Headlamp Review: Fenix HL50 LED shot on location in the Monongahela National Forest.

This video is of the just released Fenix HL50 headlamp. It uses a neutral white XML2 LED (although I incorrectly call it an XML in the video, oops!) Fenix sent this to me as part of their global testing campaign, so I decided to use it while hiking the July 4th weekend in the Dolly Sods wilderness area in Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.


Ari Lehtiniemi says:

Again…thanx for this great informative review…subscribed. Will be buying either this Fenix HL50 or Armytek Tiara A1. Will be using “ready to use” low self discharge 2600mAh NiMH AA:s. I like things that are useful and last “forever” and hate disposables (like non-rechargeable batteries and especially non replaceable batteries). I do like the fact that Tiara:s light is more scattered and has less of a hotspot. I do not like the more complicated user interface. Which one does provide the best mode ie. enough light for long enough time…I`m not sure. I do like the fact that Fenix`s runtimes are spot on…might be the case with Tiara too…dunno. 

Advanced Knife Bro says:

I do not have the HL10, so I can’t comment on the weight.  But… the Hl50 is 57 grams and the HL10 is 45.2 grams minus the battery.  So about 12 grams difference between the lights without batteries.  And eneloop AAA battery is 12 grams and a CR123A is about 15 grams.  So there’s about a 2 gram difference between batteries, plus the 12 gram difference… 14 grams  heavier if you use the CR123A battery.  I’m not much into counting grams, but hope that helps- doesn’t seem like much to me.

I’ll have to get back to you on the running aspect.  I used it mainly for campsite light, so I didn’t experience the weight while running. 

Adam Sue says:

Hi … would u recommend this over the Armytek Tiara A1 Pro…. thanks for the review.

Ja Bon says:

Nice review, how heavy does this feel on the head running? With the given support system. I think you have the hl10, too. Does the weight difference make much of a difference? (hl50 on AA).  Thanks for being one of the first full reviews out there for the hl50.

Alf Pop says:

Ive got some questions.
Can you recharge the li-ion with the headlamp or you need a separates charger?
thank you

alltheaces says:

no peanutbutter casing? 🙁 but a solid review, pun intended
keep it up :D:D also i subscribed

ddvsds says:

What are your thought on Armytek wizard pro?

Marian Kotúč says:

With lithium AAs (Energizer Ultimate) it takes 2:40 to notice a first drop from maximum intensity and 3:15 to complete shut off. Just in case someone’s interested in the difference between lithium AA and CR123 performances. Basically, with CR123 you only gain additional 10 minutes.

Григорий Иванов says:

Отличный у вас обзор!!!пожалуй лучший из всех в интернете!
Е сть у меня один технический вопрос,разрешите ?
В описании на фонарь яркость указывается в почти мифических единицах – люменах.В и-нете не нашёл ни одной таблицы как соотнести эти единицы с яркостью привычных источников света.
А вот вопрос:Если фонарь светит в самом экономичном режиме (4 люмена) то с каким источником света эту яркость свечения можно сравнить, хотя бы примерно? 1- 2 – 3 одновременно горящих спички, свеча средней яркости, или керосиновая лампа?
Если фонарь надет(и установлен минимальный режим), то можно ли человеку с нормальным зрением читать книгу(ночью разумеется), держа её в руках?

Bigcal44 says:

I wish the clicky was on the top, the side is fine
but just a little awkward.

nivlem131303 says:

if you want opinion, try your uncle.. hahahahaha

Jim Alessandra says:

Dude! best review I’ve ever seen on a product! Exactly what I wanted to find out. thanks!

codemiesterbeats says:

lmao yea lube the o ring jk good review though thanks.

Stefan Wolf says:

Probably one of the best flashlight videos I have ever seen.

Zach Davis says:

Supply run, I need more peanut butter and lube.

Mika Hakinen says:

I enjoyed watching this review, it was both funny and informative! 🙂

GTheOne says:

Have u done the zebralight headlamp
Good work on your reviews did u try the as far as u can throw test on the fenix

Andreas Leo Faulstich says:

Thank you! Would it run with a Lithium AA battery? With this it should run in cold conditions and even longer than with the CR123 battery?

gudgengrebe says:

I enjoyed your review so much, I subscribed!

I liked the way you presented the information clearly and concisely. Your video /photography was excellent – and to top it all, you have a unique, dry sense of humour!

I’ve watched a lot of review videos and yours stands out.

Great video. Thanks very much for taking the time to make it. I look forward to seeing some more.

All the best,

nooneusesthisname says:


acapone84 says:

Great review, I love the deadpan humor.
It’s too bad Fenix could not find a way to allow the circuitry to handle the extra ~1.5V needed to use rechargeable Li-ion cells…You sacrifice run-time (about 50%) compared to a primary 123A but it would be nice to have the option. I’m curious if this light will work well with Lithium primary AA cells. I’m thinking that you would get the light output of a NiMH with a run-time close to a 123A?

Somegooddude says:

Will sub.. Hope all light reviews are like this one

John Sterling says:

I hate replacing stuff, that’s why I passed over the HL50 for the HL55 with its 18650 lithium-ion battery. They use the same LED. The HL55 outputs more light on high but has three lesser settings. Too bad they don’t make the detachable HL50 with a rechargeable lithium battery. But I guess that would be too much in competition with the Armytek’s and Eagletac’s similar products. 

gudgengrebe says:

I just wanted to ask, what is your favourite lamp and why… or, if you’ve answered this question already, could you send me the link to your answer?

allemander says:

Outstanding review! Bravo!

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