BORUiT RJ-3000 Super Bright 3x Cree XML T6 4 Modes 5000Lumens Headlamp

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1.Color: Black
2.Material: Aluminum alloy casing + Elasticated adjustable headband
3.LED Type: 3*Cree XML T6 LED
4.Torch Shape: Emergency attack head design
5.3 Switch Mode: High/Low/Strobe
6.Lens: Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
7.Power Supply: 2*18650 batteries (included)
8.Illuminating Distance: 500 Meters
9.Output: 4.2V
10.LED indication for Power On / Charging / Full charge

4 Switch Mode: Low(1*T6)/Middle(2*T6)/High (3*T6)/Strobe(3*T6);
3*CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb, Super Brightness Up to 5000 Lumens;
Powered by 2*18650 Rechargeable Batteries,also including DC charger and car charger;
Angle Adjustable: Head torch 90 degree adjustable to fit the use;


Blueis Notgreen says:

these lumen ratings are absolute garbage..on EVERY single light.
but its a good light for the price

69coolchris says:

I’ve got one myself. It’s a good headtorch. One thing you forget to mention though is the red light attached to the battery pack so that you can be seen from behind. Good review though ☺

Gasrullen says:

i got 10 of those and with extra batteries for all of them, 5000mah. Payed around 140usd.
The silver things seems to be aluminium, just scratched the shit out of one.

Marc says:

Awesome vid.. I was actually gonna pick this one up but my thrunite th10 seems to be brighter than all the demos of this one I’ve seen,omnline so far and it’s only putting out just over 800 lumens. they must not have these things properly tested and labeled.


Great vid! We TESTED some headlamps as well on our channel!

my world of water says:


69coolchris says:

I’ve got one myself. It’s a good headtorch. One thing you forget to mention though is the red light attached to the battery pack so that you can be seen from behind. Good review though ☺

Antoinette Austin says:

Just unpacked mine.. Using it for early morning dog walks.. It came without a manual, so your demo was extremely helpful.. Thank you 😀

PP210 says:

My 900 Lumen Fenix TK35 Lamp have much more “Light in the Dark” as your 5000 Lumen äääähm …..Bullshitlamp :))

TheWoodfinger says:

4000lumens haha, more like 400.


load of garbage

Rick O says:

Boom !!! 4000 lumens baby!!! bahahahaha!!

Игорь БудуПозже says:


Rhonda Kelley says:

I gave owned this one for years & use it every day. I live deep in the woods. No street lights…I keep the batteries in used pill boxes and keep the spare with me. I thought it fits great on my head. I need HANDS FREE when feeding horses or hearing strange noises in the night.

Inurmouth Jaja says:

I got mine rj 3000 but I loss my small lamp cover where can I get them from ?please help….

J Garrett says:

I bought one because of your video. Thanks much!

SPAK coffee says:

Hello, thank you for your review and you probably buy it …

Vaalid says:

I really wish cheap lights wouldn’t lie about their lumen rating. Not even CLOSE to believable. It’s a good light but it just kinda ruins it a little bit for me that they feel the need to lie.

Either that or there’s some shitty alternative lumen scale that they can claim they get those numbers on?

John Breeden says:


Loj Leeb says:

how long the battery

Christopher Castellanos says:

I bought this and compared to my streamlight stinger ds LED that is 640 lumens for $120 this “4000 lumen” flash light was only half as bright as my 640 lumens flashlight. with that said. for 16$ for a rechargeable flashlight with 300 lumens not 4000. it’s worth the price.

Tyrone Walker says:

How is it holding up and what does it weight?

Victor Rivera says:

I got the boruit rj-5001 about hey month a half ago when I got it the box was crushed like someone stepped on it I took pictures of it I opened it and one of the pieces that hold the light on to the lower bracket was broken off I emailed pictures to the sender and do they do not want to send me my money back or send me a new one they keep telling me to put the batteries in to see if it works so I did and now I’m stuck what I like that is broken so I say fuck these motherfuckers don’t buy it yes it is super bright and I wish that when I ordered it that everything was good but these motherfuckers want to marry me for my money and not send me another light

Daren Marshall says:

Read reviews about Headlamps (LED Headlamp Headlight Flashlight Resistant) here

Tools & More DIY says:

Where could I get one? Or has to be special order… What is the price? Great vid .. Tks

Carlos Alberto says:

hey I have a question. how do u know when my batteries are fully charged because I have been charging my batteries for one hour. the charger comes with an led but it’s always red

Tyrone Walker says:

What does this thing weigh?

JAn Allen Lacsamana says:

what flashlight is better ?? rj 3000 or rj 5001? 😀 tnx po 😀

Man Wayne says:

this battery can take how many hours?

M.Sadık Doğan says:
With batteries and charger. And good price.

bushcraft junky says:

I just ordered one I these hope it’s brighter than it looks on camera

jeremy crisp says:

What ever happened to the days where we had simple on and off. I hate cycling through modes

Sketti Boi says:

I was thinking it may be a bit overrated. all the parts would have to be metal on the front for starters to cope with the heat. the headlight will have been designed to survive in warmer environments too.

I could believe 1000-1500 max for this unit.
my brightest torch here in Queensland is an elger 1000lumen 3xDcell all aluminium body flashlight and it is solid and very heavy. it prettymuch matches what you’ve shown here.

In my experience elger doesn’t overrate anything they make.

First Name Last Name says:

These headlamps are the best. We work under houses and in attics all day long and swear by these. My only recommendation to heavy (daily) users is to unthread the two smaller lenses and apply the *tiniest* amount of superglue onto the threads and then screw the lense back on. These lenses are the first thing to go – they become loose over time and eventually fall off. Another thing, if you are crawling under houses with barely any clearance and have to pass under lots of wiring and pipes/ducting I *highly* recommend adding duct tape over the wire coil as to prevent it from getting snagged on anything – if that wire disconnects or becomes loose on either side of the connection you will not have a fun time crawling all the way back with no light.

Simon Rogers says:

I bought one of these from which cost £14.99 . While using it with just the single large lamp illuminated one of the batteries supplies exploded. This caused the battery casing to shatter.I contacted the ebay seller who apologised and asked if I would like a replacement as they said they had not had a problem in the past.I accepted a replacement and after using for a couple of days one of the batteries exploded again. I’ve now asked for a refund and I will not buy  a Boruit product again

Francisco Garduno says:

Yea that’s not 4K lm

Tuấn Vũ Lê says:

giá tiền

Bernard Fernandez says:

People please don’t let the numbers of lumens fooled you. Friend of mine bought one of that, so i told him to bring to work so we can compare it to mu fenix tk16 1000lumens. After comparing it to my fenix tk16 1000 lumens, he felt embarrassed because he was telling everyone that its 4000 lumens. He was pissed because i was right all along that its not 4000 lumens. It was more like 250 lumens. So with my fenix tk16 1000 lumens is more legit compare to what he purchase. So if your gonna spend $35 mine as well put extra bucks on a branded headlamp like fenix. Give fenix a try i garrantee you wont have no regret.

Farah Soo says:

how long do u charge this light?

Bob Wright says:

where can I get a red lense for this unit or a red bulb?

lagunabad says:

i see got charging port there. this headlight come with charger?

Luis Acuna says:

I’m definitely getting one. Co-worker just showed me his and we work at night so it will come in handy. Thanks for the review.

John peoplefox says:

You left out the most important parts.
1.What is their official website for official information on the product?
2.Counterfits on the market..
3. how long can it go on a full charge on various settings.

Landrew0 says:

You’ll be mistaken for a train.

Cubestric says:

Can this fit a 13 year old’s head?

emersnake2 says:

for BIKE¿¿¿¿

bigpeezyweezy says:

good enough for salmon and fishing? or am i looking at another type?????

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