Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Review

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nostrasladamus says:

thats all plastic?

imsuckingwind says:

not a bad light its nice its got the USB which makes up for the other things i dont like

WickedSensation says:

They missed it with that flip up. Should have made it red lens. Good video, thanks for bringing the lamp to our attention.

Robert Dailey says:

You need to check out a free app called GEEK.

Robert Dailey says:

you can put it on your phone or laptop .

NewHampshire Bound says:

I’d be worried about battery failure. If it fails, the lamp is history. Just curious about that, but it’s definitely not for me. Misses on all fronts I care about.

Larry Lee says:

good info! I typically wont buy anything in the flashlight range unless its micro usb rechargeable directly not a base that takes it but direct plug in that way I can get a charger for whatever it is at 4 or5 points already in my home or at most any gas station along the way!

ben terwellen says:

ben, as usual good review……….not for me though……have to have the red light.

For The Love of Enki777 says:

Omg the spot mode is what I was looking for

Irish Highlander says:

Four headlamps in a month, I think you’re getting an obsession Ben. Cheers!

sameold77 says:

Nice review. Neat light. The selling point is that it’s USB rechargeable But I agree, the modes are goofy.

mn4vidz says:

great channel man, definitely sub 🙂 … greetings from the Philippines!

rafapak says:

is this headlamp suitable for reading ?

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

That’s too funny. I’d never heard of this brand until last week when they contacted me to ask me to review their light. Mine should be here tomorrow.
Nice review Ben.

NaHKi5 says:

Good to see that this thing has an optional diffusor lens on it, those are very useful!
I really appreciate that you have night time shots of the headlamp, not everyone have those on their channels.

Good review!

Rich Ellis says:

I’m not 100% sure on this, as I do not own this headlamp, but, I think the the 280 lumens your looking for is located on the 4th depress of that side button… If you still have this light, could you confirm this for me? Thanks Ben, great review as always!

Rangersly says:

Another nice in depth analysis of a cool and affordable product! Plus I love stuff that can be recharged via USB! Thank you for sharing.

Paul DiDonato says:

I like it, is it Italian ? Mini USB like that too

Barrandill T'Anathlas says:

Hi Ben, just like to say you do the coolest reviews.

Manuel Almazan says:

Not a proper review. He was actually not showing the 280 lumens. When the light first turns on, it’s at 95 lumens. Click it again and it goes to 200 lumens. Once more and it goes to 12 lumens. Now If you wait more than 5 seconds before clicking the button again from the 12 lumens mode, the light will turn off. However, if the button is clicked before 5 seconds, the 280 lumens mode comes on.

I have one.

ubuntuber says:

mine didn’t even last one year

Robert Long says:

Great review. One Question. Is the rechargeable battery replaceable?

David Mm says:

It looks like a cool light! That flickering is weird, I wonder if it might have something to do with the electronics controlling the light or the led itself.

The way it turns on to medium first isnt that bad of a thing. Afterall, probably 95% of the time that the mode most used. A red light would be definite plus.

Dumb question about the battery case, is it sealed or are there batteries that can be taken out and replaced with fresh ones? Two hours to charge could be a long time to wait if one forget to charge it and if theres a way to change out batteries would be good.

Steven Behnke says:

Its crazy that the camera picks up the PWM from the LED.

DpKxREVO says:

Looks good great review

Michael Fabian says:

Love the vids man! Thanks for all your work uploading and reviewing stuff for us. Thanks for teaching me a thing or two as well lol. Can’t wait to see what’s to come my man

1993transam1 says:

the whistle sold me!!!!!

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