Fenix HL55 Headlamp Review

Fenix HL55 Headlamp Review.


Tou Lor says:

Looks like a nice light to add to my collection, had a nitecore hc50 but didn’t like it so sold it. How do you like this hl55?

Marian Kotúč says:

It helped me in many ways, thanks 🙂

Backyard Woodworking says:

Nice light I have a couple of the cheap ones they come in handy when working on electrical panels etc. Good review G.

Jordan Blahnik says:

Big help. Great review. Thank you. I just happen to have the same handheld flashlight you showed in the video which just happens to take the rechargeable 18650 cells. I already have the charger so this head light will work perfectly. If not for your outstanding review, I would probably have made a different choice. You Sir, are very much appreciated.

Richard S. says:

I looked under Phoenix-store.com and I’m not sure if thats the right address, could I bother you to put a link to it. Also, if you review items on Amazon they give you a little bit of coin for the refer. Just a great way to make some $$$. R

pjsalchemy says:

I knew you would get one!!  L(@¿@)L  Great review and they really throw some sparks.  For you I can see getting the HD55 because of the multi-use of the 18650/b-x batteries…smart, plus a really great/excellent product of course. 

This semi-new battery size and tech bothers me a bit though.  I know its basically 2-CR123’s and wonder where the market is going with the batteries costing 1/3-1/2 the tool cost.  I remember when the CR’s came out and they were great long lasting but ended up mainly in the photo/camera market, but had to sign over one of your children to buy them ($7-10per) and still went into the waste stream, hopefully to be recycled.  One of my headlamps use them but became battery poor when using them for telescope night work…could have bought some high end optics for what I spent one summer.  Ever since that last product I designed around a LiPo I have been keeping an eye on the battery tech/markets and there are some exciting organic things coming and after watching too many DIY shows and how many $$ those people spend on batteries…gotta make you wonder who’s making the money here and as always what the real cost/ROI is. 

The other issue with Li technology is the protective circuitry and heat issues, and really understanding the versatility vs use.  In the case of my C3 stuff and that blower/vac they made, blew out the circuits because of too much current draw/long usage heat…which sold more batteries and put more in the waste stream…even though the battery itself is probably still serviceable!  You know me I Love the tech stuff and feel we’ll get to that simple elegant place…eventually. 

Sorry for the spew, G…just thought it should be brought up.  As always, loved your review and what it instills and brings up!!  You always inspire a book in me though, MBFAM.   ~PJ

Harold Merworth says:

Great review! Very precise! I work in a “high risk” area in the nighttime hours. Purchased this product. Can’t wait to see how it will work for me. I got the complete kit. Thanks again buddy!

Richard S. says:

Sorry, I just heard “phoenix” and didn’t see the name “Fenix”, I’m gonna on stand in a corner now.

Stephen Randall says:

I think that’s the most informative review I’ve ever seen. Every aspect of the review touched on every question I had concerning this light. Just ordered mine. Thanks.

Rodney C says:

Great review G!  I purchased the fenix BT-20 about 2 years ago. What I like about it is, it uses two 18650’s(pretty long run time). I use that size in my ecig’s so my batteries serve a dual purpose for me.  It’s geared toward bicycle use, but I use it for all kinds of situations.  Fenix makes great products IMO.  Thank you as always for making these great reviews.  Going to pull the trigger and get one!

Tazzman228 says:

Great review that gives me more motivation to purchase this light. Thanks for sharing!

Bryan Resch says:

I like the burst mode lol. Do they make one that you can stay in a 900 lumen mode without damaging the light ? I like it bright for a longer period sometimes , but don’t want to carry a torch.

sunnyvaleparkrocks says:

… thanks – very good review – I’ve been looking for one that takes 18650 without a big battery box in the back and wires running along the strap. This HL55 really fits the bill, looks very comfortable too. Is it stable without the top strap – i’ve used my HL30 a lot without the top strap and it’s fine, but don’t know if the HL55 body + battery weighs substantially more.

Ivan Hoe says:

@ghostses, thank you for your excellent video. It’s the 1st time that i am watching a headlamp video. I’ve just started trail running 2 months ago & this Fenix HL55 is recommended by my friend (who motivated me to trail run) who’s using it.

Mitch McGee says:

Big help. Thanks

Kelly Riverwalker Thomas says:

I got mine today. What a jewel! Thanks for the great review.

MRrwmac says:

Wow, what a difference! Ok, I’m sold. Send me one (haha). So since the batteries are the same as those you use in you and your wife’s flashlight, and are interchangeable, how long to recharge and what’s the life of recharging to full, if you know?

Delta Johnny says:

Thank you very much for the very useful review. We really appreciate it! 🙂

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