Boruit RJ-5000 Headlamp Review

The Boruit RJ-5000 is one heck of a headlamp. It shouldn’t even be called a headlamp, more like a head flashlight because that is what it feels like.

Ok, so let me get right into it. This headlamp is heavy, 14.4 ounces to be exact. At first, that was a huge turnoff for me, I will have to admit. It was big, bulky and heavy. Not exactly friendly words to the hiker, backpacker or weekend warrior. It is huge and heavy but you know what, it is also incredibly ergonomic. I quickly got used to the large plastic mold in the front and the ever so slightly curved battery pack in the rear. After walking around with it for a few minutes I got used to the weight and thought this isn’t so bad after all. The weight is pretty nicely distributed throughout as well and with a 3 band design you can be assured that this headlamp is fully adjustable and will not easily fall off your head if you set the bands to the correct lengths and tensions.

Next came me using it. I was blown away by how bright it was. I did not like the large center light because it had a large hotspot right in the middle. However, the side flood lights were awesome. Due to their positioning and optics, they did not produce a hotspot and actually did a great job of providing a nice wide illumination area with no hot spots. Then I tried all three and that was pretty bright, almost too bright, until I went outside in total dark. That is where this light really shines. It beats every other headlamp I have ever had or seen. It actually takes a little getting used to but if you can bear with it for a little time hopefully it will become your preferred headlamp as well. I quickly found myself using the two side floods and walking around my backyard with no problems whatsoever. I took this lamp camping with me and that is where the three lights all on at the same time was useful. I also used the three lamps on when I helped my boss put in a recessed can in his attic. His attic had no lighting and I had no problems with seeing up there.

You get (2) 4000 mAh Boruit Lithium ion batteries, which can hold a lot of juice, are rechargeable and you can easily find extras on Amazon. You get two chargers, a USB one with a smiley face and an AC one. They work fine and I like how the company gives you the USB one. I would expect the AC charger, which is faster but the USB charger is really nice. You could pair this with a USB battery charger on your trip or charge it from your car. It just opens up a whole lot of options for ease of convenience in recharging.

The one thing I did not like about this light, in addition to the center hot spot and the weight (which they can’t really do anything about) is the way they chose to seal the battery compartment. It is just a fitted rubber cap with a little connector so if it comes loose it won’t fall off. I would like to see a flathead screw that your could turn with your hand to a sealed, gasketed compartment. Let’s face it, people go camping, get a little crazy, leave these things laying out and they eventually get rained on or soaked a little. A little water to the battery compartment would corrode the batteries and rust the contacts. Just be careful with this and you should be fine.

I did also want to mention the nicely tensioned fully adjustable positioning of this headlamp. Sometimes you want straight down and sometimes you want tilted up – well you can easily do both with this lamp.

I have gotten more and more used to this headlamp over time and it is now my go to headlamp for late night grilling, trash night, picking up toys in the yard or doing odd jobs around the house. If you can get the straps positioned and tensioned correctly, are ok with the weight, then you will eventually fall in love with this headlamp because it truly is like having a bright flashlight on your head.


Matt Murtagh says:

what’s the difference between the 3000 and 5000? No much info online. Also is it true some have different color lights like red and green? Is the 5000 the latest one out?

B Munk says:

The RJ-5000 is an awesome headlamp. If you have some extra spending money, the Petzl ultra rush with the #4 battery will blow the quality and life of the RJ away. $500 or so with the big battery. I use my petzl 7 days a week for work.

Marek Lesniak says:

Is the headlamp’s current/voltage regulated?

Richard Fossani says:

how do you know when the battery is fully charged? the light is always red when I charge it. you would think it would go to green when it’s charged but I never saw that yet. thx

Dusty Miller says:

Excellent job,,

Mike Tinsley says:

I just bought one of these, as a plumber I often find myself soldering pipes in cellars/basements. A must buy for anyone in the building trade, working in places with low lighting. Nice review!

Jon Wells says:

This was the only way I could find out where to plug in the chargers. The connector is very well hidden.

__wh32__ Djs says:

i just bought one of these and planning on using it for waterfowl hunting now i will be the designated light guy lol. its should help out for walking into spots and setting up decoys.

Wildminecraftwolf says:

Great review- THANKS (:

JAn Allen Lacsamana says:

what light is better ?? rj 3000 or rj 5001?? tnx po for the response 😀

Sam Ruan says:

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NicholasB1994 says:

When it’s fully charged does the colour on the smiley face go green mines been on charge for 9 hours

bob m says:

I bought a RJ-5000 and after using it for about ten hours the main led self destructed and melted its self in to the reflector. would not recommend it to any one,it is a waste of money.

uria711 says:

Hi great video. How long do u charge it for? Or does it shut off automatically?

First Name Last Name says:

These headlamps are the best. We work under houses and in attics all day long and swear by these. My only recommendation to heavy (daily) users is to unthread the two smaller lenses and apply the *tiniest* amount of superglue onto the threads and then screw the lense back on. These lenses are the first thing to go – they become loose over time and eventually fall off. Another thing, if you are crawling under houses with barely any clearance and have to pass under lots of wiring and pipes/ducting I *highly* recommend adding duct tape over the wire coil as to prevent it from getting snagged on anything – if that wire disconnects or becomes loose on either side of the connection you will not have a fun time crawling all the way back with no light.

Tom Dysa Stølan says:

Hi cool video someone here who knows if one can use 8,4V batter pack with Boruit RJ5000?

Zoo Ingong says:


uria711 says:

Awesome thank u. How long would u say the light runs for?

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