Fenix HL50 review – best compact headlamp

Get the details on the Fenix HL50, and why I think it’s the best headlamp.

Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/22ZmOxA

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shakingbad says:

good revew, I have an ld20 and was looking to buy the hl21, but you’ve just sold me the hl50. many thanks

Alexander Jin says:

what’s the run time at its highest setting…excluding burst mode?

Nik Gallardo says:

It looks like you were comparing the black diamond to the fenix. You said this 3 led headlamp.. Though you do realize not all three lights ever engage together.. Right? Its two small led’s for flood light and one bigger led for beam. I have the black diamond spot and i think its great.

rave master says:

its expensive asf its just a led in a alloy case with inverter circuit that could powered by single aa battery humans are greed any small company can make that

Daniel Healy says:

Nice review, thanks. I’m looking to replace my faithful, but lost, TK11. My current headlamp is an LED Lenser H7, but had problems with it (latest [replacement] one has a missing spring where the batteries fit). Contrasting the HL50, the H7 dislikes NiMh AAA and prefers non-rechargeable. I think I’d like to switch to rechargeable AA over my TK11’s 18650. I rarely used the highest 220-lumens setting (mid-level sufficient) and obv AA availability is much better–I mainly bikepack ultralight, so prefer the idea of using the HL50 as a front bike light, as well as a headtorch. Cheers

telatasco says:

I’m sold, this will be my next flashlight, I’ve always loved fenix flashlights.  I currently have a plastic sucky headlamp light, it takes 3 AAA batteries and kills the pretty quick, I’m getting this light ASAP….  thanks for the review..

that__one__guy says:

Thank you for the video. Clear, concise, and you hit all my points the selling page didn’t cover. I wish more videos were like this.

Tomek_PL says:

I owned this headlamp but this metal part that sticks to head is painful. Its heavier than HL23 and it pains. No im skipping to HL23.

Gord says:

Great review, man. Nice and calm, good command of the language. Thanks.

John Sterling says:

I just got the Fenix HL55. It’s very bright. Of course I looked at the HL50 but I wanted to use the more powerful 18650 battery. While it’s true that these new headlamps greatly outshine the old models, I should have bought a headlamp years ago for use inside for stuff like cleaning or doing projects. 

MegaWoodswalker says:

Does the metal on metal clamp scrape away the anodized coating on the light? Thumbs up the video.

Mr E says:

Good video. Running times?

ogostaboy says:

For me the new high end flashlights are nice toys and tools at the same time.But the ultimate light is the head lamp and it is just a tool.Nothing beats the ease of having your both hands free and having light in the direction you turn your head to.Even a dimmer head lamp beats a high power torch when you try to install snow chains on a semi in the middle of a cold night.

Robert Kanamu says:

Great review, highly considering this for my EDC headlamp. Thank you!

MLV MLV says:


Davidka says:

Great review, thanks.

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