Fenix HP12 900 Lumen Headlamp Review

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woppini says:

Thanks for the review. Ive been gradually replacing all my lights with the 18650 cell. This headlamp fit the bill, and ordered it today. Looking forward to using it daily.

StlTony says:

good review  LS, nice light

MegaWoodswalker says:

I liked the video brother. I  have a few questions if yea got the time.

1. Can it be locked out. If not does it seem likely to be accidentally turned on inside a pack?

2. What did yea think about the tint?

3. Any advice on which rechargable works best? What charger? I would probably use CR123s for winter camping but for hikes etc rechargables are nice.

Thanks again. It’s cold here as well!

ben terwellen says:

great headlamp, dust test for you and the lamp works great, ty for sharing…..

COAR OAS says:

I’m usually on point on headlamps but you got me on this one. Question is how long does the 900 lumen burst last?

Kristyanna Virgona says:

hp 30 used 2 18650 vs 2 cr123 or 1 18650  ben you look a little wet there

pallbearers1969 says:

I use this lamp for harsh caving….I’m a wet caver, so I’m always crawling thru tight wet passages and dunking my head under water…this lamp is bullet proof.

Lights-Guns-Outdoors says:

excellent light. man I’d like to have one.
question-why did the tint go from bluish green (3-4) minute range, to a warm look afterwards? after 4 minutes..

Rhi McKeon says:

Loved the dust test!

David Chung says:

How much is this? Who has best deal?

chuckv5150 says:

Your wife was waiting all day to make this video with you………payback for every Sunday football game you watched.

Randy Chadwick says:

Dust. Hahahahahahaha. That was great.

Parker Greenfield says:

How heavy is it????

MountainRaider says:

nice headlamp Ben!

Speleos says:

greetings from Germany ! Can you unscrew the cable? And replace with a new cable ? Or an extension cable later ?

Raptor Falco 48 says:

Hahahaha what a great video if the dust wasn’t enough the shower took the cake and lit it on fire… Great video again love it

EarlyMist says:

Wow, excellent specs. I only just ordered a hl50 too. Do you know if they are bringing a neutral led version out?

UglyTent Bushcraft & Survival says:

Just got thru watching some of your vids, you do a great job. You’ve got a new subscriber. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Michael Daury says:

That thing is amazing. You find the coolest shit.Thankx for all your hard work and money that goes into bringing us such a great channel.

Peter Pavlovic says:

Thumbs Up! Was trying to decide which brand/model to get – you’ve made my mind up for me – thank you.

MCK says:

nice,, looks wicked the way its built and with the cable wrappin around

Jarhead6 says:

Sweet light!

Ernie B says:

not sure if I missed it or not but what are the hrs of use at each lumen setting?  Also what are your thoughts on the storability and confortability of a headlamp like this with external battery in rear connected by a wire, versus one that is all in one up front?

onpoint1977 says:

Ben I love your channel and all your opinions on the gear you review. Thanks for sharing brother and doing what you do.

steve myers says:

I just ordered mine!

Living Survival says:
EarlyMist says:

Haha nice test! Seems dust proof.

LilWhiteChris says:

Where do u buy these battery’s?

jason miller says:

Zebralights are better.

lesview says:

Love the light. Thanks for the vid!

JohnReviewer112 says:

I just bought the hp30, should be coming in tomorrow. 

iknowdatruth says:

+Living Survival which is better choice nitecore hc30 or fenix hp12? Thanks for your review on these two.

Jason McDaniel says:

Real nice headlamp! I was wondering how you were going to test it is it was dust proof, then out of the blue that happens. Awesome review man!

Jay Scott says:

Hahaha nice review man

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