Budget LED Headlamp Review – Survival On A Shoestring

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Both the single LED 90 lumens spotlight and the 16 lumens twin LED floodlight mode are adjustable for brightness. It also features a red LED for preserving your night vision, flashing modes and a really nice hardshell case. The red LED is also helpful when you’re camping so you don’t disturb others when getting in or out of the tent.

Plus, at only 3.2oz, it is a great running head lamp too because it doesn’t “bob” around on your head and is comfortable even on long runs. Like all Northbound Train products, the LED headlamp is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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Ei Pi says:

nice….cool features and long run time. Is it waterproof?

gone rydin says:

Got mine ordered. Thanks!

KK Prepper says:

Love God Love your channel. Thank you Brian for another great review. Blessings.

BrianWest58 says:

A new noise!? lol
I’m looking into this little jewel! Should handle some rain with that rating. Very cool, Bryan.

OldePete says:

Thanks for the review. One question though, when you’re not in the “red mode” and you turn it on, it always comes on in a “bright mode”; and you have to hold the button down to get it to dim? It can’t come on directly in a dim white mode? (I’m a big fan of trying to preserve night vision and would prefer going from “off” to “dim” – and then to “bright” – only if needed)

Kabo Wang says:

good job

Gary McDaniel says:

Thank you! I am going to get one of these!


Wow that’s a nice inexpensive light. Thanks B. God bless you

Weston Probst says:

Very nice headlamp, i like the hard case. Really like the variety of budget friendly head lamps you’ve been showing lately. Good stuff, keep up the awesome videos!

Freddie Dorris says:

Thanks Bryan ,, order placed ,, $14.98 shipped and in 2 days ( I’m prime) thumbs up !!

Andy A says:

nice one. not too complicated to use, too many useful features, and i like the dimming light feature, with a hard case and at a very cheap price. $15 for these, this is a bargain. thanks for the video brian.

snakemonkey555 says:

Hey Bryan, great review as always. As a scout master I’m thinking you have a lot of experience with backpacks. Is it possible to do some backpack (both hiking and military style) reviews? Your reviews are thorough and true. Thanks, Aaron.

bee thomas says:

Brian your the first Georgian I’ve ever known that holds a button down. Most Georgia boys mash a button ,LOL. Nice review.

Martina Dejaquiz says:

ok brian, this looks good. i have been needing to get some headlamps. i got my coupon code and tonight i’ll order one using amazon prime. after i get it in the mail if i like it a whole lot i’ll buy 3 more of them. i like to keep the same maker on repeat items when possible and when i find a good product and i’m always looking for good products. i like that this item has it’s own storage case… you know what happens to items like this that don’t have their own protective case. i do like the coupon code through your channel.. that’s a seriously nice touch! thank you!

RViscara says:

Bryan we are going to have to hold you down and cut that hair and beard. Last time I remember Georgia did not allow hippies…. That hair is touching your ears these last couple of videos. You must be busy. I have to agree I like this headlamp and the case it comes in helps to keep the light from coming on. Also the spot light is good for hunting or fishing. Good head lamp. Carry on and get that hair cut. You know I am Chapping you a bit.

Charles Larson says:

Well Bryan, It’s Friday morning the 27th and I tried 3 times to buy this head lamp but the code that I was given could not, for some unknown reason, be applied. Too bad, as I really wanted to buy it and support your channel, as well! <;-(

Charles Larson says:

I like it! And also the hard case!! It appears that it runs on three AAA batteries….correct??? If so, I REALLY like it….as I have three lights that use these easy to find batteries. And for me, that compatibility is a critical feature. Nice review!!

Michael Barber says:

Hey Bryan, great call on these and thanks for the discount. I picked up 2 since I lost my BD Spot and this is basically a budget knockoff. Unbelievably, mine got here next day…freaky fast. My one minor knock is the lack of a lockout to protect the batteries in the pack. The button is so sensitive I kept turning it on just looking it over so I knew if it went in the pack like that odds are good I’ll arrive with dead or drained batteries. Simple hack, I cut up some thin clear packaging material in 1/4″ strips, folded an L in the end to cover the positive terminal, and taped them to the batteries so the don’t fall out and get lost. I made the strips long enough that, when taped, I could tuck the L part of the tab under when the battery is in use. The case closes fine with the battery tabs in place and now I don’t have to worry it will accidentally turn on when not in use. The head band adjusts super easy, is comfortable, and the light has no detectable wiggle/bounce when you move your head. The tilt mechanism is also the perfect tension, easy to adjust, but stays where you put it. Thumbs up for this one!!!

Freddie Dorris says:

Just letting you know I ordered this the day you posted this video and it arrived today , dang that was fast ! I’m very pleased with it . I also joined there website page and get 20%off my next purchase which will be another for my son n law , love these kind of reviews where you get coupon codes ,, many thanks Bryan .

gonzalo hernandez says:

thank you ! excellent video very thorough , just order one of them , thanks !!

Stewart Buckley says:

Similar to my black diamond headlamp with the AAA, dimming and single bright LED, duel lower/floody, mode switching.
Mine has no red LED, button can be hard to find, and the strap has stretched so I can’t tighten it enough.
I had to “S” fold the strap and tape it up with gorilla tape to reduce the length!
And it was much more expensive….
And to add to all of that, there is a dis-colouration in the beam center.

danny chadwick says:

cool review

dalton vickers says:

I like that light. It has some really nice functions

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