Headlamps: Black Diamond vs. Petzl TEST

Black Diamond vs. Petzl! We put them through the four elements to find the breaking point. Find out which one made it and which did not!

BD – http://amzn.to/29gldhT
Petzl – http://amzn.to/29NhpGN

BD – http://amzn.to/2r8Cqna
Petzl – http://amzn.to/2s0OQyL

BD – http://amzn.to/2s0Mi3p
Petzl – http://amzn.to/2sipvDl

BD – http://amzn.to/2rgx0KP
Petzl -http://amzn.to/2siE4GY


cefy66 says:

when you dim light on black diamond, does the selected brightness is memorized when you turn it of and on again, or it turn on again on default brightness?

zboi says:

Thx for vid!!


Lol, this would be boring if anyone else was covering this subject, geez he is talking about headlamps, but for all us hikers and campers out there it’s info we need. But once again, I had a blast watching and learnt something new 🙂

Danusja says:

To która lepsza? I ile one miały lumenów??

Cade Dorough says:

So glad I was one of the first 500 subs glad to see u growing as a channel and a you tuber can’t wait till the future to see un boxing your play buttons

5litro says:

thank you for making this video it really help me decide. i,m going with black diamond

Booge Barton says:

So they both seem pretty outstanding. I have a bias for black diamond though. They have come with me on many an adventure and have earned their spot in my pack.
Awesome comparison. Cheers mate

Philipp Bayer says:

Great video sir. You sure put a lot of effort in it. Greatings from Germany.

schmudge says:

Petzl is a nicer size. but don’t understand why you need a stretch test or are heads getting fatter too?

GRILLBUOY101 says:

i just found an energizer headlamp needless 2 say its a p,o,s, the red mode is good to be seen in if ur walkin but the white light sucks i wanted to ask u about the bushell lamps and idea if there ok, the 1 has a blue light for blood tracking i do like the red and green and blue modes i wish the y had the same power as the white lamp thanks i am looking into a diamond

Domingo Carrasco says:

tks. need to probe on helmets fixation…!!!

Jamie Murphy says:

Awesome stuff great video

Alexi Thunderbird says:

does the black diamond have a red light?

Daniel Berry says:

Just bout the Black Diamond Spot today. Thanks for that great review.

Jedi Yoda says:

what a full test. took a lot of time to perform, thanks great video. Black Diamond for me……

Edward Ballow says:

Great review with added humor. Nice.

g ride says:

I think these are both cheap garbage headlamps. I went with the Fenix HL50

anton gorbonosov says:

sorry for my English. Please tell me personally that you choose for a little bit of extreme walking. I just live and work in Israel and unas piezel is more expensive than a black brilant. But for me the price is important. Not out of greed. Forgive the blogger for extraneousness.

Hiro Shima says:

The new ReVolt model has an added red LED for low light vision and it’s also can be dimmed, as well as a strobe function

Stinkfist762 says:

Awesome!!! I can look for batteries in pitch blackness through rocks and leaves in the middle of the woods when i inevitably drop the thing?? YEAHH!!

In all seriousness good video man.

MotorevsGod says:

It’s not really a fair comparison considering you are comparing 200 lumens (BD) vs a 110 lumens (Petzl). Also Spot has a IPX8 rating (almost waterproof) vs Tikka+’s IPX4 (water resistent). A cool review anyway.

Alex Turner says:

What are the songs you used in this video?

Krestian Kvart says:

the black diamond is 75usd in norway, gotta love taxes.

Mike R. says:

the black diamond wins for me. I just modified mine to run with a 18650 battery, 20hrs on high run time

jussa101 says:

Found your channel randomly. Really enjoy your content. Thanks for comparing :).

eatcochayuyo says:

This is what my Black Diamond Storm looks like now after 2.5 years of average use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzvhap7dgyx1egy/storm.jpg?dl=0

SoCal Outdoors73 says:

Black Diamond Spot is 300lm , the Tikka Petzel?..im not sure , but the Petzel Actik (which imo should of been the one compared to the Spot) is 300lm…thus being equivalent to the Black Diamond Spot. Petzel is about 5 bucks more expensive … I think it’s user preference really. I had a Princeton headlamp before at a whopping 50+ bucks…good but not worth the money imo .

Steven Schenck says:

Well done and a huge help.

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