This is a brutally honest review of the WOWTACTICAL headlamp. I previously reviewed the company’s ATACTICAL flashlight which I now carry with me all the time, so I asked them to send a headlamp. Check out this video to hear my honest feedback on their headlamp.

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65BAJA says:

3:29 Magazine not clip

Larry E. Quigley says:

I keep asking, rhetorically, when did Honesty become brutal? It is the lie that is brutal! Haven”t met anyone yet that was happy to be lied to.

Ken Porter says:

Ouch…no more lights for you! But super glad you are honest in your review.

bigfoot1803 says:

led lenser head lamp. find the rechargeable versions



ThePastaManCan says:

I know you called this brutal but to be fair when you think of a headlight . . . you think of a more widespread light that is comfortable on your head, not a torch.

Land to House says:

Wowtac sent me this light as well and I am enjoying it for camping. The Firefly option is a key selling point for me. When in the hammock I dont need so much light. Is this the new version with the extra bright setting?

Keenan Roop says:

Thrunite makes EXCELLENT flashlights. They have these tiny, 1 AAA battery lights smaller than half a pencil. IPX-8 waterproof. They will light up the top of a 250 foot tall Redwood tree. They are cheap too. Buy like 6 of them and you could keep one anywhere. They are so small and wonderful. Great gifts too.

My current headlamp:

Favorite Thrunite flashlight:

Rob Bowman says:

BRUTALLY REPETITIVE REVIEW. At least it was free, but your opinion is important, just make it and move on

LWR II says:

Yes, clip, AAARRRGGGHHH, X 2. I also use the steering handle to make my car turn. And, don’t forget to turn the bulbs off when you leave the room, lol.

Braxx Juventa says:

The whole truth and nothing but the truth….. Thumbs up Martian!

Michael W. says:

Nice. I love honest feedback

Crazy Craig's RC's and 3d says:

Thank you Jeff!!! I know that had to be a bit difficult to be so brutally honest with the review but I really appreciate your honesty….I hope the company that provided you that headlamp takes your feedback to heart. Because I have been looking for a good headlamp that doesn’t break the bank like the fenix or similar brand does. If they could make a headlamp that performed like a fenix at a reasonable price I would jump all over It! I have several high powered hand held flashlights that kick butt…1000-2000 lumen that cost less than $50 U.S.D. and would give my left arm to find a headlamp with that power for less than $50 granted a couple where on sale when I bought them but there is no reason a manufacturer couldn’t come out with a kick arse headlamp in the 1000+ lumen range for under $40-$50 U.S.D. with all the new technology that’s out. If some company had a real 1000-2000 lumen headlamp in the $25-$30 price range they could own the market!

Preproto says:

You can probably take the top strap off

tek413 says:

Well yeah, wearing a flashlight strapped to a head, is not going to be as nice as a light with a separate power source on a belt. Brighter oz for oz weight on the head when the power source us in your belt

Jay Sims says:

truth will set us all free

hboy007 says:

designwise a flat spring detent could work just fine ( re flash light unscrewing issue)

like a rock says:

I applaud honesty.On the other hand you can kiss this sponsor goodbye.

Big Papi says:

Thanks for the honest feedback. I appreciate your opinion especially because you actually use and depend on the devices you review. Good one.

Todd McCarter says:

To fix your gripe with the flashlight you may want to try some purple loctite or similar, it’s the low strength formula. If you can charge the battery in the light so you rarely take it apart you may want to use a stronger formula.

Kevin Glidden says:

Clips go in the magazine. The magazine goes in the gun. Also Costco sells a two pack of head lamps made by coast. There very nice and bright. 400 lumens and the beam is adjustable

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