Fenix HL50 – 365 Lumens Headlamp – Review

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We’ve taken a break from the Flashlight/Headlamp category and today it returns with the Fenix HL50 Headlamp Review.
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Gear Best Link : http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_142392.html

Amazon Link : http://www.amazon.com/HL50-Headlamp-extension-EdisonBright-alkaline/dp/B00LGYO3SE

Fenix Link : http://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-hl50-led-headlamp/


Price : $50.00

Weight with AA : 3.4oz

Includes extension tube so you can use a AA battery

Maximum output of 365 lumen using CREE XM-L2 (T6) LED
Uses one 3V CR123A Lithium battery or AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery
57-gram(1.83oz) weight (excluding battery)
All-function switch in the head for easy and fast operation
AA battery Extension tube, EdisonBright AA Alkaline & CR123A Lithium batteries included.

Ultra compact design and powered by CR123A battery, the 2-meter submersible all-weather HL50 headlamp helps you reach new heights in your outdoor adventures. The Fenix HL50 headlamp features 365 lumens neutral white output and the ability to use either CR123A or AA batteries. You can also pop the lighting head out for handheld or keychain use with the always-ready HL50.

·Utilizes Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
·63.8mm×32mm×30mm(2.51inch x1.26inch x1.18inch)
·57-gram(1.83oz) weight (excluding battery)
·Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
·Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation
·All-function switch in the head for easy and fast operation
·High output burst mode
·Made of quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel
·Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
·Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

AA battery Extention tube, EdisonBright AA Alkaline & CR123A Lithium batteries included.

Rugged construction, with an aluminum body and a steel retention bracket.

* A flood beam that covers almost my entire field of view, but has enough output to light up objects at over 100 feet away.
* A neutral white emitter delivers a more accurate and pleasant color rendition of objects.
* The ability to use either AA or CR123a cells allows me to choose the optimum battery for different conditions and usage scenarios.
* The light can be removed from the headband and used separately as an angle light, standing up on its tail end.

Unlubbed threads. Not anodized

The user interface has 3 constant output levels – the low level is good for close up tasks, and the high provides plenty of light to see what’s ahead. The light remembers the last mode used. It also has a momentary burst mode for the times you need the maximum amount of light. The rubber o-rings protect the light from immersion under water, and the metal construction means it won’t crack if you accidentally drop it or step on it.

high turbo

I have owned the plastic cased LED headlamps that take multiple AAA batteries and they were a pain in the butt to change batteries and they broke which led me to this purchase. Replacing a battery takes less than a minute with no hinges or clips that could break or come loose.

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Mea Woodsman says:

Fenix headlamps are my favorite. I have 3; HL30, HP05, and HL55. I use them constantly around the yard, and week long trips in the bush. After a week in the woods they are still going on the same batteries. They are rugged and extremely well made.Thanks for your review.,

shcmoly says:

Looks like a flashlight with a 90 degree turn and works that way too, interesting.

EarlyMist says:

Hi Luke. Do yourself a favour and ditch the metal end cap retainer bit. Then you can just unclip the light instantly for immediate torch use. I thought…bugger that. Not going to unscrew the end cap everytime. I’ve used it constantly and unless your doing xtreme sportz it aint comin out of the primary metal holder.

FLYBOY123456789 says:

Nice video but, I would rather go to Costco and buy a three pack of 350 lumen flashlights for $15 (batteries included). Then take some simple webbing material, sew on a little velcro…fit to your brain housing group…sew on a simple elastic stretch loop on the side and there you have it…a much brighter, less expensive and easily detachable headset. Oh, I now have two additional flashlights as backup.

Christopher Laws says:


Full-time Nomad says:

Hey love the vidz, they give me a lot of inspiration. I just started backpacking myself, i live in socal and will be doing a lot of high desert backpacking, i was wondering if you had any advise?

Andrew Timms says:

Awesome. Nice headlamp

shcmoly says:

Which is the real Fenix:
fenixoutfitters /fenix-store

Jon Shelton says:

By far my favorite headlamp! Make sure to unscrew the cap when it is in your pack so it doesn’t accidentally get turned on.

flysubcompact says:

I like that it can run on AA batteries.  Might buy this one.  For my outdoor stuff, I base things on AA’s.  My pocket flashlight and GPS run on those, that way I only have to carry one type of spares.

CheekymonkeyGaming says:

I love the Armytek and Zeebra light head lamps but considering the price and quality of the Fenix, I might actually get one 🙂
Thanks TOGR! 😀

Huey Freeman says:

hey man love all your videos. i was wondering two things. you never use the kelty redwing 50 pack could you tell me how it holds up fully loaded and also would you mind dokng a video on what you would carry in a bug out bag. what would be your set up. id love to see a video on that. thanks

The Cape Outdoor Review and Adventures says:

Luke, happy holidays for you and the family.

Mark Jones says:

Nice light. I bought the Zebra light a while back.

ivanatora says:

No night time footage?

MOwanderer says:

I agree totally. I love the flexibility of using AA or CR123 (which is usually the batteries I have) and I have worn this headlamp for hours while working around the house with no issues. It throws well for hiking at night and even soaked in sweat it was comfortable.

Gary Herring says:

I think u have a great look on life like the headlamp great video u help women shop for thier men merry Christmas

sara sammon says:

In the video I saw a caution hot on the head lamp at what point does it get to hot to touch ? how long does it need to be on for that to happen and which battery would cause more heat? thanks

Bear track woods says:

365 lumens is a powerful stuff + beautiful features. I liked it.

likota123 says:

I have both the HL30 and the HL50 but I prefer the HL50 due to its versatility.

BIG BEN says:

What!!..No clip?
Yes, I know, it’s been six months since the last comment but one more comment won’t hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this light because of the AA/CR123A conversion, but unfortunately it comes with no pocket clip which is very useful, specially for EDC, and for about the same price you can get the Nitecore HC30 or the Imalent HR20, they both use 1 x 18650 battery but they last longer and put out 1000 lumens of brightness. I decided to go for the Imalent only because they include a free 18650 battery and it has USB charging port.
Well, that’s up to each individual to define as well as possible their needs and depends entirely on what they want. If you have no use for the pocket clip and the output lumens of the HL50 is right for you, this is your light!

Bum Cheese says:

Being able to remove from the headlamp and use it as a flashlight is awesome! Great review.

JohnReviewer112 says:

I love fenix products, I have the hp30 with the external battery pack and on turbo it throws the light at a range of 200yards. It is fantastic.

Eric Rosbottom says:

I have this headlamp and I really like it! Hell I probably buy another one hahaha

Joachim Moskalewski says:

Really a great headlamp. I’m using it with the CR123 battery – more performance, less weight. And having the option to use average AA batteries if my CR123 battery dies unexpected is a great feature. Perfect for hiking. The low and mid mode does the job, the high and burst mode has never been needed (but it’s nice to have). Greetings from south germany to You 🙂

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