Headlamp Review: Armytek Tiara A1 Pro Warm with beamshots and runtime tests.

This review is for the specific model of the Tiara A1 Pro Warm. Other versions of the Tiara do not have the same tint, same mode groupings, or features, so make sure you check out www.armytek.com to compare the individual specs.


Adam Sue says:

Great review as always ..do u recommend the warm or the cool white ?

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

thanks for this very useful review

BallsnBullets says:

Love your review it lead me to the armytek product line and I went with the Wizard Pro V2 instead of the Tiara, any reason you stuck with the Tiara? also id love to see you do a wizard review if its in the budget.

Andreas Leo Faulstich says:

Thank you for your very informative test. But how about testing it with an 1,5V Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery (>3000mAh)? With a lithium AA the lamp should have a longer run time than with the other battery types and work better in cold conditions. A test would be fine, because some lamps have problems with 1,5V-lithium-batteries.

Charles Le says:

is this the 90CRI warm version or the regular warm version?  They’re both listed as warm but the 90 CRI has a warmer temperature and cost more.

Evgenij Ivanov says:

Hello, good flashlight ? when compared with fenix hl50 …. Ease Armytek Tiara A1 control ? tell us about the work of the control buttons

Sun Tzu says:

Does the magnet effects the life of the battery(drain)?

aaah beeeh says:

hello, thx for showing and testing all this.
could u give us the ma/h of all batteries used? the 14500 battery has 800 ma/h, as written on. the white eneloop should have 1900 ma/h. the alkaline should have around 2000 ma/h as well?

another question that interests me: how can the 14500 battery have significantly more longer lasting power than the eneloop, even though same size and being lighter?

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

Now there’s this “new” model out, Armytek Tiara A1 Pro V2. But…the only “improvement” is the price, which is almost doubled!! I paid 49 euros for mine…now it’s 80 euros!! Whoa! This used to be the best headlamp for the money…now I’m not so sure anymore. Was going to buy another one, but…80 euros!? No, Sir! Besides, pretty much only thing that could further improve this damn near perfect headlamp would be an even better (more lm/W) led, and XM-L2 U2 is already pretty damn impressive.

David Bryndal says:

ordered the C1 Pro Warm, hope it’s a winner! I need a good HL for work. 🙂 thanks

Tom Thomas says:

Advanced knife my ass bro, just kidding, love you buddy.

Revo Runner says:

Excellent Review! Keep up the good work. 🙂

tnprime says:

Hey M’ahn, I picked up the Tiara C1 Pro partly because I enjoyed this video so friggen much… but because I am not rich I can no longer afford pricy CR123 batteries. What would you recommend for a replacement? RCR123s? which brand/model, or is there something better? I am looking for brightness and longer runtime. Thanks.

D. Knibb says:

I so enjoy your videos. Your verbiage, your clever adjectives, your wit are entertaining but you have assisted and directed so many of my purchases. I bought the DQG, the Army tek Tiara, the TM03 and quite a few others. You’re great at what you do please continue. One question which flashlight do you prefer a SR mini intimidator 2 or the Tiny Monster 06s?

Tom Thomas says:

I am still drunk, love your vids.

archbaas says:

I love your sense of humor! You have made researching headlamps much more amusing.

MrJetpaul says:

Great review, thanks.

PappyDC1 says:

Great review. Someone should hire you to do their light reviews.

I may have to get both- tiara and wizard.

I am a “group” of one! +1 on your sense of humor too.

Ron Macaire says:

Great reviews. thank you.

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

The lowest mode is useful indoors in pitch black…you see just about enough to get around without waking everybody up with noise or bright lights…always good to be polite. You might even be able to find something. And…it doesn’t destroy your “night ision”. The second lowest might be enough to light up a small room for the same purpose, only this time lying on a table turned towards the ceiling…it is just about enough to move around outdoors as well…albeit slowly and carefully.

So, with this thing you can do pretty much anything….1) light up a room just enough to get by for a loong time 2) walk, run or even cycle outdoors 3) do whatever chores at the campsite (chopping wood etc.) 4) throw a lot of wide light for a short burst (“what was that noise” kinda thing). Possibly the best and most useful headlamp in the history of humankind. Threw it on a roof…nothing, not a mark on it. Was at the bottom of a hot tub for quite a while…nothing. You can drive over it with a tractor…hell, probably a bulldozer.

hustler539 says:

Very well done review! How is the spill on this? I am looking for a very wide beam for late night walks and some hiking.

CheekymonkeyGaming says:

I’ll defiantly be picking one of these up 🙂

Graham Lees says:

Many thanks for taking the time to put together this well produced, comprehensive and entertainingly narrated review. After watching it through, I ordered a Tiara A1 based on your information and am delighted with my choice. 

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

Official runtimes (with 2000 mAh eneloop)

550 lm (30 min)
250 lm (1 h 10 min –> I measured 1 h 30 min with 2600 mAh Varta
85 lm (3 h) –> I measured 5 hr with 2600 mAh Varta
12 lm (25 h)
2 lm (200 h)
0.1 lm (90 vrk)

With eneloop pro you can probably do ’bout 30% better at higher modes and possibly even 50-70% better at lower modes. Now we’re talking!! You just might get 35+ hr on main 1 (12 lm) and 300 hr on firefly 2 (2 lm)! Whoa! At firefly 2 (2 lm) you might be able to light a small room just enough for 50 nights (6 hrs per night) with just one AA 2500 mAh LSD NiMH!

Tom Thomas says:

I will do an advanced corkscrew backflip off a yellow birch, get impaled on buttox by a pd35 then fall back on morgan freemans nipple, then crawl into the home to hit like on one of your videos before the internal bleeding kills me.

CheekymonkeyGaming says:

Perfect review!
I’ll be ordering one of these 🙂

DonEmilio says:

Can i use 14500 Li-Ion FLAT TOP batteries on the Tiara? Have the Tiara a low-volt-protection?

Kris Lacy says:

is this as floody as the Spark SG5?  Does it look brighter than the Fenix HL50 & more floody?
Thanks another great video.  

Meek Acumen says:

your reviews are the best reviews ive ever seen.

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