Headlamp Showdown: Black Diamond Icon vs Amazon Special??

THE MS FORCE HL-350 HEADLAMP: http://amzn.to/2nTv5dA

A review of the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp vs the MS Force HL-350. If you enjoyed this side by side comparison, let us know you would like to see more!


Tomses Greenzone says:

Nice Review!!! I could imagine that’s a Thing You could do a few Times more! Would Love too See a Review of the new Salomon Ultra 8 vest you’re using curently!!! Or a comparison betweeb the salomon Sense pro 2 und the Salomon slab Ultra wich you’re wearing curently.
Greets from Austria!

Joey Dawson says:

moar please

Taylor Brawner says:

The MS Force looks a lot like the one Run Bum did for GDR and the East Coast group. Super bright!

Ewan Fairgrieve says:

Thank you Jamil, really handy video! just decided to go for the MS force for the long Scottish winter nights 🙂

Dale Hawkins says:

I have the Icon. It is a solid light, but heavy for my taste. I used it at Zion 100 and several times at Grand Mesa as well. Last year, I picked up the Petzl Reactik+. That light has been amazing. Reactive lighting is the bomb (I thought it would be gimmicky but I really do like it). The battery is rechargeable​ and last quite a long time. I did buy a spare since it is non-standard. I do a fair amount of running in the dark on rocky trails and so far still love it.

Bucketlist Fit says:

The amazon special looks like a steal for $22. Cheers!

Chase Sage says:

petzel now for the win

jthehumanbeing says:

I want to see more of these!

mike brooks says:

I saw Jamil I heard the Ginger Runner.

Austin Shields says:

Black Diamond Storm is always a solid midrange choice.. 250 lumens, red/green light, wide/focused/combined beam, waterproof.. all for around $40

D&S McC says:

Great job on doing a product review, keep them coming and you sir make for handsome product model.

FloNo Trail says:

That’s one reason I liked the Petzl Nao – rechargeable in the headlamp via USB

Marisol says:

Excellent review Jam! keep them coming. 😉

Lawrence McDaniel says:

Nice review, simple, to the point and hits all the points I like hearing about .

Tyrone Walker says:

How is the MS-Force holding up?

Elliot Runs says:

Enjoyed the review … keep ’em coming!

hold my coffee says:

Really informative review Jamil. Have you ever used the LED Lenser headlamps? I have one and I have been quite impressed by it’s performance so far.

skysi says:

glad you did the Review, but in my opinion you missed the critical part, the battery life. maybe you can incorporate that next time. 🙂

Jared Foster says:

great review!

Tonatiuh Solis says:

This was nice Jamil. Will definetely try the cheapo lamp

Brent Tucker says:

I’ve been using a lamp similar to the MS Force that I got off Aliexpress. While the battery life isn’t awesome, you can run the lamp on one battery to save a bit of weight on your head. I also found it cheaper to buy a second lamp to get a spare set of batteries.

Rosser Runs says:

Loved the review. I would watch more reviews of products from you. What was the typical battery life on both? Keep the reviews coming.

Alexander Björk says:

It was a pretty good review – but I honestly don’t think that this fits in the channel. There’s SO MUCH gear talk already online, and I find it refreshing that your videos focus on life and the experience of running.

steff claeys says:

Nice comparison! If you have the time, would you do a video about which watch to use for longer runs?
Right now I am using the TomTom runner 2 but I can see the batterylife drop very low around 2.5h runs.

John Pett says:

Yes always love real life running gear reviews… look forward to more in the future, trail shoes, GPS watches and even your camera gear … thanks

Fishing Nate says:

4:06 They make AAA adapters for the Force headlamp.

Heather Latham says:

Loved the review! Great information. Keep them coming!

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