Boruit RJ3000 Headlamp Review

I bought a Boruit RJ3000 13000lm headlamp from Ebay. Thought I would record the unboxing and testing of it for whoever may be interested. I was expecting the side lights to be white as well but they are red. I suppose I could just switch the light bulbs but I will primarily be using the middle light anyway. When I went outside to shine down my driveway, somehow a guy from down the street was out walking his dogs!! Really? Apparently he works night shifts so walking his dogs at midnight is normal. Ended up talking to him for a long time, noticed that my neighbors turned their lights on. Oops. That guy agreed with me though. The head lamp is pretty nice. Overall I think the flashlight is really bright, doesn’t hurt the head when you have it on for a while, and batteries seem to last for a long time too.


D VoZ says:

red is night vision. it wont destroy your natural eye night vision, wat white light does.

jomougs says:

Red light is used to maintain night vision. A fancier way of saying that is it’s for night vision adaptation. All that means is its easier for your pupils to adjust in the dark with red light (compared to white light).

Simon Heldal says:

Is it waterproof? And the battery life? And can you zoom?

Word of Advice TV says:

The headlamp on Amazon:

mrmat099 says:

good video,keep it up..redlight is for hunting or safari night view i think,or myb useful in cave invironment(^^)

Chr Tipp says:

The red light is for night observations, it does not cause your eyes to lose light sensitivity…

83560martinet says:

Hi, i have a problem with this headlamp, 3 cables are disconnected on the electronic card, could be nice to show us how are the connection Inside. i think that  i am not the only guy how meet this problem. if somewone can send me a picture of the inner electronic card, that should be nice. thanks for you nice movie 😉

8995 4 says:

Ha Ha – the dogs!!!!!!!!!!

doug barabe says:

the red it to attract gay dogs , looks like it works great ,,, white light is watch and be entertained ,,,,,

Word of Advice TV says:

UPDATE: I have been using this headlamp for a few weeks now, sometimes a few hours at a time. And so far I have not charged it even once since I fully charged it initially!! The headlamp batteries last forever!!! I love that part the most! It fits very comfortably but of course in an hour or two starts to feel a little uncomfy. It adjusts up and down which really helps so I dont have to move my head up and down along with the lamp. The bright and not so bright setting is a great feature too since sometimes the brightest setting causes a glare. The weaker light takes care of the glare problem. Overall I love it! Definitely don’t regret buying it!

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