Black Diamond Spot Backpacking Headlamp Review

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TheTSIGuy says:

does it have a mode memory? meaning if you turn the brightness down and then turn the light off. will it still be at that same brightness if you turn it back on.

Karola Maja says:

Thank you for making this video ! Very helpful !

Donna Wetter says:

Does it remember the brightness settings?

Stefano says:

The 2017 version is out! With 300 lumens and has memory for the last brightness setting. Would be great if you could do a review to compare the older model☺

deckard9732 says:

Had mine for a while.. absolutely love it. Pulled up your vid cuz I couldn’t remember how to let the lock out mode… (been in my bugout bag for a while).. Good “quick to the point” review!

davis long says:

I really like your reviews and you test them out doors when I buy I try to look for your videos……………

Mr Snuffles says:

would this be good for fishing? has it got a wide but bright beam and does it a good distance on it?

Pepper and Cricket Outdoors says:

Great comprehensive review. Thanks….I am buying one.

Zulpc Zulpc says:

Looking forward BD Storm 2017 review from you.

SaltWaterHippo says:

Thats me fucking sold!

David Barclay says:

Certainly a well trusted reviewer. I love my Ion’s you recommended. Can’t wait for the Spot. Thanks Ben.

Wes Appelhans says:

Have you had any issues with the battery door opening on it’s own?

SG 釣魚新手頻道 says:

Great review and introduction, thank you very much my frd! i bought this little lamp and brought it for fishing squid last night and i agree with what you commented. it is very light weight and super easy to use, especially the fast tap function, super super handy. Fantastic stuff, love it so much 🙂

Andrew Barbour says:

Thanks for the great video. Just purchased one today. My first headlamp and I’ll be using it tonight for my first night trail race. Just sitting on my couch following along with your video testing out all the modes! Pretty impressive little light for the price and comfortable too! I also looked at the petzl tikka xp but from my first initial try out of the box I think the black diamond was a good choice!

Donna Wetter says:

Just got my lamp, is it normal that PowerTab does nothing in red-light mode? I was hoping I could switch between red and full floodlight.

Beth Ann Mathews says:

Your video was super helpful. Headlamp is great,but the user’s printout (with 49 languages) print is so small you’d go blind if you read it through just one language. (Negating the need for this super cool headlamp!) Excellent demonstration! Thank you.

Jeri Mandel says:

Great job on your explanations, great points and smooth delivery. Did not buy 1, bought 2. Thanks!

Nestor Ramirez says:

hey, great video. The only thing missed was the battery indicator. Cheers!

Ericjon Greenawalt says:

@Living Survial
hey i was wondering what kind of light would be suitable for me when i chop hair at night, and i have a sz 7 head shape. appreciate your reviews!

xyzt123456 says:


Hodlaz says:

Can you make it remember the dimmed brightness settings?

BallsnBullets says:

I prefer the the Armytek wizard pro myself crank it up to 1k+ lumens in a bombproof form factor but If i had to get a big box store brand I def think the black diamond blows petzl out of the water.

Samuel Gillespie says:

i have my own black diamond head lamp and it is by far the best head lamp i have ever gotten so i will definitely be getting this new one. i recommend this brand.

The Year I Got The Runs says:

Thank you for your very informative review. I tried reading the instructions, but couldn’t figure out features like the Power Tap. Their use of illustrations only to show how to use the features was a fail in my mind. Great video!

Biscuits9mm says:

Great review Ben. Loads of info and good demo of operation, capabilities and modes. Many thanks!

justin clements says:

What kind of batteries can you buy that are rechargeable? I like the black diamond revolt becuase its rechargeable but i do like the power tap tech on the spot.

Brian scholl says:

You sold me on it..i love mine….awesome review! I just found your channel, you do a great job….

jewel garnet chua says:

would the tap feature work on electronic snow gloves?

JimsBagels says:

Do you know how its possible that this model has 50 hours runtime with 3 x AAA’s, yet the “Ion” model which is 100 Lumens with 2 x AAA’s only lasts 6 hours max? I get that it might be newer LED technology, but that just seems insane

Domingo Carrasco says:

tks!! better than the instructions!!!

Ericjon Greenawalt says:

need something whiteish vibrantly as possible

MickFeisty says:

Good thorough overview. Thanks.

Sean Melvin says:

Hello, have any thoughts if you could get this mounted on molle webbing?

soundshout says:

Would be better to show us the different light modes in total darkness and how far and wide it shines.

Kabo Wang says:

good job

Jason M says:

Ordered.  Too versatile not to pick up for ~$30.

George Pantazis says:

Excellent review. Bravo. Got one.

Paul Quinn says:

Great revue, many thanks!

Alexander Kniowski says:

How would you say this compares to the Princeton Remix and the Black Diamond Storm? How does it compare within durability, how does it seem to hold up? What about water resistance? How do the red LED’s compare?

caffiend says:

The 50 hour burn time is really what sold me. Thanks for your reviews.

Ian Maw says:

Thanks mate.

Richard Burton says:

Excellent review! thorough but to the point.
Do you find the backwards buckle annoying when not wearing a hat?

David K says:

Fantastic review of the BD spot lamp; very informative and solidify my purchasing decision. Many thanks!

Stargazer131000 says:

I received mine today and needed some help with the technology and that’s where you come in.  That was a very comprehensive review and basically covered all the questions i had. about this light. So, thanks.  Very happy  I made this purchase and found your channel.  Black Diamond should put you on their payroll.

BennyLR says:

modes are stupid. no memory where you left off. first setting should be lowest. a few taps should get you to brightest setting but it doesn’t. not intuitive.

Libs worstnghtmare says:

this was an informative, fast pace, very useful review! seldom when i go to youtube for product reviews are the posts well thought through. well done!!!

Sheety33 says:

Great review, thanks so much.

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