for the review.

flashman V says:

It’s a great little light, I have used it for years. I had the original with the touch sensor switch that was a pain, they just redesigned it last year to the regular button on top. REI was nice enough to exchange for the updated model (the older style would sometimes not stay locked, turn on in your pack). Very bright for the size. I’m not a night hiker, use it around camp, or when I come in late as it’s getting dark, or getting up early for a start. Probably not the first choice for someone doing long hours of night hiking.

Michael Butler says:

Big Foot with the Ion as your changing the setting from 4 to 100 Lumins can you stop it any where along the way if you choose to and if so will it have memory when you shut it off and than turn it back or would one have to reset the setting one prefered? I’m thinking some might like to use the ion at 50-75% lumins to conserve battery life Thanks for the review 🙂 Slow Flight

Matthew Thompson says:

I personally like Black Diamond’s ReVolt, has a awesome burn time on max of 25H (300 Lumens), and most importantly it can be recharged off my powerbank.

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