Head Lamps gear review

Gear review of headlamps. Here are a few choices from $15 to $35. I Stress here to not buy your local hardware store headlamp! Performance is no comparison to even the cheapest hiking headlamp. I don’t talk much about red light because I don’t use it much. However it could be a nice future if you get used to it. Using it could prevent bugs from attacking your face but I have never had that problem. This is a basic gear review. Quick and to the point.


Dennis Mathias says:

Suggestion: instead of shooting the light right into the camera lens, why not shoot it at a wall so we can compare brightness.

Michael Poulin says:

I bought one of the low end black dimonds, at EMS and carry it on me at work, I’m a paramedic, I do like it, not real bright, but I have to get up and personal with my patients, so it’s bright enough to  get away with the lower lumans. I did get a cheap lamp from Lowes, but I keep that in my car, when I have to change that flat tire at 3 a.m.. I also swapped out my batteries for lithium. much brighter and longer lasting. The one on my car, I don’t leave the batteries in it, but in a storage bag, with the lamp.  

Lunchbox The Magnificent says:

First off, great video. I love how you show actually usage of the lights against a dark background. It really helps illustrate how concentrated the beams are.

I was actually just gifted the PTec Byte, but I found a bunch of reviews saying it leeches battery life like crazy if you leave the batteries in. Have you seen this to be the case? Also, what kind of battery life are you getting from that black diamond? It’s on my short list and was just curious.

Looking forward to more videos, keep it up!

Ben Braceletspurple says:

Unless it is pitch black outside, 90 lumens is pretty hard to adjust to. Once you have used a powerful flashlight, it’s pretty hard to go backwards and use lower performing lights. My number one concern. Further pointing light the direction your head is pointing can be a major disadvantage and annoyance, not to mention, that it can be pretty restrictive. Also, a good reason to spend more is to find one with an independent power supply, corded to the headstrap. Then you can have hundreds of lumens for hours at a time.

spellerine says:

Really like that you showed examples of the head lamps in action.  The Spot really seems like the way to go, although any besides the Energizer would probably be fine.  I am curious, what would you use the strobe and red light for exactly? 

natezamudio1 says:

Great video trailkilla! I almost purchased the same exact black diamond headlamp as yours, but decided to go with the P tec remix… which has served me well so far… keep the videos coming bro

Ronie Gerona says:

trailkilla making that scrilla! make it rain headlamps!! haha


Problem With The Petzl tikka’s The Plastic Breaks On The Top After Time, As With My Last Five!

imsuckingwind says:

The PTEC sucks big time .The battery run time is not practical maybe just a switch on off quickly.

sam adams says:

Dig your vids and sin’s. You guys been hiking longer and more than I so I get to learn new stuff. a hiking shoe vid would be cool although i already went with a pair of salomons and a pair of oboz. Still breaking them in or they are just too uncomfortable. Hows Rosie making out? I got a 4 month german shepherd and when he hits the trails he goes bananas. Doesn’t like to heel in the woods too much. Great off the leash, but i’m mindful of other hikers.

sam adams says:

I love the Oboz. Waterproof. Good on muddy trails. Haven’t tested them in snow yet. Good ankle support, rugged and good in cooler weather. No blisters or toe jamming. Just a long time to break in. But better with each hike. 160.00 at EMS, paid 120.00. Timberlands can cost you more I figured. Although, walked many a miles in Timbys before I went to a hiking shoe. Not too bad, just heavy. Thats my limited experience talking here so far. My girl wants to go to a hiking shoe too. It’s hard to find vids on someone talking about a specific brand/model and how long hiking is with that particular footwear. Usually it’s a review without actual hard usage. Peace and Ninja out brother! Keep up the vids. Informative and funny. The bachelor hike had me in stitches.

PittsburghTyler says:

Great video, Trailkilla! I’m still using a cheapo but hope to upgrade soon. Thanks for the info! Keep the videos coming!

Allie Metcalf says:

Ironic how many boots you have there in the background…wait, I think I see some new ones from a little while ago…..LOL….keep up the vids, it’s nice to virtual backpack until I can get back on the trail too.

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Great review of a few headlamps. I went with the Black Diamond STORM. 160 lumens, waterproof, can be locked off while in pack.etc keep the videos coming.Mike AKA TK

Beenthere Donethat says:

I would only buy a rechargeable headlamp. Do they even make such low lumen headlamps anymore? All mine are at least 130 lumens.

Eric Meeks says:

Are you familiar with the Black Diamond Storm lamp? I wonder how it compares to the Spot model…

ShawnandStefan says:

love your videos my friend

Jonte L says:

Carrying a headlight and a flashlight just seems redundant now that you have said it, will take the flashlight out of the gearbox asap!
Gotta save on those grams! I still got things to learn so keep the videos coming!


just got a thru nite th20. Sol light so small so comfortable. runs on one AA battery or one 14500 I highly recommend it they’re pretty cheap to like 30 bucks I think

imsuckingwind says:

I needed something that will give me along battery run time that dont cost an arm and a leg.So i bought Luxolite
LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Light less than 20.00 on Amazon 5 * rating.On full power 30 Hrs run time thats good for my 7 mile bike ride in the dark

FancyRamen says:

Good work. Talk to sintax about presentation but good basic review.

Enrique Velit says:

what is the strobe light use for?

Brickinasock says:

ty man

Jadwiga Nałęczna says:

I like the enegizer. Works super because i need wide beam.

Victor says:

I ordered to myself a lamp on Aliexpress on 6000 Lumens, shines very brightly

cfraimondo233 says:

Good info in thr video. I’m sporting the Petzl. But wishing I had one with the red light feature. It would be nice to read at night and not blind the other guys in the tent or lean to.

matanuska high says:

funny my energizer cheapo headlamp has outlasted 3 black diamond headlamps ive had(ill never buy anything black diamond again)…might not be as bright but it keeps on going..and for attic work and construction you dont need 160 lumens..usually you are working in close quarters so a wider beam is actually better..

beactivelife says:

I have the Spot as well and it has served me pretty good on a few trips. Now use my Zebralight primarily but the spot serves as my in-between tasks headlamp. Love it! Great video 

AustinPetDetective says:

I use 3 enelope aaa batterys, and on high after about 10 mins the light starts to fade is that normal ?.

MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures says:

I wanted a heavy duty tactical model so I grabbed a Surefie Minimus and I do really like it. Maybe a bit of overkill but sometimes I just need it. I own several Princeton Tec and Petzl and those are just as good. Great video man!

MrKebbles says:

I would recommed that when buying equipment which you are going to use several years. Just show your card and take the better one. Led Lenser h7.2 is brilliant head lamp. Here in Finland it costs about 70Euros (around $90). It has several power settings and superb system for focusing the beam. Of course this is more expensive than the lamps on the review. But if you need a head lamp. Just go and buy a good one. It’ll serve you for years and years..

YeastLord says:

Petzl Tikka+…awesome

Chuck Carter says:

Dang! I have an Energizer from running Ragnar. I am hoping it will do until I maybe get a better one as a gift.

oafaloaf says:

Suprisingly outdoor gear labs did a 2015 “round up” of headlamp and the coast hL27 took #1

kevanryl says:

how about the led lenser. it has a focus mode beam on it.

tony courtney says:

I use a L.E.D laser brand thats 270 lumens they run around $40-50 now. I paid 80 for mine 5 yrs ago and its seen everythint from raccoon hunting attic or craw space work to heavy rain its a tank (long as you dont store it with cheap a$$ batteries for long periods of time) you should look into them ill post a link to one like mine. Only downside is no red light closest to my light is this one

OutLan says:

Also worth mentioning that using lithium batteries is recommended because they last longer and work great in the cold. Great vid! Keep ’em coming!

Coco Li says:

Irontria headlamp ,the best headlamp

Oducks58 says:

First and great vid I’ve been needing a new one

Dan outdoors says:

ize light is alsome you should try it.

Harley guy says:

great vid!

Joseph Mahaley says:

Great Video. I love the PTECs. My favorite is the REMIX it has 150lumens and runs for 28hrs on high you should check it out.

FreakzRitual says:

There are so many better headlamps than those they have brighter at Walmart Bushnell Coleman and coast but I preferred thrunite apposed to Walmart lights they still have fenix which I still prefer thrunite but nitecore olight streamlight armytek, surefire, yes there are so many more headlamps better than the ones you showed but you did make a good video

Zappa870 says:

Very informative, thanks for the great review

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