Energizer Vision HD Focus 250 Lumen Headlamp

This is a video review/ First Impressions of a new Energizer headlamp, the Vision HD Focus.

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tunsiap says:

Does it allow the use of the red light, on, and off, without cycling through bright white lights? I do not want to have to close my eyes and go through extra button pushes to utilize the red light feature. Thanks.

Wandering Adventurer says:

Excellent detailed review. Lowe’s has the cheapest price $17.97 and if you’re a veteran… even more a discount! Thanks.

LoveFlatfootin1 says:

Thank you. I couldn’t figure out how to work it without your assistance.

ioddrine says:

the word “focus” has no place in this review.

Andrew says:

Excellent review!

Ринат says:

12:40 Need a black permanent marker, it’s simple.

Nathan4071 says:

Looks very bright, thanks for sharing.

Wawan Adie says:

Is it beaming yourself eyes? In every mode?

dennis garber says:

I got the 300 lumen, took it back next day. Didn’t have infinite dimming as on the 225 version. Very poor beam shaping, unlike the 225. Also, same bin led for the spot, flood bin was better. However in poor aaa 800 ma Max capacity, not enough juice to use flood. Spot is 10x more efficient.

James Pond says:

automatic deal breaker is no Blood-Tracking setting…

Tyrone Walker says:

How is it holding up? Need a unit that can stand being bumped around the inside of a backpack.

Raoni Albues says:

Hi, congratulations for the video man. It is possible turn on only the side leds ? Thanks.

jawojnicki says:

I have both the lights you showed (the new 250 lumen and the old 7 LED blue one). The adjustment for position on the 250 is PISS POOR! I have to really tug on it to move to each notch on the pivot. It feels like I’m about to break it. The old one moves LIKE BUTTER without being too loose or shifting out of position. I needed the new one b/c the old one has a foam cushion pad on the back of it for your forehead and over time it degrades and starts to leave a black mark on your forehead every time your wear it. TOO BAD b/c the old one was WAY better quality construction. The new one feels like they invented a NEW , even cheaper quality, plastic that didn’t exist before just to screw the purchasers of the new ones out of a decent quality built product. THANK GOD for the 3 y warranty. I will be returning my new one , hoping a different unit will have a bit smoother pivoting action.

Vincent Wigglewoggle says:

These lights aren’t too bad, but are WAY too expensive in Australia for what they are, which is essentially a cheap torch with a strap (I paid $45 at Woolworth; some places sell them for much more). They chew through batteries, and start to dim after a couple of hours. I eventually had to get rechargeables which, for some reason, are only 1.2 volts, which I assume affects the brightness. After several months with lots of use, one of my globes is starting to flicker. In my opinion, they’re good and very bright for short tasks, but not for hours of use. I’m looking for something better

Jadwiga Nałęczna says:

So HD+ is better because you can dim all mode except red. Unless HD+ Focus is diming all led to 10%, then 100% the side leds to 10% with center off, and then center you can dimm to 10%…. hmmmm……

Lights-Guns-Outdoors says:

Agreed on the bottom of the lens. my only complaint. thanks for the review.
Update:Issue resolved..I took a small touch up paint brush and painted the bottom of the lens. no light in my face now 🙂

Nature Calls Backpacking says:

Looks great. I am a headlight fan. So much more usuable in my opinion than a flashlight. Hope you showcase it in the outdoors.

The Art of Prepping says:

thanks for the review

. says:

Could you please tell what is the run time on the lowest setting and red light? Also, do you know what lumens it uses on those settings?

Leslie De Luca says:

i just purchased the hd+ to find out it does not seal at the bottom of the battery compartment , i tested it under the sprinkler for 15 seconds, sure enough it had a lot of water in it for such a short period of time, i took it back thinking i might of got a faulty one. to find the next one had the same problem. It leaked through the top as well. Such a shame. it had pretty good run times 2 hours on high b4 it started to slowly go duller for the next hour . after 3 hours it was like low mode. with just alkaline battery, but its a deal breaker for me not being water resistant, think i will just stick to fenix.

davis long says:

Try aiming at a wall at night and not at the ground how far can you see with this thing I think black D$%#$d would kick Its butt…………

B.Rabbitts Beats says:

how are you supposed to turn on the middle beam ?

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